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  1. Need some help

    Just curious what you think relatively inexpensive is in dollars? No disagreement, but a good running K341 ain’t cheap.
  2. Where are your winter Horses??

    Hey, where do you guys buy your tire chains for your Horses?
  3. 48” Dozer Blade

    Need good condition, complete, 48” Wheel Horse dozer blade in central Virginia. Also looking for parts to use dozer blade on 520H swept axle. Thanks
  4. 520H Completion Kit

    Anybody know if someone is manufacturing the parts needed to use the 48” dozer blade on a 520H with a swept axel? I believe Toro called it a “completion kit” when they sold them.
  5. C160

    Very nice. I need to paint my C 160. Did you sandblast the hood and seat pan?
  6. Looking for Info for Wheel Horse 420

    Post in tractor forum.
  7. How to get stud out?

    If you have to ask, then apparently you do not have the tools or experience in removing these. Take it to a machine shop, they can get it out without damage to crank.
  8. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    You are missing something. Are you certain both cylinders are firing? Check the governor. Recheck compression with a known quality gauge. Your large difference doesn’t ad up in the previous checks.
  9. 79301 Wheel Horse Bagger

    My. phone number is in your PM box. Ok?
  10. 79301 Wheel Horse Bagger

    PM sent.
  11. Wanted: Wheel Horse Part Numbers!

    Vacuum bagger belt covers and pulleys. #86-9300, 79-7310, 92-1161, 92-1160. Thanks,
  12. 1989 520-HC Engine rebuild or replace

    Complete with deck, 700 hours, good running 520,s can be had around here for a $1000.
  13. A blown K301

    Certainly looks like no oil.........
  14. To buy, or not to buy

    If you are going to buy a Wheel Horse to work, buy the newest, lowest hours, best maintained one you can find. Assuming you need a big tractor, good medium hour 520H's can be had for $1500 or less. I saw a complete 520 H with 48" deck, 600 hrs. with pics, in Baltimore last week for $450. Wheel Horse, Kohler, Onan parts sometimes cost more than pure gold. I had no truck to go get it. Besides, I traded some tools and $100 bucks for my 300 hr., 1997 520 with a bad deck a couple months ago. But, 520's are flat out gas hogs, even with emissions carb and running perfect. Running a vacuum leaf blower takes a lot of power and the power gauge was up there, and the gas went down there quick on Saturday. Thanks But the late model 520 is the best tractor Wheel Horse ever made.
  15. What the life span for this engine?

    As far as I know there are no overside rebuild parts available for that engine, only standard. They do however sell a brand new Kohler shortblock for like $700-800 bucks.