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  1. Chainsaw mill

    Just curious how long to cut that stack?
  2. Snow blowing 416h

    I really appreciate the hydro lift for the blower.Hope I don't get to use it this year.

    I neglected to answer your question about adapting a gear reduction to your 101.It is pretty much a bolt on.Really! If you use a thirty year old GT then you have the skills to put a gear reduction on.The only draw back is the cost and if you can solve the tight steering issue then it may not be worth the effort.

    This has been discussed a few times here and there have been some great answers.This time included.One thing not mentioned this time around is to raise the front end so that the wheels are off the ground and then grease.This allows grease get to the areas that are under the greatest load.If this doesn't help then all of the answers here can help. I have more than a few WHs and each takes a different effort to steer.On the non gear reduction setups a 15" wheel is preferred but I have a 13" on a tiller equipped 101 and it is easy to steer whether the tiller is on or not.As Jim Winder says each one is different.It may be useful if you could compare your tractor to another.Luck.JAinVA
  5. Jim, I have looked at the video and I wonder if the drive system is the similar to some 4wd front tractor axles.No u joints,just bevel gearing at the turn points. Being able to saw in two planes means less handling of the lumber.You can saw to thickness, edge the board and not have to move it.The only drawback I see to this type of saw is a limit to board width which I don't have with my bandmill
  6. Another one pulled out of crusher...

    Worth $100.00 all day long.Great score!JAinVA
  7. Paul we all get as much seat time as possible, even if it is only fifty feet. Hope you and yours have a good holiday.JimAnderson
  8. I have over 600' of drive to clear.I usually clear some of the neighbors drives as well as the culdesac.The single stage and 416h do me well.We don't have a lot of snow here but when we do it is a bear to deal with.When it gets bumper height on a 4wd with 33" tires plowing is not an option with a GT.Some folks look at the blower and shake their heads until the snow gets deep.Just another day in a WHs life I guess.Be safe,JAinVA.
  9. 1" axles

    Great improvements.Hope you don't mind if someone steals the idea of the angle iron upgrade. Nice work all the way.Thanks for the pictures and sharing of the ideas.Well done!. Luck,JAinVA
  10. 1" axles

    Thanks for the description and picture.If you post more I would like to see them.I was wondering how common loose bearings were and how they were addressed.Thanks for the answer.Vanguard swap is nice too! Luck,JAinVA
  11. 1" axles

    It should be evident that anyone who puts a 13 horse Predator on a low hour anniversary model cares little for originality.I am wondering if anyone has had problems with the front hubs beating out.I will say that no WH I own will ever be painted green but to me they are tools.If they weren't they would be in a heated garage and dusted every day.
  12. Hello folks, Some weeks ago I posted about hammered paints that I was trying out on my vise.I was more interested in reactions to the paint but it kinda went sideways so lets see where this goes. I have had more than one 16.50 x 8 inch wheel that had been beat enough that the bearings would not stay in place.I have a way to swage the hub so that the bearings will take a press fit but that to me is a bandaid for the real issue.I feel that the hub should have been made of thicker material to take the gaff.Other makes use a 1" axle,bigger bearings and thicker hub metal and I am going to upgrade the WHs to this stronger hub style.Is this an issue for the users here?JAinVA
  13. Rustoleum paint

    Nice find Jim.Now for a rattle can paint job.If I could have found one that good when I was looking for a vise, I would have snapped it up.Junk on the bench makes me feel at home.LOL.Luck,JimAnderson
  14. Rustoleum paint

    The vise did rotate but I could never get it to stay rigid enough in any postion.It just had two screws clamping on the barrel.I got fed up with the constant slipping and welded it in its current location.Its a cheap vise but I could get it locally.I really would rather have a Wilton bench vise but shipping is to expensive to justify.
  15. Rustoleum paint

    I wasn't looking to make this thing a show piece.I just wanted to test the paint as I had never used this type before.There isn't a lot of color choices but anything is better than rust.