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  1. D250

    I am not sure how to maneuver around red square an contact members
  2. D250

    Hi sounds good what would you want for the parts.
  3. D250

    Hi I am looking for a distributor drive gear for the Renault 800 on the d250. Also a cylinder head. I lost the gear.
  4. Snowblower

    Thanks I will.
  5. Snowblower

    Thanks for the info on the snowblower for the d250. Now I am looking for the lift cylinder for that snowblower I have the drive but not the lift setup thanks Wally.
  6. D250 snowblower

    Hi I have a d250 i picked up a snowblower but I didn't get the lifting set up. Does anyone have the lift set up for sale or some good pic so I can build it. Thanks Wally
  7. Can some one tell  me if there is a oil filter that will fit my D250 , I would like to put one on. Thanks

  8. D250

    Thanks for the help I found a clutch kit in the Uk new in the box for real good price. They have more if someone is looking. The kit is for a Renault R4 dia is 160 mm. Thanks again Wally.
  9. D250

    Thanks Garry do u know of a replacement number that would fit from a auto parts store. Thanks wally
  10. D250

    Can some one tell me if there is a clutch an pressure plate for d250. Is there a part number that would fit , I restored one and I fixed evey thing but that I would appreciate some info that could really use it thanks Wally .