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  1. rough valuations needed please

    thanks for replys so far thought he was being optimistic going off the auction site listings turns out I cant go this weekend as ive been requested to go to work instead so ill see if its still available next week ekennel yours is very tidy well done on that I don't think mines going to get anywhere near that but you never know id rather have footboards as kids will be on it doing bits on the field (main reason for getting one) its a case of watch this space now ive seen some at agricultural shows and seen pics of what you lads have and decided its the way forward at the moment
  2. firstly apologies as this is only my 2nd post and being a bit cheeky but I hope you can help with advice im hopefully going to get a unidrive commando 8 at the weekend its a bit rough (that looks fixable from pics) theres no mower deck no implements and as far as I can tell the long handle isn't present either. It has been on fire but got put out quickly has been run since but not for a few months the fella is asking £380 or nearest offer im thinking more £150-£200 who is being more realistic please don't want too pay more than its worth on the flip side he wont be wanting to et it go for less than he thinks it worth (been watching ebay to get a rough idea) also is this a decent starter model and can I get implements for it as I get further down the line (getting it safe and running right is first priority) any help greatly appreciated and thanks in advance
  3. hello from cumbria

    im dan from Cumbria saying hello not got a wheelhorse yet but im hoping to go and get one at the weekend