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  1. 520 just quit

    With a decal right on the tractor saying hand push only, I never dared to tow one. Moving the motion lever in either doesn't seem to make much difference in the resistance and clicking sound when hand pushing. YMMV
  2. Oil Level

    Always pull the dipstick and wipe it, then check again. Many small engines have a mysterious way of oil crawling up the dipstick tube while parked.
  3. 520 just quit

    Do not tow the tractor, transmission damage may result. I just noticed on my 520H that just jiggling the key makes the voltmeter waver. Switch will be replaced soon. The 9 pin connector is always the first suspect.
  4. 520h "surging?"

    See my post on 7/23/17, and quit swimming upstream.
  5. help needed!

    I just felt a lot older, these young wippersnappers don't know about sealed beam headlights. Now we have the plastic junk that fogs and costs a fortune to replace.
  6. Snow Cabs

    The company doesn't show a hardtop for Xi, here is what is available now: Cabs Take a look at the soft tops. Soft Top
  7. wireless tachometer

    I use this one for most anything: Non-Contact
  8. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    You will never find another one like this. If it were mine, I would give it up when they pry the steering wheel from my cold, dead hands.
  9. 520h "surging?"

    The air in the fuel filter is normal.
  10. Suburban Tranny Carnage

    I know little about earlier transmissions. Near the beginning of this thread it was said that the axles aren't hardened. If it has a needle bearing, the surface that the rollers run on needs to be hardened. I know that the later models have needle bearings and the axle is induction hardened only where the needles run.
  11. Tractor Seats

    That black waffle stuff they sell for lining mechanics tool boxes works well. You just wrap it around and pin it.
  12. Some lucky folks at the fair grounds this week. I'll bet there were horses parked right there.
  13. 520 Engine Harness Plug

    I would like a link to that connector as well. Even with the weatherproof design, I would run an jumper around the charge wire to help carry the heavy load.
  14. 520h "surging?"

    I doubt it.
  15. 520h "surging?"

    Download this file:. Onan manual See page 7-1