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  1. 42"RD mower deck

    Hi, I have bought a 42"Rd mower deck to fit on my 73 Raider 12. The deck came from a C105 which I believe was made 1980-83. It has grease fittings in the center of each pulley. I need to get a spare deck belt (the one on the deck that links the spindles not the one from the PTO). I have looked through the manuals section and I'm not sure what model deck I have. Maybe it's a 9542MR02? Tried looking for 42"RD in the manuals but some say they fit non C series. Essentially I need the belt number but it would be good to have the parts diagram downloaded Thanks in advance Keith
  2. Raider 12 exhaust

    Hi all, not a new member on here by any means but I need an answer from UK based members please. My 1973 Raider 12 needs a new exhaust muffler, it has the one that bends down and exits horizontally. It's rusted and leaks. I have an intermittent problem with the carb float needle sticking and fuel leaks over the exhaust pipe. I'm sure I can fix this but it would be better if the exhaust pipe went upwards, stack style, away from any leaking fuel. Also wouldn't need removing when access to the contact points is required. So what UK car exhaust do I need to buy. Obviously can cut it down with angle grinder etc if needed. Obviously a Toro muffler would be great but the cost of getting one from the States is prohibitive and unnecessary. The machine is a worker not a showpiece so don't need a fancy chrome one and it lives inside so no top flap needed
  3. Deck bearing

    Dave That was so quick! And so much useful info on that sheet that I didn't have like the torque settings Thank you Keith
  4. Deck bearing

    Hi, I have a 73 C120 with a 5/0721 36" RD deck. This is fitted with the 103119 bearings. Should these bearings be fitted into the housing with the longer or the shorter part of the shaft to the top! if have a suspicion that I may have one fitted the wrong way around Thanks Keith Kent England
  5. Raider 12 drive belt

    Hi. I see that like me you are in UK. I have a 73 Raider 12. You can go to your local Toro dealer and order the belt which as said above is 7473. I use these guys, they are far cheaper http://www.beltingonline.com/ They are based in Poole Dorset. They are very helpful. On the website you will find V belts click on that you will find "Help identifying belts" Use this to find the right belt. The belts that they supply seen to last at least as long as the Toro ones
  6. C120 steering replacement

    OK i've got it now. The top pic that Kelly put up is what we Brits call a split pin. What we mean by a cotter pin is typically used to hold the pedal cranks of a bicycle onto the crank. It is cylindrical with a wedge shape flat, hammered into the hole and secured with a nut. Although I haven't played with pedal bikes for many years so I expect its all changed I wonder what you guys call that! Anyway I looked it up on Wikipedia and this goes some way to explaining our cross -Atlantic confusion; Cotter pin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Cotter pin may refer to: In U.S. usage: Split pin, a metal fastener with two tines that are bent during installation used to fasten metal together, like with a staple or rivet Hairpin cotter pin, more commonly known as an "R-clip" Bowtie cotter pin, a vibration-proof type of R-clip that is shaped like a bowtie Circle cotter, a ring-shaped cotter pin In British usage: Cotter (pin), in mechanical engineering a pin or wedge passing through a hole to fix parts tightly together This usage difference is often a cause of confusion when companies of both countries work together. or when people discuss things on the Wheelhorse Forum
  7. C120 steering replacement

    Thanks for all your replies which are a great help. Off with the engine it is then. The fan gear is very very worn and the one off the C101 is all in good condition. My axle is very sloppy, the pin is worn and possibly the axle beam as well, but the ones off the C101 are in good shape. Unfortunately although the previous owner of my C120 told me that the tractor has loads of grease points, he neglected to tell me that he'd never greased any of them. That was my impression once I started doing a bit of maintenance anyway. Don, Sorry I don't know what a Carter key is. Do you mean what is listed on the Wheelhorse parts list as a Cotter pin, looks like it holds the fan gear onto the lower shaft?
  8. C120 steering replacement

    Thanks for that, good news on the carb. The machine that I am robbing the parts from is a C101 which I have decided is not economically repairable. The engine (which is a Kohler 10hp) has a broken rod. The engine is already off and I have removed the front axle. Ther rear engine mount crossbar is still bolted to the frame,I can't see how to get the steering shaft out. That is not a problem to take off to remove the shaft, I just wondered if I can fit the bits to my Raider 12 without removing the engine, it would save a lot of work.Tomorrow I'll take a pic and post it up here. I have already checked that the steering shafts on the C120 and the C101 are the same part numbers
  9. C120 steering replacement

    Hi I need to replace the lower steering shaft on my 72 C120 Raider 12. Am I right in thinking that I need to remove the motor in order to do this please? Also the carb is a bit worn out and I have a Kohler 10hp from a Raider 12 with a carb that appears to be much less worn. Is it a straight swop or are the jets different. I've looked at some Kohler charts and they appear to be the same.
  10. Cutter Deck V Belt

    Hi Andrew Don't know if you've got the belts yet but I use these guys for belts, good quality and good prices. http://www.beltingonline.com/ Keith
  11. Hello from UK

    Hi Stigian, I'm near Pluckley, I see that you're the guy with the Raider 20. I didn't go but my wife took the grandson to the tractor fest August 2013 and came back with pics of it. Highly impressive machine!! I have been a member on the Wheelhorse forum since 2008 and its been very useful, notably Gary West without whose knowledge and help my Wheelhorse would be long gone. But that site doesn't seem to have much activity, unlike this one. I just cannot believe what a lot of nice enthusiastic people on here! Horse 46 I haven't got a patent on the plywood snow plow so feel free. Drill a hole in the board 1/2 way up the rad grille and tie it on very loosely, the board needs to move up and down a few inches. The drill another near the top, I tied a nylon belt through this and tie it onto the mower lift lever near the top, run the strap along the top of the bonnet. You just need two more holes near the bottom and tied loosley with rope to keep the thing somewhere in the middle. So as you move backwards raise the board and lower it when you go forward. It look completely rubbish but I have used this over several winters to clear mine and my neighbours drive clear. It also has the advantage that it doesn't damage my brick friveway Neil No that snow was 3 years ago!!
  12. Hello from UK

    Hi Anglo Traction Thanks for that, here's another snow clearing pic Also I needed to scarify my lawns to remove all the old dead grass so I hired a machine, soon got fed up pushing it so attached it to the horse and towed it backwards. Needed ear protection! Then I used the sweeper on my Westwood to pick it all up
  13. Hello from UK

    Hi all I'm Keith from Kent in the garden of England. Had my 72 Raider 12 for 7 years, use it for cutting 2 acres of grass meadow the 36 RD deck has no rust but I've replaced all the bearings with ones from The OEM Parts Store. Also use it for hauling a couple of trailors I have, the little old beast is happy pulling 8CWT of logs across a field or close on a ton of sand on smooth ground. Have broken the trailor a couple of times. We don't get the amount of snow in southern UK that you guys get so I don't have a plow or a blower but a bit of ply with a couple of bungees and ropes does the job for me, it works a lot better than you might expect, It looked like this when we moved here[ attachment=51797:DSCN0908.JPG] But after a lick of paint and a lube I never want this to look like a showpiece, I'd be worried to get it dirty. A few weeks ago I got a 79 C121, quite a lot of rust on the thinner tinware, it has a Kohler 10hp with a broken rod. Not sure what to do with it, I may swap the steering with mine as its less worn and sell it on EBay
  14. I'm wondering how to extend wheel horse frames

    Why not convert to 6X6 as well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9Ow4WoN4Gk