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  1. Hey, the seat is the lipstick on the old mare.
  2. If that is the only serious rust, I would weld in a patch. The decks build up a thick glob of grass right there and need to be cleaned after every use. Isn't that a rear discharge in the photo? Looks like some cheap lawnmower wheels are on it and need to be replaced as well.
  3. I agree, perhaps over-tightened going in. Without seeing the rest of the bolt, it appears to be of lower quality
  4. The OEM tires aren't the best for traction. I have SuperTurf tires now and they are better.
  5. Engine off for trans fluid. Engine takes slightly less than 2 quarts of 30 weight oil in the summer.
  6. Double check that you have the belt routed properly. Do you have the decal showing the proper belt twist? With a new belt, adjust the tension so that the spring is stretched quit a bit, it will relax some as it wears in. I have never had to readjust. If all the spindles and pulleys turn freely, my bet is still the belt. With suppliers looking for reduced costs, the belts may be made in a another country and have lower quality. Once a belt flips, it can be malformed and never work correctly again. In an effort to save money, I have used Vbelts4less with mixed results. One of their new belts flipped immediately, some lost the outer layer and others worked quite well.
  7. The 60" deck uses a mule drive that is spring loaded. As long as there is spring tension it should work. I have found that belts other that genuine Wheel Horse often give problems, and that includes cheap and expensive brands.
  8. He needs the gold badge for an anniversary model.
  9. I have a sweeper similar to the one in the photo. I was at an auction and saw a blue one in excellent condition that was identical to mine, possibly Lambert? I had my car at the auction and no way to haul it. My sweeper is well worn and I could have made it like new.
  10. The spindles look OK to me. The bearings can have a very small amount of clearance on the shaft. If you do think that there is too much play, clean the darkened area with very fine sandpaper and use a small amount of Loctite 609 there when you assemble.
  11. I would rather have some oil ooze out carrying any dirt with it. You can bring it up to the full mark when done.
  12. Mine was made by Original, but has nothing other than the small combination Model, Serial and Manufacturers tag inside the rear window.
  13. Front to rear 39" Width w/o deflector 65" Width with deflector 74" Height about 12" Dimensions are approximate, but should be close.
  14. If you take that locknut and washer off, you can either flip the washer or flatten it on sandpaper that is on a flat surface. You can also remove the cam and do the same with the one underneath. These things are always a bit troublesome.
  15. With a hydro you will be constantly trying to regulate speed with little success.