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  1. My Charger came with hydraulic lift, but it has a weird hydraulic control valve… I am not sure that this is stock. Comparing it to the lever on a C125, they just aren’t the same at all. Is this rate, or what do I need?
  2. C120 vs Charger axles

    I took a few pictures while I was disassembling it, and mine have 17 splines on the gear end of the axle… I don’t know how long they are, because they are at the machine shop right now where they have been for the best part of a month…
  3. C120 vs Charger axles

    Oh, absolutely! My current axles are at the machine shop already and they are getting full length keyways machine in them and having the hubs re-broached for a better fit. The problem is, they’ve been there for three weeks and I’m getting itchy. There’s a guy I could get to in about half an hour that has the complete transaxle that I could use, the only problem being that it isn’t meant for a hydrostatic lift. Also, I really just don’t know if it’s any good. If I knew the axles were good, I would probably get the transaxle and then try to order the springs, balls and other bits to make the hydrostat lift work. Then, I could put the original charger transmission back together at my leisure and have it ready for if anything ever happened with either of my other two sundstrand transmissions.
  4. C120 vs Charger axles

    My intention is to get the transmission back together and run the thing until it runs no more. If it fails, I was going to pick up a later model piston to piston set up and install that after refurbishing it. My last idea what is going to be looking at what it would take to swap in Eaton 11 if possible because I have one of those collecting dust around here as well. It yeah, i’d like to keep it original if possible.
  5. C120 vs Charger axles

    I spent a good 15 minutes looking, but it must be buried in there pretty good as I cannot locate it.
  6. C120 vs Charger axles

    Yeah, I don’t think it was clear enough in my original post. I was still looking to use my charger trans axle if possible, and just swap the axles from the 120 into that case. That way, I don’t have to change any of the hydraulic ports, springs, etc. to make it work. My charger already has hydraulics. My concern was that the axles on the 120 would be different from the axles on the charger, because of the different differentials. Also, even if the 120 transmission was known to be good, it doesn’t have hydraulic lift, and since that is a later model of machine, and has a different pump and motor set up than the Hydrogear on my charger, I’m pretty sure that probably wouldn’t work. But axles are axles, and the later model pumps and motors could at least be rebuilt on the side if I needed one, and I don’t have any spares of sundstrand transaxles. I do do have an Eaton 1100, but I’m sure that’s a whole other ball of wax and would not likely drop right in to an old Charger frame!
  7. Are the axles from a hydro C120 the same as the axles in a 69 charger with the 10 pinion limited slip? Or, conversely, can you swap the entire axle end differential from a C120 hydro static into the transaxle case of a charger? I have a charger that has issues right now with the axles. There is a guy on craigslist selling a hydrostat out of a C120 for a reasonable price. I’m wondering if I should pick that up and run it? The only other issue is that my charger has hydraulic lift and the 120 in question does not… and I would certainly like the hydraulic lift to function when all is said and done. anyone have any answers?
  8. Disassemble old deck driveshaft?

    It’s a period Correct deck for a model 856, The gear drive type, with the stamped metal deck? I don’t have any other information because it’s not in front of me…
  9. My friend asked me “I cannot figure how to remove the mower drive shaft from the bearings and aluminum housings once I pull the side drive gears off” But I haven’t a clue, because I don’t have any of these things… Can someone advise?
  10. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Sorry! i did call him back. I started chatting with him and he’s a nice fellow, but he was working on a project and he was supposed to call me back... and I’m still waiting on that call. I did gather from him that yes, it’s all home made, and the rear was taken from a ‘49 ford he said... if memory serves. If he gets back to me, I’ll fill in the blanks. I’ll give a call back some time if I don’t hear from him.

    These are the ones for what I have in my Charger dashboard, yes? I'm in need now as well...
  12. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    Here we go. Back with some pictures! I wish everyone that’s sold tractors to me took as good care of their stuff as this previous owner of this machine did. I’m told This machine was just serviced in the fall when the oil was changed and everything was greased, the fuel tank and carburetor we’re both drained dry for the winter and it was put away indoors. It appears to be fact. It started on the third pull and I drove around the yard without issues. The only thing needed was to have a bolt underneath the seat tightened up a bit, and that’s it. I sort of don’t know what to do with myself now, I’ve never had a machine come off the trailer and just function as was intended? This is so strange.
  13. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    Heading out now to go pick her up... back in a bit!
  14. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    He says the only attachment there is around is a dozer blade. That's a little sad, but I guess the last thing I need is another mower deck... I've got three WH equipped with those already but only one snow blade. This might be this machines only calling, other than general yard cruising.
  15. Taking a ride....come-along!

    I knew I wasn't the only one who did that. Best pics of the day!
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