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  1. Is a 1969 charger 12 one of the ones I could just bolt a front Tach-O-Matic onto without much modification? I’ve heard some of them can, and some of them can’t, depending upon the year… You know, with that bolt on apparatus that bolts in through the side of the frame that I’ve seen before, but I understand that some of them you can just put the front Tach-O-Matic from a donor tractor right onto it. Does that make sense? I have several Wheelhorse skeletons kicking around the yard that would be glad to donate front and mid hitches If I need to attach one of my newer style decks to it.
  2. 8 speed in an older tractor?

    ;-D it’s all good. I originally thought the same about all of the round hood models as well… That they were just wacky little things, and who would possibly want one? Well, I’m on my second one now and I’m quite fond of it. They took a little getting used to for me, and perhaps these odd looking ones may also someday. Just not today. 😝
  3. 8 speed in an older tractor?

    Ohhhh. Yes, those are those weird looking ones. Didn’t realize that till I googled the image up... I love me some Wheel Horse, but only a mother could love those weird beasts.
  4. 8 speed in an older tractor?

    Hmm. What’s different about the rear axles?
  5. 8 speed in an older tractor?

    Do you have a picture of how the levers lineup after install so I could see how that is and wrap my head around it?
  6. Is there any reason why you couldn’t put an eight speed with a high/low selector in an old tractor, like a 1257 or somesuch?
  7. 856 Starter Generator

    Here it is:
  8. 856 Starter Generator

    I think I have one of those for sale... it’s WH rotation I believe. Had it rebuilt for my old Economy tractor and have since sold that. I’ll try and find a picture... it’s CW rotation and was just rebuilt. I was trying to get $75 for it to recoup some of the $100 that I have into the thing gettting rebuilt but I’ll take whatever a fair price and shipping is if you’re not close.
  9. That’s it, really. Can an 856 swing a 42” deck? My pal has a 856 and I have a source for a 42" deck that'll fit it... Just don't know if it'll do it. Any idea?
  10. Will a later model plow from the 80’s, the kind with the multiple adjustment holes in the back for making it attach in the longer or shorter position, fit on a 1962 model 552? Is that the purpose of the adjustable holes?
  11. This looks wheel horse-ish, but it's not like the one I already have, but I can't figure out who makes it otherwise. Ideas? The grader blade, of course. Mike..
  12. Small hose on Air cleaner base of Onan 20hp?

    Disregard me! I narrowed my search terms down and figured out for myself that it belongs to the air filter cleaner sensor.
  13. I was trying to find a picture of it in the schematics for partstree or similar, but I just can't seem to. It's a very small hose that attaches to a nipple on the base of the air cleaner base and feeds up inside the air cleaner element. The house was routed down through the engine compartment somewhere and then out the bottom.. I don't think the end of that hose was hooked anywhere.. can someone tell me what this thing was and what it did?
  14. Is this thing bent? 48" deck issue..

    Thats a good point. I wouldn’t have thought of that... thanks guys! ”flip the lift rod”? When I get the thing unbent, it won’t line up anymore you mean... but should be visible by eye which lines up the best, right?