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  1. Suburban Electric Start

    PM sent. Thanks.
  2. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    The ball should be under the spring. It left the factory with the spring and the ball, and will not work correctly without them. There is no need for the spring without the ball. Also, most likely the accelerator pump diaphram is rotten with holes in it. I have this carb on my Wheel Horse. After replacing my diapham, check valve, o ring, and ball and spring, cleaning all passages, mine works perfect. You are dreaming if you think you can leave parts out and not spend money and it will run properly. However, it will run. Best of luck.
  3. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    Look in this link for the Onan 6100 accerator repair kit. There are 5 parts inside the o ring image. On of those 5 parts is the spring, and another is the ball. Why would there be a spring with nothing to push on? There is a very hard to find exploded view of the Nikki 6100 emissions carb somewhere online that shows the ball and spring installation. This carb will not function properly without all the parts. https://www.onanparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=263
  4. Suburban Electric Start

    Looking for a Wheel Horse Suburban electrict start project. Please, not looking for manual start or already restored. I am retired and need something to keep me busy. Also, will consider incomplete or wrong engine unit. Would also like deck, or just electric start engine. It will keep me busy searching for parts. Thanks.
  5. 6100 carb 20hp Onan

    Where is the accerator pump spring and ball that is used on the emmision carb? Did it fly out when you removed the top? I do not see it in your picture. It will run rich without it.
  6. 312-8 for 60 Suburan

    I have very low hour, (170 +/- showing) 1997 312-8 that runs great. Come with a 1997 42” SD deck that has only about 40 hrs. on it. Would like to trade for a 1960 WH Suburban electric start restoration project of equal value. PM me. Thanks.
  7. 1960 Suburban

    I guess this was not an electric start model? Thanks.
  8. 520H 9 Pin

    Hello everybody. Anyone got the link to the thread that somebody posted on here that has pictures of the 520 9 pin connector with all the original wires, their colors and location? Thanks in advance.
  9. You need to run from that deal. 7 acres is to much for these old tractors. Hell, I got 3 good runners, which one do you want? Get a bushhog.
  10. Picking up another one

    Financially, I just do not see a way forward with these. I bought 2 (c160 & 312-8) with issues and I am so far underwater with money spent. Best to pay for a nice low hour one. Parts are incredibly expensive. Sandblasting is a pain. If somebody wants a nice low hour (317) 1997 520, with 48” deck, $2500 mite just buy mine.
  11. Seat

    Can I actually buy just the vinyl and foam for my two Wheel Horse tractor seats?
  12. Trade for Tig Welder or Vertical Mill

    Trade??? I have a 1976 C-160H with 42” deck, 1997 312-8 with 42” deck. I need a tig welder and small vertical mill. Richmond, Va. area. I also have a 320hr., 1997 520H, 48”deck, but it will take alot to get that one. Also, I am keeping one. Thanks
  13. Wheel Horse Deck ID

    I have an old 42” side discharge deck with the keyway spindle shafts, and the one piece rounded belt cover. ID tag is long gone. Anybody know how to ID this deck, or at least the spindle assembly part numbers? Thanks in advance,
  14. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    i saw that 314H you purchased with the bagger for sale with the blown engine. It would be very interesting to see the rpm’s you are turning with the bagger while cutting grass with a 48” deck, and hydro. I doubt you make 2500 rpm, if that. If 10 hp were enough for a hydro, 48” deck, and bagger, WH would have done it.