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  1. 246 hydro

    246 hydro, model 72043, 450 hours, 48” deck. Nice mower can bring to the show next week if wanted. Thanks, Justin
  2. 1960 Suburban

    Where in Va? I’m in Woodstock.
  3. 52" 5xi deck 78370 like new

    Did you sell this or is it still available? I’m in Woodstock, Va.
  4. Xi series 60" deck

    Changed Status to Pending
  5. Xi series 60" deck

    For sale lightly used 60" xi series deck in great condition. Available for pickup in woodstock, va or can meet at big show next weekend. In picture one on bottom. Pm for more info.
  6. 523 dxi (not running)

    523 dxi for parts or repair. Unit had 282 hours when oil plug fell out, was told the crank got scored. Has the vanguard 3cyl diesel. Everything in place except the injectors, body is in good shape. I bought for parts/power steering pump. Send message for more info.
  7. 522XI w/Snow blower

    Not looking to buy but could you take some picture of the power steering pump for me? I have a 520 with a Kohler and would like to put one on if I can. Part numbers would be helpful too!
  8. Brinly SS-500 Drag Harrow

    I have one, works pretty well behind my 520xi! I will try and get a few pics of it tomorrow.
  9. 12" Wheel Covers

    Changed Status to Closed
  10. Push/Snow Blade

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Push/Snow Blade

    Nosir the frame is too short.
  12. Belt for Tiller #79375

    Garry, Thank you, I didn't even think about looking at one of the other years' manuals. I have a '98. Now I know, thanks again!
  13. I am in need of the main drive belt for a tiller #79375 for a 520xi. I have the operators manual but cannot find a parts catalog. If you know the part# of the belt please reply. Thanks
  14. Snow Blade for 520xi

    Looking for a blade with all mounting accessories for a 520xi. Will drive couple hours within from Woodstock, Va. Thanks Justin
  15. 12" Wheel Covers

    A pair of 12" chrome WH wheel covers. GC, $75 plus shipping.