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  1. Quality electric motor brands?

    When you get a new motor up and running, check the voltage supplied to it with any and all things turned on that are commonly used. Voltage drop is a major cause of motor failure.
  2. Hot Engine slowly dying after PTO engaged

    Watch the governor, does it pull the carburetor fully open when the engine is dying? If the throttle is open and the power is low, clean the carburetor. If no improvement, check compression and adjust the valves. It could be a loose valve seat and they can run pretty good and have near normal compression till it is too late for an easy repair.
  3. 518-H runs then stalls

    My guess is that the ignition trigger behind the flywheel is breaking down from heat. If you could quickly check the spark, using a spare plug connected to a spark plug wire and grounded on the engine, might help you diagnose the problem. The Onan manual can be found on this website and it will help you check the coil.
  4. Valve Adjust 520h

    It is nearly impossible to do a valve adjustment with the intake and exhaust in place. Even if you could, keeping dirt out of the engine just won't happen. Like said above, pull the heads to decarbon, then check for loose valve seats, ask me how I know this. Pull the intake and check the split for possible leakage and check it where the exhaust shield may be cutting into it. Pull the muffler, glass bead then paint with high temperature paint, these mufflers are expensive to replace. I go a bit farther and do a valve job and replace the intake valve seal while things are down. I also open the carburetor, clean it out and adjust the float. Use genuine Onan gaskets, especially the intake ones as the imported gaskets turn to mush.
  5. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    A previous poster said he uses a can in each 5 gallons of gas, I didn't want to call him out directly by quoting him. Sorry about the confusion.
  6. Seafoam. Your thoughts

    I estimate that 2000 gallons of gasoline has been run thru my 520H tractors. If I would have added a can of Seafoam to each 5 gallons, that would have been over $2800. I did use one can in an attempt to clear a performance issue but it didn't do anything so I am out only $7.
  7. The REAL Wheel Horse

    That would be " Kentucky Horse Park " Nice place and worth a visit. I stayed at the campground years ago, visited the museum, grounds and took a horseback ride.
  8. 520H throttle requirements

    To do a specific operation, running at half the RPM will require double the torque. Think of the load on each vane at various speeds.
  9. Blade removal

    I bought a wrench with a new tractor in 1991. That wrench is, like you say, mild steel and will spread easily making it useless. Find a flea market wrench and grind down the thickness if necessary.
  10. Ran out of oil!

    It doesn't sound pretty. Drain the oil and see if there are metal particles in it, if so then it is time to disassemble.
  11. I made a simple puller by using a 1/2" thick steel plate. Drilled the four holes for the flywheel and a threaded 1/-20 hole in the center.
  12. 520H Fuel Pump Leak

    You can get a cheap imported fuel pump online. Just Google "onan fuel pump p220g" and choose the one you want. Another option is to eliminate the pulse pump and use an electric one.
  13. Deck attachment, 520H Wheelhorse

    Here is the owners manual, it might not be the exact model you have but the adjustments are the same: Manual Put a small screw thru the throttle rivet with a locknut on the opposite side. Tighten till the throttle holds.
  14. Onan parts

    I wish you a speedy recovery. Contact me when you are back in the saddle.
  15. Throttle control loose

    just put a small bolt through it