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  1. Small hose on Air cleaner base of Onan 20hp?

    While on that subject, many of the sensors get broken from that thick and heavy hose hanging on it. Use a lighter hose and give it some support in a way that prevents much load on the sensor.
  2. Kohler 18 HP Lacks Power

    The compression should have actually gone down after the carbon is removed, don't know why you would have had a increase. Can you see if the throttle is fully opening under maximum load?
  3. $18.99 plus shipping, WOW. Found on Amazon.
  4. I bought a new 1991 520H with a 42" RD deck, it works just fine. The tractor has the swept front axle. The 42" SD was not an option, perhaps for the wheel interference you mentioned.
  5. Is this thing bent? 48" deck issue..

    After you straighten it, flip the lift rod and trunnion in the opposite direction. Someone may have bent the leveler so they could install the parts the wrong way.
  6. 520H Transmission Leaking Oil??

    One time mine burped like that, but not quite that much. I suspect that the oil drains down from the filter or hydro and in effect overfills the case.
  7. Bring on the leaves!!!

    I don't see any trees.
  8. 520 oil problems

    80 psi supposedly is OK, but I like to see over 100. Just a minor valve leakage can cause under 80 psi, so if you find that, the head needs to come off to find the issue. A pressure that is too high usually means that there is too much carbon buildup. There is quite a bit of pressure pulsing in the crankcase. A serious combustion chamber leak to the crankcase will cause an abnormal high pressure and can push oil and mist laden gases into the air filter.
  9. 520 oil problems

    You can check the breather that expels into the air cleaner housing, but they rarely cause problems. Check the compression, it sounds like a lot of blow by. Possible causes are bad rings, bad piston or bad valve guide.
  10. My Dad had a 16 HP Onan on a Sears tractor for years. As he became more feeble, I saw him mowing with enough debris on the screen to stuff a pillow. No amount of advice mattered and eventually I had to take over. The point is that the engine suffered severe abuse from this as well as other things he did, but that engine never gave up.
  11. I had considered hanging a shaker screen out a couple of inches from the engine. Some agricultural equipment does that. So I throw the idea out there if someone wants to run with it.
  12. Best running RPM for a 60" deck

    You run 3600 RPM for any mower.
  13. Another tiller question

    A tiller will push a hydro tractor, so a geared one would be best.
  14. A reminder about new points

    Always pull clean paper thru them before use. Sometimes new points have a slip of stiff paper in the package.