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  1. Wheelhorse C-160 Hydraulic Controller

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. Trade for Tig Welder or Vertical Mill

    Trade??? I have a 1976 C-160H with 42” deck, 1997 312-8 with 42” deck. I need a tig welder and small vertical mill. Richmond, Va. area. I also have a 320hr., 1997 520H, 48”deck, but it will take alot to get that one. Also, I am keeping one. Thanks
  3. Wheelhorse C-160 Hydraulic Controller

    1976 C-160 Hydraulic Controller wanted. Must have excellent threads for hydraulic hoses. All I really need is the outboard side away from the tractor, previous owner messed up my threads. I will take all, or just the part I need. Thank you.
  4. Wheel Horse Deck ID

    I have an old 42” side discharge deck with the keyway spindle shafts, and the one piece rounded belt cover. ID tag is long gone. Anybody know how to ID this deck, or at least the spindle assembly part numbers? Thanks in advance,
  5. Will a Kohler M10 work well in a 314-H?

    i saw that 314H you purchased with the bagger for sale with the blown engine. It would be very interesting to see the rpm’s you are turning with the bagger while cutting grass with a 48” deck, and hydro. I doubt you make 2500 rpm, if that. If 10 hp were enough for a hydro, 48” deck, and bagger, WH would have done it.
  6. C-160 Frame Repair

    The original design lasted over 40 years. Get a professional welder to weld it back like it was, and it should last at least another 40 years. A mobile welder could come to you and do the job.
  7. Set screw completely stripped

    Use a pinch block with a puller and force it off. Get screw out then. Note that is a pricey pulley for the C-160 automatic.
  8. 520-H

    Looks great. Just curious what brand tires you used, and what paint and what color? Thanks.
  9. Need some help

    Just curious what you think relatively inexpensive is in dollars? No disagreement, but a good running K341 ain’t cheap.
  10. Where are your winter Horses??

    Hey, where do you guys buy your tire chains for your Horses?
  11. 48” Dozer Blade

    Need good condition, complete, 48” Wheel Horse dozer blade in central Virginia. Also looking for parts to use dozer blade on 520H swept axle. Thanks
  12. 520H Completion Kit

    Anybody know if someone is manufacturing the parts needed to use the 48” dozer blade on a 520H with a swept axel? I believe Toro called it a “completion kit” when they sold them.
  13. C160

    Very nice. I need to paint my C 160. Did you sandblast the hood and seat pan?
  14. Looking for Info for Wheel Horse 420

    Post in tractor forum.