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  1. Snow blower/Charger 12

    I'll check it again Saturday and see what I can find.
  2. Snow blower/Charger 12

    This is the first one I bought, think I might have found one on e-bay that will work a hole lot easier. This one is in great shape, paint isn't even wore on the auger.
  3. Snow blower/Charger 12

    Thanks, I was hoping so. I bought a Wheel Horse blower, looks to be a newer style, the mounting bracket for the sub frame is much wider. Rather not do that much fabricating. There where not any mounting brackets with this blower.
  4. What's the chances that a snow blower off a C175 will fit on a Charger 12? Thanks in advance.
  5. Morning sir, I have a Charger12 that I'm trying to mount a snow blower on. The one that I bought is a newer design and the mount on the blower is significantly wider than my sub-frame  coming off the front-tach-o-matic. Any ideas where in Missouri I could find an older style blower and possibly trade blowers?

    1. elliot ness

      elliot ness

      No sir I don't, but I shall look and get back with you.

    2. jzaring


      Thank you sir, the blower I currently have seems to be a newer style, around 36" wide. Way to wide for the sub frame on my Charger 12. 


      Thank you again.