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  1. Oh, I have played with a Sears tractor...

    Yes, they were probably only 6- 8 inch tires. I have a few more pics but for some reason my computer wont let me upload them, have to try on another.... It was fast enough to jump that 66' mustang hood pictured, oh, and reverse never worked, had to push it back out manually. These pictures were also taken in 2003 latest and my camera at the time was totally awful, explaining the quality. They were pretty cool tires though, very very cracked but held air no problem... I scrapped this one only because my father gave me the ultimatum, one of them the sears or the simplicity must go to make room for the Wheel Horse....obvious choice...
  2. Meet this tractor, she was my intro to all things tractors.... I found a Montgomery Ward, well, the frame and engine of a lil ride on in the woods. It had an orange Briggs, 5 hp (Idk what it is about those Briggs 5hp's I love so much, so crude, horrible fuel economy, and rough idle) and it was the first motor I ever took all apart and rebuilt without my fathers help (i was 13 at the time). Well, it needed a fuel tank, after i soon discovered the pin holes in the original. So somehow in the woods behind a very old shop I was exploring at the time, i saw this thing, buried after sitting there for years. It had an old 4hp briggs with the head removed and what not. The gas tank (perfect...oddly enough) swapped and thats all that mattered. I pushed it with 4 locked tires across a highway, and dragged it home a quarter mile through virgin woods with my Dad's cub cadet...If he could have only seen me, He would have surely killed me. Besides, not only did I need the tank, but something to bolt my motor to see if she ran after all the work I did! The original tranny was completely rotted out on the inside, totally seized. The actual pulley and the shaft had rotted internally to nothing from sitting in water all those years. I loved how goofy it was, and I desperately though of a way to make it drive. I saw an old Cub Cadet ride on in a wheeling pit, and went to go see what it had for a tranny. Surely enough, a Peerless, maybe it could work..... Some custom mounting holes and a beautifully re-engineered belt clutch and some funny pulley ratio's later......my Briggs was driving my aptly named, BATTLE TRACTOR I, or BT I for short... Here are some of the pics I have on hand... I will put more up when I find them... Also I will post some of BT II, a simplicity broadmore 727 I still have to this day...
  3. How tight is too tight?

    Most certainly not too tight. Not so loose as to where the belt slips, but when its too tight, (which sounds to be exactly your problem, wearing those spindles prematurely) it will ruin components due to the extra stress. You could even feel it with your hands, if the belt was super tight and you tried to spin it at the drive pulley (where the belt would go to the motor) it would not spin very easily, if at all. You should have your belt loose enough to where it wont slip in the pulleys with maybe 2 inches of deflection. whichever works out best. The drive pulley should be very smooth and free, which is just so much easier on everything.
  4. ........Those blades are $71.48...... Never would I ever see myself spending all that money for 2 blades.....
  5. Those links are good.... But what about the other side that rotates opposite? I suppose that you can only replace one blade? I have the same problem, with the gear driven deck, and the blades I have are okay for now but I really need new ones.... Or would I have to fabricate them both? A blade isnt truely made out of any tempered steel, if anything just mild steel.... I wonder how they would turn out?
  6. 3 pronged ignition switch

    I just got off of the phone with NAPA, and they do not even recognise that PN, (could also be that they don't have everything, I had a very knowledgeable one by me that just got bought out, I miss having them as a resource). He found one that might work, but for $46.00. That seems a bit much for a key switch, and being on a college budget I would rather get one cheaper....
  7. My 65' 1055

    is the seat off of an 80's model? I was always very curious to that, it is an original part just not of the correct vintage. I wish it were in nicer shape, it is quite nice!
  8. My 65' 1055

    Yes, it has been painted probably like 3 times. My guess is that a municipality owned it at some point in its life(hence the yellow) I made the hitch (flat stock salvaged off of a hitch for a 1981 VW diesel rabbit car) and a spare 2inch ball for towing my boat and stuff across the yard. The paint is very thick, will leave me with a lot to remove for the restoration. Thanks guys, she is very solid, and totally complete! I appreciate the feedback!
  9. Mozilla Firefox Browser

