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  1. wheel horse fan attachment??

    What model tractor did he have? Maybe the bolt pattern would help find where that bracket was attached.
  2. Fuel Pump on the 520

    The ignition testing procedure is in the manual. The condenser is mounted on the air cleaner mount and connected to the + side of the coil, just follow the wire.
  3. mule drive

    I think that you said the mule drive is the one for all other decks than the 60", is that correct? If you do not have the spring loaded mule drive, you will need to come up with a belt that will fit. Even then, I would expect clearance problems and short belt life.
  4. Need help fast!!!

    If the hub appears to be free on the axle and it still will not pull off, the keyway is probably worn and the key is located in the worn area that formed. Try rotating the hub to find its original position and pull again. If you look in the set screw holes you might be able to see the key and what is happening.
  5. Turn on the switch. Jump a wire from the little blue wire to the big wire on the starter. If the starter cranks, the starter and battery are good and then it is time to explore using the demystification guide.
  6. Electrical issue

    Your fuse might work, I don't have the wiring diagram to see if the fuse block is bridged on the back side. Pull out the block and see what else is going on back there.
  7. Electrical issue

    You had a very bad connection for the fuse and that caused the heat. You can buy a fuse block online at RockAuto as well as a number of other places. AutoZone used to carry them, but no more. Search for this fuse block
  8. Deck pulley

    You would need to say what deck you have. There can be quite a difference in blade speed depending on model.
  9. 520H speed issues

    The manual is here: manual It may not be adjustment, it might be worn parts. The cam plate should move most of the way in either direction.
  10. Detergent or non detergent in 60's Tecumseh?

    You beat me to it by seconds, yes the opposite is what some say. IMO, non-detergent is a relic from the past and should be used in gear boxes, not engines.
  11. Onan No Start

    Open the gap on a spark plug to about .040" and watch for spark while cranking. If a spark is very weak, it can jump the normal gap outside the engine but not under compression. It still might be mechanical, but my bet is the trigger module. Mine just did the same thing, replaced the module and it never started better. manual
  12. Spark plug

    C stands for copper. For whatever reason they made plugs with a copper core.
  13. Points

    I don't know what kind of failures you are having with the points. If you are getting a lump on on side and a divot on the other, replace the condenser. If they have about the same wear on both sides, keep that condenser, a new one might not be as good.
  14. The fuse block probably never had the fourth fuse, check the wiring diagram. One source of a fuse block is here: Dorman 85668
  15. 1988 520-HC

    Make sure that all electrical systems work correctly. Listen carefully to the engine for unusual noises and exhaust note, the weak part of the engine is the intake valve seats coming loose. Guess what I am doing today?!!