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  1. Repower 800

    If you are not concerned about a restoration but want use the tractor you may want to consider a Predator 13horse from Harbor Freight.Less than $425,new and with a warranty.Electric start and easy to adapt.I put one on a 416h and it works well.
  2. 16 hp engine oil

    Kohler recommends a straight 30w for temperatuures above 30 degrees.They don't recommend a multi weight oil.The most important thing for long life is to change the oil at 20 to 25 hours.There is no filter on the single 16 so when drained all the crud comes out.In my mind oil is cheap compared to a rebuild.
  3. Lathe advice needed

    With out holding each part the first picture is some type of boring bar holder.The second and third picture is a tool holder.The large hole clamps the holder to the lathe compound and the tools are held in place by the set screws.The last picture is a boring bar mount.There seems to be a cutting tool at the small end.The large hole in the main block allows the mount to be secured to the compound.If these terms seem to be Greek then you may have some idea of what you are embarking on.I unfortunately didn't get to acknowledge WVhillbillys warnings.Jeff is spot on
  4. Lathe advice needed

    Just my opinion but that should work.A catch pan should be under the ways as well.At around 300 lbs you should be able to figure how much spread needs to be at the legs for stability. If you decide to put this assembly on casters count on it to rock some.My 10" Southbend was rock solid until it got wheels.Not bad but different.There is no doubt your lathe falls into the light range but I saw an early 10" Southbend making parts in a commercial setting working day in and day out.It would not have been there unless it worked and made money.I got your PM and if you need some help just ask.This may be off subject here.
  5. Lathe advice needed

    Can you give us some overall dimensions for the lathe and its estimated weight.I got a old Logan lathe years ago that had been stripped of all useable parts except the catch pan and legs.The legs for each end were way heavy cast iron.If you use 2 3x3tubes for each end you should be fine with what you propose.A single tube at each end would be a little iffy.If the belt drive is at the back or top of the lathe then it could be tied down to a work bench top.If the drive is of low mount a table top could still be used.Luck,JAinVA
  6. Lathe advice needed

    As far as I'm concerned the tool box and its contents alone are worth the trade.I think you did well.
  7. Lathe advice needed

    Jeff, I learned to run lathes that had War Production Tags on them.Kept some of the tags when the machines were scrapped.I don't know how many accidents you have seen or close calls in your shop but I have seen guys lose fingers.I have numerous c shaped scars on my frame from hot chips.I have spent many hours with jobs clamped to a 6' diameter face plate.If some of the members think I'm being alarmist or trying to scare people they have good cause.These machines ain't toys and have no concern for your safety as I'm sure you well know.It sounds like you know the trade too! Regards,JAinVA
  8. Lathe advice needed

    If you are serious about running this lathe then I hope you have access to a good bench grinder.Huh?If you are going to use the rocker style tool post you have and HS steel tooling( cutting bit,I hate that term) then count on wiping out the cutting edge until you get the hang of it.You can buy preground tooling but you will still have casualties.With a bed that length you should have no twisting issues with it.If it got bent then it would have broken.That is a concern with larger lathes with much longer beds.The stack of gears will allow you to get the right feed rates or threads per inch if you are chasing a thread.I understand the jovial nature of members answers here but what you have is not a toy.You can make an endless amount things that will enhance the WH experience for sure.I have spent many years in the machining trade and have taught many apprentices.It takes many hours to master the lathe with good instruction.I still believe that You Tube is helpful but a poor substitute for hands on instruction.Luck,JAinVA
  9. Chainsaw mill

    Just curious how long to cut that stack?
  10. Snow blowing 416h

    I really appreciate the hydro lift for the blower.Hope I don't get to use it this year.

    I neglected to answer your question about adapting a gear reduction to your 101.It is pretty much a bolt on.Really! If you use a thirty year old GT then you have the skills to put a gear reduction on.The only draw back is the cost and if you can solve the tight steering issue then it may not be worth the effort.

    This has been discussed a few times here and there have been some great answers.This time included.One thing not mentioned this time around is to raise the front end so that the wheels are off the ground and then grease.This allows grease get to the areas that are under the greatest load.If this doesn't help then all of the answers here can help. I have more than a few WHs and each takes a different effort to steer.On the non gear reduction setups a 15" wheel is preferred but I have a 13" on a tiller equipped 101 and it is easy to steer whether the tiller is on or not.As Jim Winder says each one is different.It may be useful if you could compare your tractor to another.Luck.JAinVA
  13. Jim, I have looked at the video and I wonder if the drive system is the similar to some 4wd front tractor axles.No u joints,just bevel gearing at the turn points. Being able to saw in two planes means less handling of the lumber.You can saw to thickness, edge the board and not have to move it.The only drawback I see to this type of saw is a limit to board width which I don't have with my bandmill
  14. Another one pulled out of crusher...

    Worth $100.00 all day long.Great score!JAinVA
  15. Paul we all get as much seat time as possible, even if it is only fifty feet. Hope you and yours have a good holiday.JimAnderson