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  1. engine quits 520hc

    sounds very simular to what happened to my neighbor a couple years ago while blowing snow would make one pass down driveway and engine would stop .... waited 5 minutes then could make another pass problem was ..... vent in gas cap was plugged and engine could only draw so much fuel before vacuum in tank was to high to draw anymore quick fix with an airblower
  2. Snow Thrower Lift Tube and Flag Dimensions

    yeah i saw that when i installed the flag am lucky with my work place .... have all the nice tools to use ... but when i do that repair will also sand blast and paint those parts another repair i did was for the cable for chute rotation ..... i used a piece of clothesline ... nice and flexible .... and now no frayed ends and easy to cut off
  3. my Classic 312 H

    1990 312 H
  4. Snow Thrower Lift Tube and Flag Dimensions

    new flag installed and working great
  5. Snow Thrower Lift Tube and Flag Dimensions

    build time 1 hour .....but did not bother putting bends as you will see i did it a little different instead of bends ... i lined flag flat with the rod and small piece i cut off when making flag i also welded on for extra strength i also use threaded rod so it adjustment was needed all i had to do was put on a nut
  6. Snow Thrower Lift Tube and Flag Dimensions

    I just bought a 312 H WH Classic with deck and blower for $ 700 CDN .... darn good price for this area took me forever to figure out what guy did before me having it .... he must have lost the flag a while back ... so he drilled a hole in the tube and hooked it up to the mower lift rod ..... may have worked good for him being out in country with gravel driveway .... but i am in town .... so am gonna build one at work tomorrow thanks you you guys and the nice specs you have posted on here thanks a ton