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  1. '83 GT1642 ignition switch type

    Terry, from Redo Your Horse? He requested before and after photos so I took a bunch to be able to send him upon completion. Sale transaction took about 3 minutes but was on the phone for more than 20, learned a lot from him. Dial-a-Height was my addition as the off and on again process to change blower skids height got old quick when transitioning from concrete driveway to backyard. Foresaw a need for it when I use the rear tiller too. The metal is thick and solid but I reinforced it well behind the gizmo just to be safe. Happy with the results as it did very well for the amount of use it got, especially factoring in the weight of the blower. It should handle the tiller easily (I hope). Thanks for the tip about the snow but when it whips and changes direction and so do I, I wasn't quick enough to turn the chute. I'll check on the axle
  2. '83 GT1642 ignition switch type

    Had that discussion with the nice fellow I got the decals from, he mentioned about gray too. While I was on the phone with him I looked all over it to try to find a different color other than red somewhere but couldn't. He chuckled as he said "I've been doing this for 30+ years and one thing I've learned is to not be surprised by something Wheel Horse may have done". After we hung up I looked even more and came up with nothing. If it was gray at one time, whoever painted it didn't miss a thing. Is it possible OEM was red? Plan on keeping it red though due to snow thrower, deck, and tiller being red. She certainly throws it a good distance, but I'm white too afterwards if the wind isn't in my favor. Saw a listing where someone adapted a craftsman cab on his, come to think of it... his was a red GT1642 also. Might try it, until then I'll rely on Carhartt. Be happy to share picks of refurbish progress.
  3. '83 GT1642 ignition switch type

    Thanks for the welcome (Glad to be aboard) and information.
  4. Hi All, New to Wheel Horse so I'm a bit green. Bought an '83 Work Horse GT 1642 (Original B&S), really like it and plan on refurbishing soon (bought decals already). Recently started having issues with the ignition switch as it intermittently won't shut down after starting. Disconnected, shined/tightened the male/female spades and worked well for a bit but became sporadic again. Anyone know what type of ignition switch it takes. Not near it at the moment or I wouldn't bug you. Thanks for your insight. Oh! The one that's in it has a 5 spade connector and ground if that helps.