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  1. Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    The upper belt guide goes above the belt and what it does is prevent the belt from chafing on the belt guard.
  2. wh

    Check Ebay or mower part pros.
  3. Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    The throttle cable leads under the engine into the retainer clamp on the throttle bracket.There are two clamps for the throttle cable one at the throttle bracket and the other on the starter. Adjust throttle by loosening cable retainer clamp then set throttle to full operate position. Tighten retainer clamp with the throttle in the operate position and make sure the stop pin is against the bracket. There are two clamps for the choke cable one on the blower housing,the other at the carburetor. To adjust loosen cable retainer clamp at carburetor set to full cold position and tighten retainer clamp to fully closed position.
  4. Newbi question

    I’m thinking it is a 12hp or 14HP and hood is definitely not original.It’s not a 857 because the pto setup does not match a 857 but what it does match is a raider.The pto does match a charger but a charger is an automatic and this one is a six speed I think.
  5. Newbi question

    I did see that and I don't no why the previous owner put the hood ornament on backwards?If you look at the first picture of the stick shifts it looks like some one put a hook on one of the shifters to keep it from slipping out, it's not a real concern right now though.
  6. Newbi question

    Check under the dash thats were they are on chargers.Looks like a charger/raider but could be an 857.If you can take a pic of the ID on the blower housing of the engine I could maybe give you the year of the engine.
  7. Pictures of cable routing for C-81 1979??

    Here are some pics of my 78 c-81 restored. If you need any more pics of any part on the tractor i'd be happy to help.
  8. hydraulic lift kit

    Sorry guys. For some reason last night the second pdf did not show up last night and the first one did not show how to install the lines on the transmission.
  9. Snow-thrower wont stay up

    There should be a little piece of metal were the lift lever locks. I had this problem with my tractor when I lifted something heavy so what I did is put a stiffer spring in the lift lever and it works great now.
  10. hydraulic lift kit

    Is it a sundstrand transmission.If so I can give you some instructions on how to install it.
  11. k301 carbon build up under head

    They are oem chrome rings and they'll broadly need more time to bed in than after market stens' piston rings.I used OEM cause it seamed like the sten rings were very flimsy. Thanks
  12. PTO assembly rebuild. Oil? Or grease??

    Definitely do not use oil cause when you engage the pto oil will leak buy the friction disc.Just use regular tractor grease
  13. k301 carbon build up under head

    Hi everyone I just rebuilt my k301 and it has 5 hours on it but there's some carbon build up on the block and the head but mostly on the intake valve. Can anyone tell me if this is normal. I do use mystery oil in the fuel on each fill up.
  14. k301 sputtering

    thanks for all your help I put the baffle gasket on and no more sputtering.
  15. k301 sputtering

    for real do you think that .020 gap is why it is sputtering