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  1. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    http://www.halfords.com/motoring/engine-oils-fluids/fuel-oil-additives/wynns-super-charge-oil-treatment-425ml These are all OLD engines so I think this is good
  2. C-140 8 Speed Kohler 321S

    Hi Sutty, just seen this post. I run my 73 C120 on SAE 30 only. Halfords and Euro car parts don't sell it. I used Morris's SAE 30 which I got from a VW specialist locally, you need one that does air cooled engines because back in the day this was the oil that many people put in their air cooled VW's. You should be able to get Morris's on line. I also add 1/2 a tin of Wynns, I think it helps, back in the 70's I sold Wynns so I believe in it. You can get that from Halfords
  3. K46 problems

    Just to update. Ordered new transmission on Tuesday morning which arrived 24 hours later. Five hours work today , took the old one out and installed the new one, now all up and running. Not difficult to remove the old one or install the new one. What took a lot of time was getting the hubs off the shafts but more especially removing the collar spacers that sit inboard of the hubs. I cleaned up the shafts with an abrasive disc and then used heat, a size 10 hammer, big tyre levers, penetrating fluid. Finally when I used lots of foul language the little blighters came off. Fitted them and the hubs using copper grease in case I ever have to remove them again. If I am correct Tuff Torque is from the USA. It's difficult to understand how we got this from the great nation that made the Wheelhorse! I suppose that's progress Put the tools away and though I'd cut some grass. Wrong! Massive hail storm. Never mind, nearly time for a beer!
  4. K46 problems

    Today sucked all I could out. Filled with 5/50 fully synthetic. Drove it for 20 mins and almost completely lost drive. Sucked it out again this time added Wynns Charge to the oil(well, I had it and it's thick as hell and I used to sell the stuff in the 70's so I believe in it). Sadly the result was the same. Now looking at new transmissions and having a beer. £490 plus pint of beer 60p May need another beer to drink to the Wheelhorse
  5. K46 problems

    Hi, I already put a new transmission belt on over the winter. The degree of the problem has not changed as a result of that. I tried it again today and from cold its not too bad. So thinking about sucking the oil out and filling with 5/50 fully synthetic which I have so just a bit of time. I use the Westwood for mowing my lawns (about 2 acres), because it is unique in that it has a PTO driven sweeper and a roller it leaves a nice striped effect on the lawn which we like. It collects the leaves in the fall very effectively. I also have a Westwood scarifier which is PTO driven. Its got a Kawasaki FS481V 16hp twin (built in the USA !) One I'd replaced the ridiculous Chinese bearings which disintegrated in the first two years it has been fine until this. The Raider 12 is used for mowing 2 acres of field that's a bit bumpy and would destroy the Westwood. Its a worker and also tows a large heavy roller, a large trailer full of logs or ton bags of sand etc etc etc. I even towed the root stump of a 60' Eucalyptus about 100 yards with it. This machine is so fantastic, but; it doesn't collect grass and stripe the lawn Occasionally they both are used to entertain the grandchildren!
  6. K46 problems

    Hi all I am in UK with a Westwood (Ariens IIAC) garden tractor with K46 transmission. Had it since new (2010), 250 hours all mowing work, Transmission getting less and less power and now will hardly move up a very slight slope. Some people say change the oil for thicker grade but others say waste of time. No drain plug on this thing so would have to take it out and tip upside down to do it properly. I have an engine oil removal electric pump that goes down the dipstick hole in a car but would that be a waste of time, obviously won't get it all out? Looking online I think I may be finding a lot of metal swarf in there. There is a Westwood dealer in UK who sells some new parts for the K46 but I have no idea what I need. What is the issue with these that causes this problem? I have good mechanical skills and a very comprehensive tool kit so doing the work shouldn't be a problem, just need so pointers as to what I should be looking for Thanks Keith Now this is out of action after the first cut of the season it's just as well I have my 73 Raider 12 with 42" deck.............
  7. Hello from Kent UK 512-D owner

