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  1. A Work Horse Project

    Sparky the engine was long gone from this one when I got it.
  2. A Work Horse Project

    I have always liked the looks of the Work Horse ( early 80s version) models with the 1800 / 1848 being my favorite because it has all the goodies,8 pinion diff,1 1/8th axles,Eaton 11 pump and hydro lift. This one has been sitting in a buddy's back 40 for a few years. I recently worked out a trade with him. It's pretty much back burnered for now but it's nice knowing that its here. Overall it seems to be in decent shape with good straight sheet metal. Of course the tag is completely faded away so I'm not sure what year it is. One thing it is missing is one of the correct wider rear wheels used on these and the 520s. I don't have a spare so I will need to chase one of those down.
  3. 1077 99% complete

    Beautiful. The 66-67 long frames are my favorites.
  4. Brought home a new project

  5. C series engine swap

    The C105 will have the small oil pan for the rubber isolater plate engine mount,while the C160 has the big oil pan that mounts directly to the frame. You will need to do away with the isolater mount plate and bolt the engine straight to the frame. You will also have to use some of the pto pieces from the C160.
  6. Plow vs. Dozer

    I didn't plow any snow this year but if I would have,I would have been snow plowin'.
  7. What year is this 314 hydro

    I think you should reread my original post.....lol...Notice I have stated several times that the decals were incorrect,including in the original post. To answer your next question,yes the late 314 hydro's used the Eaton 11 pump. They also have the 1 1/8th inch axles and 8 pinion diff. The dash is pretty much identical between the 300 and 400 series. A hood from a 500 series would not work because the hood is different at the rear where it meets the 500 series dash. I believe that the hood may have been changed but only the hood. No big resto here. Its a 500 hour tractor. Its tight like new.
  8. What year is this 314 hydro

    cleat the decals have been replaced with the wrong ones for this tractor.
  9. What year is this 314 hydro

    I believe its between a 93 and maybe 96.Notice the hand controls for the for the motion control and hydro lift. What years had the louvered hood ?
  10. What year is this 314 hydro

    What year did they go to the fancier,thicker anti skid material that even went up the back of the running board a few inches ?
  11. What year is this 314 hydro

    I have a buddy who is also a fellow Red Square member who has this very nice 314 hydro that I may get from him. Neither of us are sure of the year,its missing the tag and it has been redecaled with the wrong decals. Its a mid 90's tractor. It has the Magnum,so I'm thinking that makes it pre 98. It also has the older anti skid foot rest setup. Anybody think they can figure out the year ?
  12. c125 purchase

    From experience a couple of easy places to check on the no fire issue with the Onan. First sure the plug wires are far enough into the coil and impaled on the small spears ( for lack of a better word coming to my brain at the minute) inside the plug wire housings in the coil. The other,try grounding the battery to the engine. Sometimes the engine is not grounding to the frame well and causes very weak or no spark.
  13. Here is a 875 that I hauled home.

    Thanks guys. Mike for whatever reason he ran wiring for lights to the front and rear but I guess hadn't got around to installing lights.
  14. The little tractor is really in better and more solid shape then the pictures look. Someone was going thru it and stopped. It has a new coil,condenser,carburetor,voltage regulator,the starter generator looks either new or rebuilt,new starter generator belt,wiring,gas lines and more. It also has NLA Goodyear ag tires on it. With a little tinkering I got it started and test drove it. It mainly needs cosmetics,seat,starter generator belt guard,correct drive belt guard,etc. It came with a rounded small deck that I think if from a round hood (new double drive belts on it too).
  15. Added one to the stable

    What Dhodge said. The cast iron HH engines are strong,torquey and,smooth. Those engines get a bad rap and IMHO its mostly people who have little or no experience with them passing on a buck that they know nothing about. After all how bad can a these engines be when there are tons of them still out there running strong 40-50 years later.....Oh,nice find !