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  1. Thinking about 520H Repower

    If you have no other way to check flatness, try holding the heads together and check how much feeler gauge you can get between them. The spec is .004" maximum, so theoretically that would be a maximum of .008" allowed. Obviously this is just a rough check because there is no way to say which and how much each head is out, but if .008" goes in then they certainly need to be corrected. If you have a known flat surface, simply check each with a .004" feeler gauge. Also if you have that known flat surface, a head can be lapped on a piece of good 240 grit sandpaper. While I have granite surface plates and wouldn't abuse them, I find that my DoAll saw table works fine for lapping.
  2. brrrrrrrrrrrr

    I keep one of my 520’s in an unheated barn. It must have gotten jealous because it peed transmission oil all over the floor. I’ve seen this before and now I’m convinced it is extreme temperature changes that causes the uncontrolled bladder problem. The oil appears at the dipstick tube, runs down and spills quite a bit on the floor. Oil level shows correct on the dipstick.
  3. PTO assembly rebuild. Oil? Or grease??

    I use synthetic grease that handles the high temperature.
  4. Onan Performer Help

    Since the valves need periodic adjustment, it would make sense to pull the manifold, adjust the valves and check the manifold for leaks. The OP said he did just that. In addition, this would be a good opportunity to take care of the exhaust rust.
  5. Thinking about 520H Repower

    That gasket does look like inferior material. Do you know if the head is flat? I don't think you are to use thread locker on the head bolts, usually you use a drop of oil.
  6. CL something different

    Some welds are nice.... then there is the rest.
  7. drive belt 44 inch snow blower

    Follow the PTO rod out to the clutch. There you will find a hairpin thru a trunnion. Pull the hair pin and thread the trunnion so that it pulls a bit harder and replace the hairpin. Lather, rinse and repeat as necessary.
  8. Onan Performer Help

    I sound like a broken record, but always check compression first to see if you have a good engine. Make sure that the welch plug near the idle mixture screw is still intact. If it is still good, clean the carb, you may need to remove and replace the welch plug to clean it properly. The plug will be destroyed when removing it. Cheap kits are available online, but only use genuine Onan manifold gaskets.
  9. CL something different

    There are thousands of propane forklifts all over the country, I don't know how many blow up. Some graphics might be added to the gray tractor to make it more Ford like.
  10. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    If you let the engine off for five minutes and then restart, does it run right for awhile? If it does, perhaps the ice has melted during the hot soak. If it is starving for fuel, it is either water in the pulse line freezing, a faulty fuel pump or bad fuel lines. If there is excess moisture in the oil or gasoline, drain and replace.
  11. I partially disassemble my cab each year. To install, I build the frame completely and add the fabric last. To speed things along, I use a drill/driver with a 7/16" socket, and a 7/16" wrench.
  12. Onan P220 keeps cutting out, I've checked....

    In extreme cold, there is a possibility of condensation freezing in the pulse hose to the fuel pump. If you find any moisture or milky substance, do an oil change.
  13. PTO Clutch Pressure

    Since pressure is applied to the clutch, the thrust bearing within the engine takes the load. I don't like to use any more pressure than necessary to minimize the bearing wear. I don't know if anyone has experienced failure from that issue.
  14. Onan P220 Flywheel issue

    You may need to make a puller that bolts on with all four holes, then take an impact wrench to the center bolt.
  15. Wheel weights

    What am I missing? Ain’t the holes much closer together than what is required?