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  1. 520H

    If a valve wears and you lose the clearance, it can burn both the valve and seat. It is just proper maintenance for any solid lifter engine. Since it is necessary to remove the exhaust and intake to adjust the valves, I glass bead the muffler and paint with high temperature Rust-Oleum, and clean the carb as well. A good muffler is hard to find and can be expensive.
  2. If you have been using that tap to clean threads, it probably is no longer sharp and you risk breakage. Keep the set screw at 90 degrees to the key and make them all the same to they will be interchangeable. Spot face a flat for the lock-nut that is on the setscrew. When installing on the axle, temporarily tighten the new screw enough to mark the axle, then remove and grind or file a flat in the axle for the set screw, that way it holds better and doesn't raise up material that makes disassembly difficult.
  3. 520H

    I have approximately 1000 to 1400 hours on each of my three 520's. I have had some valve wear on one valve in one engine that had the compression down to 70 psi, so I did a valve job to freshen it up. Other than that, I lost one coil and needed some carburetor work. You are overdue for a valve adjustment and possibly a de-carbon of the combustion chambers. Carbon buildup can vary considerably by how it was used, gasoline quality and type of oil.
  4. Air filter

    Those vacuum switches break easily. If you have a good one, use a lighter, more flexible hose and support it in a way that it won’t hang on the nipple. If you have a switch that the nipple broke off, sand it flat and make a plate with a nipple that seals against the sanded surface. Another option is to get a second mortgage on the house and buy a new switch.
  5. I think you will find that only the 42” rear discharge will fit the 520H, the side discharge does not.
  6. 520XI No start after removing deck

    PTO, brake & seat switches need to work. See the Demystify Guide here.
  7. 416H blowing fuses

    You didn't say which fuse. My best guess is the 25 amp one and the likely short is in the vicinity of the seat switch. Download the Demystify Guide here.
  8. I Inherited Dad's Tractor

    Be sure to put two set screws in the hubs and a flat for the second screw on the axle. I believe that you will be OK with the 1018 unless they see some extreme duty. Check the tightness of the set screws regularly. One downside of 1018 (cold-rolled steel) is that it will rust much faster than an alloy steel, so be sure to use anti-seize on the axles.

    I agree with that, but I wonder if he has a healthy engine. A bad intake valve may be blowing back and pushing gas out the throttle shaft.
  10. 42" recycler deck

    Just remove the baffle assembly, just a few bolts
  11. P220G - Removing Crankshaft

    The manual shows screwing a pulling ring to the gear with 10-32 screws, then use a puller on the ring.
  12. One example, they have others: 1" long
  13. 1996 520

    Look at the kill relay, it might be bad. They can be found at many auto parts stores and don't cost much. You should have a spare anyway. Your system has no points, so that theory mentioned above doesn't apply. To get that backfire, if that is what you are hearing, would take an ignition source.
  14. Question about 1995 520H

    When I bought a new 520H, it took more than 100 hours to break it in and have little smoke on startup. You have a tractor so new that it isn't even broke in yet. After break-in, you can expect a bit of smoke from a 20HP Onan, and some oil consumption, just the nature of the beast.
  15. Carb. Issue

    Remove the line at the fuel pump and lower it down so that it is lower than the bottom of the fuel tank, now does fuel run out? Is the petcock open? Can you blow back thru the fuel hose and hear air in the gas tank?