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  1. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    I believe I have 10w-30 in there now. I don’t follow what you mean tho. I think spell check jumped on your case there... “may to be” what?
  2. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    And yet here it is again.. cleaning up the driveway this afternoon after all the drifting snow we're getting and she starts cutting out again. It's the same thing, oil in the pulse pump line. Took it apart and blew out the lines again. Heard the oil gurgling in the line as I blew it out. Pulled the crank case breather apart on the top and it's still clean as a whistle, with all the balls in place and loose, doing what they're supposed to, and the SS mesh all clean. The oil level is between the lines, right smack in the middle of the hash marks. What gives? Where am I going wrong?
  3. 1994 520H dashboard let the smoke out?

    Well, Squonk hit that one on the nose! Took out a couple screws and pulled the LED light panel out to find it looking like this: So it's the right side two that manage the motion control and engine temp sensor. The good news is, when I got this tractor, it came with a box of "extra parts" and one of the extra parts was sections of the wiring harness.. including a whole replacement LED light circuit board setup. Lucky me! She's already installed and working fine. Now if only I could figure out why the damn pulse pump line for the fuel pump is plugging up with crankcase oil, I'd be all set..
  4. Good morning! I just have a quick question about a 520H that actually starts and runs… Which I know is a weird question to post here because most of them begin with “my 520H just stalled and now it won’t run“ 😛😛 I was snowblowing last night and the machine worked like a champ with the just over 1 foot deep drop that we got. As soon as I got on it and started it up, the engine temperature warning light in the dashboard was on. Since the machine was stone cold, I knew that was an anomaly that I would have to check in on at a later date… So for the time being, I just ignored it. A little while later, that light went off, and then the whole dashboard lit right up, with every single LED glowing brightly. After a little while, those all went off, and just the seat switch LED light was glowing… And I don’t even have a seat switch installed on this thing. To round out this story, I then smelled an electrical burning odor, and saw a brief flash inside the dashboard in the lower right-hand corner, down around where the engine temperature light or seat switch warning lamp would have been… Then the dashboard went black. The machine never faltered, and couldn’t care less. It still starts and runs just fine. My question is, is this something that is indicative of a “classic issue“ and I have to “go check XY&Z and replace this, that and the other thing“? All these lights, gadgets, and gizmos are fine and fun… But I don’t have any of them on my C120. If push comes to shove, is it possible to just de- clutter this thing of all of these silly wires and use it like a proper tractor that doesn’t require such pampering? Because I know somebody is going to ask, this has no nine pin connector anymore as the previous owner rewired everything… Apparently, poorly.
  5. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    So that was the solution! I just ran it for a while and it worked like a champ. I DID have the breather apart when I did the valve adjustment a couple months ago and it was all cleaned out... I’m not sure how it got that oil all up in there but I will say that it was dirty, black colored oil, not clean oil like I have in the engine now. It must have been some carryover from the previous owner that was stuck somewhere and got dislodged in there somehow?
  6. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    Ok. Further inspection shows that my fuel pump has been contaminated with oil. It came through the pulse hose and jammed up the works. I’ve cleaned it out and it seems to be working ok now? But why would it pull oil through the pulse hose like that?
  7. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    Well, I think I’m onto something here, I believe it is a fuel issue. I took everything apart and cleaned it, then put everything back together, and it fired right up. Ran around the driveway have a couple laps until it died. Then, I started it back up and brought it back inside near the air compressor… Then when it started to die out, I used very low pressure in through the gas fill hole in the tank and it fired right back up. To fill speed. Figuring there was a bunch of crap in the fuel tank, I rigged up a gravity feed tank that I strapped to the hood and then started the machine back up, using the fuel pump I figured, to empty the fuel in the tank into a spare gas can so I could clean it out.… Which seemed to work like a champ for a while… Then the fuel pump just stopped working. The engine was running at full RPM, and the fuel just stopped coming out. I can throttle down to an idle and then will pick right back up and start pumping again… What am I missing here? Why would the fuel pump work at idle, but not at higher RPM for more than 30 seconds or so?
  8. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    Thanks for the ideas, fellas. Here’s some more feedback: i loosened up up the gas cap after it started to happen to see if it was getting vapor locked up from that. It still kept stalling out. There is no nine pin connector anymore, they have all been removed from the connector and connected directly and shrink wrapped. The previous owner did this when the connector failed. I have since cleaned up everything I can get my hands on now that I’m in here, and nothing will go back together gross like this. The only thing in the pulse hose is a little bit of oil… Is that unusual? I’m not sure how these things work other than on vacuum, but it does drip a little bit of oil out of there?
  9. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    I got the flywheel off, and took a few pictures while I was in there. I’m not really sure what to do next? It doesn’t really look all that bad. Can anyone think of anything else I need to do while I’m in here?
  10. I know this topic has been covered million times, and I have researched a lot of it. I am missing something though and I can’t figure it out. It’s a 1994 possibly a 96 model 520 H and has the Onan P220G Engine in it. It ran fine all summer long since I’ve had it from a couple of different owners, but while blowing snow twice now, it just cuts out after about five minutes or so. It will restart immediately and run for another 30 seconds. If I drop the throttle to an idle, it won’t stall out completely and eventually gets going again and we play that game over and over until I get the driveway cleared. So far, I know that has good fuel delivery, the battery is new, I’ve checked the continuity of the coil on both tests that I have seen written about... across the primary, and across the secondary, and everything appears in range. I have done the static timing test, and See 1.4 V or so switching to battery voltage when the flywheel comes around to the timing mark. Both of my spark checkers when installed show that I have good constant spark for both cylinders. I am slowly working my way through the troubleshooting manual on this, and am gearing up to pull the flywheel off to see what it looks like underneath there… Can anyone think of anything else I should check if this doesn’t pan out?
  11. 520H equivalent in JD?

    Allis Chalmers also must have specified the big ball bearings in their engines as well, because the 14hp in my c120 has an AC heart (from a model 314 I believe) in it as we speak, and I know that it has the same huge ball bearings that wheel horse specified. Had to change the oil pan but otherwise it’s swapped right over.
  12. 520H equivalent in JD?

    What I find most interesting about this conversation so far is that, by me asking “what is the comparison to a wheel horse 520“, the answers have spanned decades of time, but there is no clear-cut answer. The thing that sticks out is, it seems to be you can’t have an apples to apples comparison… If somebody wanted a large mower deck, a huge engine and a smaller sized tractor, the wheel horse 520 seemed to fit the bill, and maybe they bought that. But if they needed something a little bigger, and maybe needed a three point hitch, then perhaps they would look at the John Deere, although it had about the same size engine is the 520. Perhaps there was no such thing as “the right answer“ all manufacturers needed to make their color tractor in size X, Y and Z?
  13. 520H equivalent in JD?

    I just sold my XI because it was like pulling teeth to find attachments for it. It was a great tractor, and well thought out, but if I can't make it do work for me for lack of things to bolt on to it, it's worthless. The xi was much nicer to tinker on that.this 520H is tho....
  14. My New Tractor

    You might want to reformat those to JPEG and reupload if you want to get more responses... I can't do anything at all with this on my work Windows computer, for instance.
  15. 520H equivalent in JD?

    Just out of curiosity, for when I’m looking around on the webs and someone mentions a JD… what is the equivalent in the John Deere to, say, a 520H? That’s the biggest classic that I have. I had a 522 and it was huge... is that like a 4 series JD? Which I’m only familiar with since that had a cool Yanmar Diesel in it which was similar to the 522Dxi, yes?