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  1. Onan p216g still surging on wheel horse h516

    If using the choke improves the operation, you still didn't clean the carburetor completely. Be sure that the welch plug above the idle mixture screw is intact. There are small passages behind that plug and you will need a new one if you remove it for cleaning.
  2. Question on a cab install

    Here are the photos. Mine does have a bend right at the hood edge, the duct tape is for hood protection and that is where it bends. The yard stick shows 1-1/4" each side.
  3. Question on a cab install

    I'll be putting my cab on late today or early tomorrow, maybe I can post a photo.
  4. Question on a cab install

    For the extension, I just turned down one end and drilled the other, simple to do.
  5. Question on a cab install

    Looks like the previous owner bent the vertical frame piece away from the hood. Mine isn't bow-legged and runs close to the tractor, so close that the fabric barely fits behind it.
  6. Question on a cab install

    Here is where I got the push pins: Pins They are shorter, but they work. I like not having so much extra hanging down anyway.
  7. Question on a cab install

    I guess that you have the U shaped piece that goes over the floorboard with a set bolt up from the bottom. I have two tractors with the thick pads and one that has thin pads that I put the cab on. If I ever to decide to use the cab on a thick pad tractor, the pads will come off and I will use some non-skid tape. The pads should come off for cleaning from time to time to prevent rusting. If you need to replace damaged push pins, I did find a source for a close match. That set bolt can be rough on the floorboards, so I made round steel cups for over the bolt ends. I don’t know why you mentioned drilling the floorboards, it would be good if you could explain exactly what you have.

    That might be it, the most wear is in the middle of the travel, so adjust near the ends.
  9. Blower Attachment

    I have a two stage on my 520H and it doesn't look at all like that one. Get the model number, maybe someone can tell you what it will fit.
  10. FEL Attachment to 520 h

    My Quik-Way sub frame was made to use the front and center attachment points and the rear of it was to straddle the axle housings. Mine is modified to clip in the rear attachment that is used for snow plow and tiller usage. I have worked it hard for twenty some years with no failures.
  11. I would be looking for new springs, once spring steel is fatigued it could fracture at any time. You also stress the seat with uneven support.
  12. Magnum 10 un-regulated charging running away

    I don't know what voltmeter you have, but the new-fangled digital meters can go crazy on these old systems. I use a simple analog meter, (you know, one with a needle) on these basic systems.
  13. 1.125" Axle? Potential break?

    I have had the keyways crack out because I didn't keep the set screw tight. If you have only one setscrew, my suggestion would be to add another one at 90 degrees from the first and put a flat where the screw contacts the axle. Then make tightening the screws a part on your maintenance schedule, like at oil change time.
  14. Added a couple more

    I hope you have the electric start option, that pull start might be a problem.
  15. My spring is 6-1/4" overall length, 1" diameter with a wire size of .120". The closest thing I found at McMaster is: https://www.mcmaster.com/#9654k424/=1a71goi