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  1. High octane gasoline

    It’s an old carbureted GS750 Suzuki. It was running as good as ever but the very next time I started it with the Royal Farms 90 octane ethanol free, it missed, spit and sputtered and took some playing with the choke till it warmed and ran normally. When (if) the weather gets back to normal, I’ll fill it with 89 from a busy station that might have the freshest gas, ethanol or not.
  2. High octane gasoline

    I doubt that octane rating makes any difference in that Universal Chinese Generator. While I hate ethanol as much as anyone, the last two tanks of ethanol free that I put in my motorcycle caused it to run poorly till it is thoroughly warmed up. My guess is that it is not seasonally adjusted like other gasoline and doesn’t vaporize well in cold temperatures.
  3. 42in mower deck belt tension

    For parts, go to the TORO site with your model and serial number. Get the part number and Google it to find the best price. Many parts are still available and I just got the parts being discussed for the mower deck. Despite having a machine shop, the parts didn't cost much more than what it would have if I made them.
  4. Summer is Here

    Cab off, two stage off, updated seat mount, spreader on fertilizer done & off, wagon on and hauled firewood plus sticks complete, tiller on tilling done, snowplow did some winter repairs, all in a days work. Tomorrow maybe tiller off, snowplow off, loader on, mower deck on. These seasonal changeovers are getting to be too much for this geezer.
  5. 417A Won't move??

    Check the belt of course. With that OK, check the oil level in the transmission, then run the engine at least five minutes before attempting to move, sometimes it takes a while to pressure up.
  6. Kwik-way loader fluid

    Drain the fluid from the left leg. If it is clean, just add to the fill level hole. If you see contamination, add enough fresh universal hydraulic fluid so that the pump picks it up and run for just a very short time and drain again. Now look at that weight box. That sharp rear corner will have you dug in when backing into dirt or hard packed snow. Mine now has a 45 slope half way.
  7. Backfiring Engine when under increased load

    Its been a year and I never saw where you rebuilt the carburetor.
  8. I have 4 ply turf tires that I inflate to maximum sidewall specs and they work fine with the loader. For homeowner use the ribs likely would make some serious tracks, you want more flotation.
  9. Aftermarket gaskets from "the Bay"

    I have had some Chinese paper gaskets turn to mush in one season. If you use them, be sure you are saving enough money to warrant a possible redo.
  10. 42in mower deck belt tension

    The bar you have your finger on probably has considerable wear at the bolt locations. The tension spring looks to be crippled as well. I would replace the bar, plastic washers, grease fitting and the spring if it were mine.
  11. While products like Sea Foam have their place, I find disassembly is the only long term fix. Dissolving that mess with snake oil, and sending it thru whatever, is making the problem worse.
  12. 520H shuts off and 60" deck issues

    I agree with this. Always, always check the compression first thing. If you have a valve seat issue, that should show it. Attempting to run a bad engine will only make it worse. You can't tune out internal engine problems. Now, knowing that the engine is sound, I would suspect that the carb needs cleaned. If it were mine, I would pull the exhaust, intake and carb. Inspect the intake for leaks at the seam, and rebuild the carb. While apart, the valves should be adjusted and the exhaust painted because that is normal maintenance anyway.
  13. Onan Voltage Regulator question

    The regulators are as low as $9.95 on a popular auction site. Most of the cheap ones there are from the same manufacturer.
  14. Compression

    Increasing power simply means that pressures increase. More pressure on pistons, wrist pins, rod bearings and main bearings will obviously increase wear and stress those parts more. It is all a balancing act and what one is willing to accept. It might be that increasing power a reasonable amount will not impact the useful life of the engine for a particular person, but then one might find the limits in a bad way.
  15. 520H fuse block

    Consider buying a cover for that fuse block from a vendor on this site.