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  1. restoration 518 H

    This looks close: matting
  2. 520H volt meter removal

    Whoa! that heat gun might be too much, use a hair dryer, it worked for me.
  3. Wheel weights?

    Sure, any machine shop can drill them in a reasonable amount of time.
  4. Engine knocking

    Maybe you could tell us exactly what engine. Revisit that .090" valve clearance, did you mean .009?
  5. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    Any machine shop with a turret (Bridgeport) type of a mill, can rotate the head to a horizontal position and do the boring with the block laid down. It would take a lot more setup time and that would add to the cost, but it can be done. Other automotive machine shops might have specialty machines that will accommodate the block. The block needs bored for the oversize seat and, depending on the blank, the seat ID needs bored to the original size. Normal valve grinding equipment can then be used to shape the seating area. Way oversize seats are available here: https://www.onanparts.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_6&products_id=14 I had to make an exception for their outdated security certificate. These seats may need turned on a lathe as well, and might be regarded as simply raw material. Automotive machine shops might be able to get a seat that will work as well. The stock Onan seats may not be oversize enough to do the repair. Be sure to have plenty of press fit on the seats, without looking it up, I believe it is around .005"
  6. 520H engine blew out valve seat

    If the lifters are rough where they contact the cam, the cam is bad as well. If the adjustment threads are loose that would require replacement. Perhaps the adjustment issue was due to loose or worn seats.
  7. Hydro cold weather operation

    It is a good idea to run the hydro for at least 5 minutes, some don't even work for a bit in cold weather.
  8. 314-H help starting

    If it has compression, spark and fuel it should fire. My guess is that the gas isn't getting thru the carb. Try pouring about a teaspoon full of gas directly in the carb and quickly try starting. If it fires, remove the carb and clean it.
  9. 2 stage blower knocking

    Drive chain adjusted? Belt going bad? Idler pulley bearings rough? Auger bearings bad? Gear boxes have lube and good bearings?
  10. NGK or Champion?

    Not sure where that came from, here is information from Maine DEP: http://www.maine.gov/dep/air/mobile/ethanol.html Maine Legislative Changes MtBE Ban. Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MtBE) was added to conventional gasoline to enhance combustion and octane levels and to meet the federal Clean Air Act mandate requiring 2% oxygen in Reformulated Gasoline (RFG). The Maine Legislature banned MtBE as a gasoline additive in the state after January 1, 2007. With the MtBE ban in Maine and other states ethanol has been blended with gasoline in place of MtBE. However, Maine has no requirement to blend gasoline with any oxygenate such as ethanol. I snowmobile in Maine nearly every year. Northern Maine was supplied with gasoline from Canada and had no ethanol for some years after it was added to gas in lower Maine. The first winter that it was used created numerous problems with snowmobile engines. As you know, ethanol absorbs water from storage tank bottoms and helps bring other contaminates with it. Since snowmobilers purchase fuel from back country lodges, marinas or whatever we got a lot of terrible fuel from those small above ground tanks. The politicians don't care if you freeze way out in the woods with a disabled sled.
  11. NGK or Champion?

    Many spark plugs now have a special plating to prevent seizure. The manufacturers of such plugs and vehicle manufacturers recommend that you not use anti-seize. If you do use anti-seize, be aware that the reduced friction can easily lead to stripped threads. NGK says this: 1. Anti-seize NGK spark plugs feature what is known as trivalent plating. This silver-or-chrome colored finish on the threads is designed to provide corrosion resistance against moisture and chemicals. The coating also acts as a release agent during spark plug removal. NGK spark plugs are installed at the factory dry, without the use of anti-seize. NGK tech support has received a number of tech calls from installers who have over-tightened spark plugs because of the use of anti-seize. Anti-seize compound can act as a lubricant altering torque values up to 20 percent, increasing the risk of spark plug thread breakage.
  12. 520 Steering wheel removal??

    Be careful using acetone, it will attack some kinds of plastic.
  13. Thinking about 520H Repower

    If you have no other way to check flatness, try holding the heads together and check how much feeler gauge you can get between them. The spec is .004" maximum, so theoretically that would be a maximum of .008" allowed. Obviously this is just a rough check because there is no way to say which and how much each head is out, but if .008" goes in then they certainly need to be corrected. If you have a known flat surface, simply check each with a .004" feeler gauge. Also if you have that known flat surface, a head can be lapped on a piece of good 240 grit sandpaper. While I have granite surface plates and wouldn't abuse them, I find that my DoAll saw table works fine for lapping.
  14. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    I keep one of my 520’s in an unheated barn. It must have gotten jealous because it peed transmission oil all over the floor. I’ve seen this before and now I’m convinced it is extreme temperature changes that causes the uncontrolled bladder problem. The oil appears at the dipstick tube, runs down and spills quite a bit on the floor. Oil level shows correct on the dipstick.
  15. PTO assembly rebuild. Oil? Or grease??

    I use synthetic grease that handles the high temperature.