    Hi Scott Welcome, I'm in Kent 73 Raider 12
  8. Starter motor

    Hi Neil Not heard of a C126, does it have a Kohler K series engine? I had problems with the starter on my 73 C120 Raider 12. Could not get parts in UK. Then I found this https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/simon-auto selling this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Anlasser-12V-fur-Kohler-Motoren-K211-K301-K321-K341-/400889709395?hash=item5d56e38353 Ordered one (it come from Germany) arrived very quickly. Had it a couple of years now and my WH does a lot of work. Absolutely perfect. Not quiute identical to the old one but unless you're into shows does it matter, the beast starts! BTW for belts I use http://www.beltingonline.com/ excellent service, the belts I've had for my WH and the Westwood have all been Continental (a la tyres), the WH ones lasted longer than the Toro belts. Easy to order but they are very helpful if you ring them. Best to have the WH part number though Hope this helps Keith Kent
  9. 42"RD mower deck

    Hi, I have bought a 42"Rd mower deck to fit on my 73 Raider 12. The deck came from a C105 which I believe was made 1980-83. It has grease fittings in the center of each pulley. I need to get a spare deck belt (the one on the deck that links the spindles not the one from the PTO). I have looked through the manuals section and I'm not sure what model deck I have. Maybe it's a 9542MR02? Tried looking for 42"RD in the manuals but some say they fit non C series. Essentially I need the belt number but it would be good to have the parts diagram downloaded Thanks in advance Keith
  10. Raider 12 exhaust

    Hi all, not a new member on here by any means but I need an answer from UK based members please. My 1973 Raider 12 needs a new exhaust muffler, it has the one that bends down and exits horizontally. It's rusted and leaks. I have an intermittent problem with the carb float needle sticking and fuel leaks over the exhaust pipe. I'm sure I can fix this but it would be better if the exhaust pipe went upwards, stack style, away from any leaking fuel. Also wouldn't need removing when access to the contact points is required. So what UK car exhaust do I need to buy. Obviously can cut it down with angle grinder etc if needed. Obviously a Toro muffler would be great but the cost of getting one from the States is prohibitive and unnecessary. The machine is a worker not a showpiece so don't need a fancy chrome one and it lives inside so no top flap needed
  11. Deck bearing

    Dave That was so quick! And so much useful info on that sheet that I didn't have like the torque settings Thank you Keith
  12. Deck bearing

    Hi, I have a 73 C120 with a 5/0721 36" RD deck. This is fitted with the 103119 bearings. Should these bearings be fitted into the housing with the longer or the shorter part of the shaft to the top! if have a suspicion that I may have one fitted the wrong way around Thanks Keith Kent England
  13. Raider 12 drive belt

    Hi. I see that like me you are in UK. I have a 73 Raider 12. You can go to your local Toro dealer and order the belt which as said above is 7473. I use these guys, they are far cheaper http://www.beltingonline.com/ They are based in Poole Dorset. They are very helpful. On the website you will find V belts click on that you will find "Help identifying belts" Use this to find the right belt. The belts that they supply seen to last at least as long as the Toro ones
  14. C120 steering replacement

    OK i've got it now. The top pic that Kelly put up is what we Brits call a split pin. What we mean by a cotter pin is typically used to hold the pedal cranks of a bicycle onto the crank. It is cylindrical with a wedge shape flat, hammered into the hole and secured with a nut. Although I haven't played with pedal bikes for many years so I expect its all changed I wonder what you guys call that! Anyway I looked it up on Wikipedia and this goes some way to explaining our cross -Atlantic confusion; Cotter pin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cotter pin may refer to: In U.S. usage: Split pin, a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation used to fasten metal together, like with a staple or rivet Hairpin cotter pin, more commonly known as an "R-clip" Bowtie cotter pin, a vibration-proof type of R-clip that is shaped like a bowtie Circle cotter, a ring-shaped cotter pin In British usage: Cotter (pin), in mechanical engineering a pin or wedge passing through a hole to fix parts tightly together This usage difference is often a cause of confusion when companies of both countries work together. or when people discuss things on the Wheelhorse Forum
  15. C120 steering replacement

    Thanks for all your replies which are a great help. Off with the engine it is then. The fan gear is very very worn and the one off the C101 is all in good condition. My axle is very sloppy, the pin is worn and possibly the axle beam as well, but the ones off the C101 are in good shape. Unfortunately although the previous owner of my C120 told me that the tractor has loads of grease points, he neglected to tell me that he'd never greased any of them. That was my impression once I started doing a bit of maintenance anyway. Don, Sorry I don't know what a Carter key is. Do you mean what is listed on the Wheelhorse parts list as a Cotter pin, looks like it holds the fan gear onto the lower shaft?