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  1. k301 sputtering

    thanks for all your help I put the baffle gasket on and no more sputtering.
  2. k301 sputtering

    for real do you think that .020 gap is why it is sputtering
  3. k301 sputtering

    I put the baffle gasket on and it leaked fuel so I got that to stop leaking but now it leaks out where the baffle gasket is. I tried to post a better pic but the picture has to many MB. The gap between the piston and the block is .020. Jake
  4. k301 sputtering

    I'll post pics tomorrow and where is the baffle gasket. has no safety switches. I made sure the carb did not have any dirt in it
  5. k301 sputtering

    I have a k301 and when it warms up you go over bumps or shake it ,it sputters but does not stall, and you stop shaking it, it runs great.So I made certain that the throttle does not move when you go over bumps and it doesn't. First I took the head off and there was a lot of carbon build up so i scraped the carbon off with a wooden scraper and i noticed that the piston had a little gap between the block,i don't think that is norma? thanks
  6. Took a couple pics of the horse

    Looks awesome
  7. oil seal leaking

    I got the seal and the plastic washer and I put It back together and after one day of driving It I have not seen any sign of oil. Thanks for your help
  8. oil seal leaking

    It is not a dog point set screw it is just a square head set screw and where would i get a dog point set screw. The axle moves about 3mm out and in when I pull on it it is the same on the other side but the other side does not leak.
  9. oil seal leaking

    HI, I have a charger 12 with a substandard transmission. I replaced the seal, made certain that there were no burs where the key slot is, and checked the bering needle to make certain that it does not go up and down or side to side...and it doesn't.... so I went to the auto store to get an oil seal, the brand of it is National oil seal the number is 471652 and the book calls for oil seal number 6449. After like 5 days driving it it started to leak again it looks like the hub has been wearing a ring in the casing and it seems to be wearing on the seal too. can any one give me suggestions If you need more photos I can post them .thanks
  10. Wheel Horse B111

    About the gas tank check eBay ,mower part pros they are a little over priced and partstree.com. I'm not too familiar with b111 so I can't tell you how the belt is tensioned.
  11. Can't figure out why it won't run

    The lever on the fuel pump may not be moving and it is not moving the fuel so take the fuel pump off and pump it by hand to see if fuel comes out if it is not that may be your problem.The lever is in the block on the fuel pump.
  12. Wheel Horse B111

    I have a couple of wheel horses and I get all my manuals at www.Mywheelhorse.com they should have the manual for a b111.
  13. why does breather on kohler k181s

    yes ,the filter was very worn out and it did not retain the oil from the the breather housing.
  14. why does breather on kohler k181s

    Thanks for all your guys help about the breather.
  15. why does breather on kohler k181s

    I took the breather apart and there was a line of oil under the weep hole is this normal?