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  1. Ok, when I get a chance I'll take it apart. In the mean time I'll keep a eye on it.
  2. The Wheel Horse god stopped by my house last night! I went out this morning to spray the PTO again and pry and tap (hit it). after doing that a few times I discovered that the pulley was turning real easy, you could actually spin it. I thought what are the odds that the clutch is working now. So I put the belt back on, put the bolt back in, plugged it in, started it, drum roll........ the clutch/pto seems to work fine. I cycled it several times and it turned on and shut off every time. Now when I sprayed PB on it, I only sprayed the very top of the shaft allowing it to puddle on top of the clutch next to the shaft. I don't think me spraying had anything to do with the clutch working now. It would have to be tapping on it. What do you guys think? Anyway I'm glad it's working!!! Thanks again for all the help with this!
  3. Yes it is a vertical shaft.
  4. Ok, I've got it soaking. I'll work on it tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. Next question, is the PTO and pulley only held on by the bolt/washer on the bottom of the shaft? I took the bolt off and pried just a little and it didn't move. Do you need to use a GEAR PULLER TO REMOVE IT?
  6. I looked them up, not a cheap price, but they do look good. I guess you get what you pay for. Thank to all of you that helped me with this problem. Also I didn't hear from anyone about if I continue to run it the way it is will it do any damage to anything else?
  7. Ok, where did you find the bearings for it?
  8. Ok, makes sense. Looks like I'll be shopping for a new PTO. Do you see any reason why I couldn't run it like that until I replace the PTO?
  9. I removed the belt, it does spin , but not freely. It turns a little hard and sometimes it catches and the whole shaft turns. There is a reference in the manual to adjusting the air gap. If the adjustment was not right would this cause it to turn all the time? I've never adjusted it and the pto has worked correctly in the past. Running it like this, could it cause any other damage?
  10. Ok I'll try that. If it is locked up what are my options other than replacing the whole thing to fix it?
  11. I'm back with the same problem. At first I thought it was the PTO switch, so I replaced it and it worked. Only tried it a few times after installing it this passed winter. So after getting it out this year its back to the deck running all the time. Its not the switch. I unplugged the clutch and started the mower and the belt is running with the clutch unplugged. Is there a way to free up the clutch or I'm I looking at opening a can of worms by freeing up the clutch and it not working at all?
  12. It was the switch, thanks!
  13. Thank for this information, I'll test it as soon as I get a chance.
  14. Well, I started to check the switch and it looked like it controlled more than just the deck. I didn't unplug it, but it looked like it had several pins to the plug.
  15. Just as the title says, I notice when I pushed in the switch to shut off the mower deck it didn't stop. Even if I back up without reaching under the seat to flip the override the deck continued to run. So yesterday I mowed with the switch in the off position, after 10 minutes or so the deck shut off. As soon as I pulled the switch to the on position the deck engaged as it should, push it in and it continued to run. Any ideas on what's going on?