    Ha, not only do I use firefox, but I have abandoned microsoft all together! I use Ubuntu Linux for my operating system! Its interesting, once you actually figure it out theres nothing it wont do for you that windows can, and its all free software as well. + 1 on the firefox!
  10. My 65' 1055

    I took the deck off for the pics. I have both the belt guard and the chrome hood ornament, making her totally complete. As you can see she needs paint and decals and a seat real bad. Did you guys see the wheelhorse logo on the seat? I dont think its original but it sure is a WH replacement...
  11. My 65' 1055

    Alright guys, pics as promised!
  12. Hey guys! New here!

    Hahahahahaha! Thanks guys! Yes that is all very true. And to think while she was sitting stuck in that garage I was considering dragging it out and selling it! It all came right back to me as soon as she came back to life and performed for me. I have a few pics in my other computer, I just need to find my flash drive so I can transfer them. I am really looking forward to fully restoring her. I see that they have not really reproduced any 1055 decals... I would like to order a full set! I had all of the info on it written down, serials and what year it was from, I think I even bought a owners manual on ebay years ago. Gotta start looking!
  13. Hey guys! New here!

    Hey guys! I am so glad to have found this forum, I have logged many hours years ago into finding info on these tractors, since I acquired one when I was about 15 or 16. I got some old machines and an outboard running for a man my dad worked with, for my time he gave me a 1055 Wheel Horse and a Simplicity Broadmoore 727. The Wheel Horse is all complete, I pulled it out of the shed it rested in for about 20 years, covered in dust, oil, grease, and full of nests. I was amazed at how much of a machine this thing was. Built the old- fashioned way. Bulletproof. Once I got it home I dove into it and received a bit of an education. Every day after school I would come home and degrease some more, clean it up, grease it, go over the whole thing. I rebuilt the carb and the fuel pump, figured out the starter/generator combo, filed the points and wow to hear that big Kohler K241 roar for the first time.... Riding around on it was the coolest thing. But there was work still needed to be done... The motor ran pretty well, but I had a TON of blowby coming out the breather, oil was literally coming out of the cover. Rebuilt the cover, still the same deal. Total Rebuild was needed. I saved up some money and just before christmas that year I had the complete rebuild kit ordered off of ebay and at my house. I dont know who had owned this tractor before, but this motor had some time on her for sure. I honed the cylinder to spec (took a while...) and installed and rebuilt everything. That Kohler K241 AS screams now and with no oil consumption or blowby! And without shooting oil on the driveway! The mower deck was complete, but it was rotted in some spots. The cross shaft was also trashed due to someone brazing the wrong pulley to it cocked off the shaft, because the previous pulley had also trashed the shaft. Could not find one at the time so I had one machined for me at a now defunct machine shop. The owner really gave me a break when I told him what it was for, and the end product was better than a NOS replacement IMHO. The pulley under the motor pulley on the front of the deck had a lot of play but it works well, and the mower deck does function well and reliably. That was 5 years ago. Things happened and I became very busy. The tractor became trapped in my dad's garage for about 3 years. I had pretty much forgotten about her with graduating High school and working 40 hours a week and college and all of that. Well, about a month ago on a day off i saw that the garage had become cleaner. I worked my machine out of the garage for the first time in 3 years. I bought a new battery, and she literally started right up. After 3 years. Dont you love doing something right the first time? She mowed the grass after I changed its oil. I also have found a new usage in moving my boat around tight spots in the yard, as well as other machines or trailers. I know I cant be parted with it, because of what it represents. I look very much forward to restoring it, but still keeping her working, nothing that tough should ever be a museum piece. What impressive machines these things are, and I really like seeing what you guys have and what your doing with them, as well as the great resource here. I will use it extensively. Thanks guys! Let me try and dig up some pics! - Matt