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  1. 520 blade

    How much?
  2. D180 for sale

    SOLD----Hi, selling my D180. Took it out of storage today(2 years) Fresh fuel and a battery charge and it started right up. Comes with chains and plow which arent mounted at this time. Parking brake not working. Has electric fuel pump..Selling because my son gave me back my 520H since he didnt need it any longer. I think price is more than fair..Dusty from sitting. Will try to get pics. was in dry storage for the 2 years
  3. 520H quit-wont restart

    HHHEEELLLPPP--This is getting weirder. When I put a jumper wire from the pos on the battery to pos on coil, still no start..But, when I pull that wire of the coil, it pops through the carb.. From the wiring diagram, it would appear to be either the trigger module or the coil..Can I test either?
  4. 520H quit-wont restart

    Virtually no spark..I took my sons word..my mistake..How do I check the coil?
  5. 520H quit-wont restart

    How do I check the timing? Rich
  6. 520H quit-wont restart

    Fresh gas..It almost appears that the timing is off.
  7. 520H quit-wont restart

    Hi guys, My 97 520H was running fine while snowblowing this winter, then just shutoff..I let it sit for the rest of the season, then started looking into it this spring..I have spark and fuel..Good compression, and it appears to want to start, but wont. Flywheel pulled, everything looks good there..Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.. I know lots of folks dont like the Onan, but in almost 20 years, aside from batteries and belts, the only thing I have had to change is the voltage regulator, so I cant complain..Thanks, Rich
  8. D180 oil pressure gauge

    I kind of realized that. So I would need a sending unit and install where it would be on a D200? Rich
  9. Can I install an oil pressure gauge on a D180? Thanks, Rich
  10. D180-no spark

    Well, I certainly feel stupid..It has been so long since I had anything with points, I overlooked that. New points in, fresh oil and adjusted valves..Runs like a raped ape( whatever that means)
  11. D180-no spark

    I parked my D180 last weekend, purring like a kitten..Now it wont start. I have fuel, but no spark..Any suggestions?
  12. 1975 D-180

    Here is a pic of my new to me D180, and my youngest grandson
  13. Hi, I now have my D180 running strong, and the hydraulics are working fine. I need to know what the procedure is for adjusting linkages and adjusting for "creep" when in neutral position. I assume there is a procedure that needs to be followed..Thanks in advance, Rich
  14. No hydraulics

    Thanks, the tractor creeps quite a bit when in neutral position, so I will need to adjust that..Thanks
  15. No hydraulics

    Ok, I put a setscrew in and added JB weld to the hole drilled in the shaft. Let it sit for 24 hours, and seems to hold fine. I have another question, does the 75 D180 have a braking system? When I depress the brake, the forward control comes back as it did on my 520H, However, the tractor continues to roll, even with the parking brake engaged. What am I missing? Thanks for all the help..Rich