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  1. K161 mystery

    It depends on the head.Some heads have the spark plug over the valve area.Looking down the plug hole you may not see any motion at all,except maybe a valve.Crank the engine over with the plug out.If air comes out the plug hole then the piston is going up and down.Mystery solved!
  2. K161 mystery

    I'm with Ed.You can't have compression unless the piston is moving.With the engine buttoned up there is almost no way to see piston movement.Pull the sparkplug and crank the engine.You should feel air coming from the plug hole in the head.
  3. Lassoed my unicorn the other day

    I have one with over 1200 hours on the clock.I use it for everything.Tough beastI think you did well for the price.Damage you show is pretty common for the breed.Once sorted out I think you will really like your machine.Congrats!
  4. Twofer: two 3xx Series for $100 (pics added)

    Both machines look good.Not like they have been left on in the weather for very long.The shaft that the steering wheel is attached to is located by a collar with a set screw or a spacer and snap ring.If no teeth are missing on the pinion or fan gear then there must be some vertical slop in the steering shaft.Look at the area where the shaft goes through the hood stand around the battery area.If you pull up on the steering wheel and feel much vertical motion that may be the problem.The sheet metal that the upper shaft bushing is located in can be distorted by constantly pulling up on the steering when mounting the tractor.This can cause upward motion in the steering shaft and resulting the skipping.
  5. I think I caught HORSE IDIS

    Good score!I have a bad feeling that the only cure is a dirt nap.Don't leave them together at night cause they reproduce like rabbits.
  6. Motion control lever down low was late 80s.I looked at a 310-8 on Craigslist for 3 months when I wanted to upgrade from a riding mower.I looked but thought the asking price to high.I still do but by looking every day for WHs I caught a screaming deal.If the deal is good the machine won't be for sale long.You may miss one but at least you will be aware of what is a fair price in your market.JMHO
  7. Twofer: two 3xx Series for $100 (pics added)

    For cutting grass there is no difference between the 1"axled and 1 1/8'" machines.The difference is overall strength.The prefered unit for heavy use such as plowing dirt or pushing with a blade is the 8 pinion 1 1/8" unit.With 6" wheels and tires the front will be 1" lower than with an 8" setup.To make the 6 inch setup level the spindles were made longer vertically to compensate and raise the front.
  8. Twofer: two 3xx Series for $100 (pics added)

    The 300,400 and 500 have the same frame.The 520 frames can have 2 extra holes to locate the gear reduction steering base.The 300 and 400 are pretty much the same except some wiring differences and 1" rear axles and 6" tires with longer spindles on a lot of the 300s.Hood stand is different on the 520 from the 300 and 400. The foot rests and fender pans will all interchange.The manual transmissions will all interchange but the 300 series used a lot of 4 pinion 1" axle units,The 10 horse machines I have seen have one. The Eaton 1100 hydro will interchange across the range.
  9. wheels

    If this has come up before I haven't found it in a search.Do any of you guys have any tips for removing the the gunk left over when someone used fix a flat to seal punctures.I'm sure I am not the only one who has found this crap when removing a junk tire.Thanks in advance.
  10. I have to say At least 2 of my 520 machines look rougher than that one.With that said they all had the gear reduction steering setup and that alone brings more that what I have in them.What you are looking at is a high hour 416 with 520 sheet metal and a little more power.The only thing worth much is the rear rims and tires.Parts machine for sure.I agree with most here that the loose and missing parts tell you walk away unless real cheap for parts.$500.00 in any market is nuts.
  11. Lug bolts and nuts,15" 3 spoke steering wheels when I can get them and 520 gear reduction steering.Lug bolts make mounting rear wheels easier,15 inch three spoke steering wheels fit my hand better and 520 gear reduction steering with 4 lug hubs for ease of steering.
  12. The Kohler M16 and K341 16 horse have a 10 bolt head. The M14 and K321 use a 9 bolt pattern.
  13. 520h '91 How To Remove Gauges?

    If you find a machine that is in pristine condition and you have a desire to preserve it then you are doing it right.Some years back I found a really nice 416H with a like new 48" deck.The original owner kept in a garage and waxed it,The Onan runs clean and smooth.When I got it I realized it was in to good condition to use as intended.I don't show it but use it only to blow snow and tow a cart.It sounds as if your 520 has found a good home.I would like to think mine have too.Luck,JAinVA
  14. 520h '91 How To Remove Gauges?

    No doubt about that and I want to state I have no issue with it.Great! The issue I have is that is there no is idea what outcome is expected.Use or restore.Big difference! How many RJs had gauges if you catch my angle.A newbie asked for info,I relayed what I have experienced, your mileage may vary.
  15. 520h '91 How To Remove Gauges?

    If you need to remove the steering wheel then you will have to remove the roll pin as Cleat stated,Keep in mind that the steering shaft is located by thin metal and any heavy hammering can cause serious damage.I have had more than one that in order to get the roll pin out I had to take the upper hood stand off and remove the steering shaft.Take the assembly to a solid surface,support the shaft and use a BFH to get the pin out.If you are doing a full resto then it may be worth the effort but if you want to use the machine then you may want to think about opening up a can of worms for things you really don't need.A tach on a governed engine tells you what? I honesty believe the gauges WH mounted on the 520 were to add to curb appeal.