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  1. I need some wiring help. I am swapping a Kohler CV16S from a Scotts (JD) in to a Crapsman YT 3000 that formerly had A Briggs engine. PO of Crapsman forgot the part about checking oil regularly. PO of Scotts changed engine oil but didn't own a grease gun thuse entire front steering gear trashed. Before you start throwing things at the screen, the resulting franken tractor (Scottsman CraftDeere?) is being donated for use in maintenance of a city park in the Mexican Town area of Detroit. The company I work for donates time, people, and a storage area for park maintenance tools and equipment. Owner is Hispanic and doe gobs of stuff for the community both personally and through our company. On to the question. I need to marry up the Kohler engine wiring with the Craftsman chassis wiring. The Craftsman chassis has the following wires coming to the molex connector that used to connect to the Briggs engine. Chassis Blue - Connected to Grey from the Briggs Chassis Blue jumperd to second hole connector - Connected to Red From the Briggs Chassis Black and Black with white stripe - both to same connector hole - Connected to Black from the Briggs Chassis Orange - Connected to Orange from the briggs Chassis White - this wire did not connect to anything on the briggs Kohler engine has the following wires coming from the engine going to Molex connector 2 Red - both go to same connection point Yellow Black White Can anyone tell me which Kohler engine wire goes to which Craftsman Chassis wire? Free Scotts Chassis with hydro (it would be a roller if the front axles weren't trashed) to whom ever can sort this out. Thanks, Paul
  2. Funny green and yellow tractor

    Where is it at? I'm up in Petoskey right now and the little woman is up a few $ at the casino. I could drag it home with me behind the Lexus and at least put a tarp over it so people quit pointing and laughing.
  3. Need Opinon On 416-8 Purchase

    Steve I have a 416-8 with an Onan that is my worker (snow plow, mower, log puller, fence stretcher, dead man, go cart) and I love it. It had a few less hours, I paid almost $800 and the tin is kinda banged up. You will not be disappointed with that Stallion leading your herd. You didn't say if any implements come with it but for the price I paid I got a blade, a mower deck in reasonably good shape and a brand new set of mower blades. It can't hurt to start with a low $ offer. You can always go $ up. Personally it has never turned out well trying to go $ down.
  4. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    My wife named all of mine 'Dog Horses' because she can never remember Wheel Horse, or they are all collectively known as "The Junk in the Back Yard" I just call them My Little Red Tractors.
  5. Overcrowded garage

    For anyone searching for a lift similar the one Stevebo has look up 'Walkie Stacker' they are made in both electric and manual models. Our Iron Workers use them to hoist steel, particularly in rehab work in areas where the floor will not support a forklift or a mini cane. Be careful if you are looking at duct hoists like the mechanical contractors use. They generally are rigged with 1/4" cable and have a narrower base and much lower load limits.
  6. New Rescue this weekend!

    Mastiffman Where about in Livonia are you? I live in Redford off of Inkster just north of the tracks by Smede and Son Steel works. I have a 416-8 (onan), 412-8 and a C101 Would like to meet you sometime. Paul
  7. Horses in the sun (Picture heavy)

    Beautiful herd. It would be fun to see them all charging across the field like a line of cavalry.
  8. Happy Sunday, I drug an empty Yaall Haul up to the Michigan Thumb and a 312 jumped in and wouldn't get out. It followed me all the way home. Mom said I could keep it if I cleaned it up and found a place to store it out of her sight. I saw this Horse sitting by the side of the road up near China TWP, Michigan when I was headed to a pre-bid walk thru at a natural gaspumping station near China. Have you ever stood on top of 4 billion Cu Ft of compressed natural gas? I stopped and knocked on the door but there was no answer so I left a business card with a note that I was interested in the tractor in his front yard. 4 hours later after I had returned to Detroit the owner called me and said he would sell it. Long story short another trip to China with a trailer and a hand full of twenties, ten of them actually, and it was mine. He also threw in an aftermarket seat that wasn't all torn up, which may go on my C101 when I get to restoring it, and a Brinley thatch rake. Here are the particulars- ID 2112K804 20067 The other number is not readable. 1058 Hours on the meter, Three out of 4 tires hold air, none of them are dry rotted or weather checked. There is a minor electrical glitch. The parking brake warning light stays on until you turn the key on then it goes out. In the meantime it drains the battery. The steering seems to be to be tight and the engine starts right up and runs strong. Do all of the Kohler magnums idle extremely slow? The transmission is full of brownish glop that will get drained as soon as I get a chance. And the engine is up to the full line with black tar looking sludge. It was raining today when I got home so didn't have much chance to mess with it. Will post more when the sun comes out and I can give him a bath and tear into it a little. Right now he is in the back yard sleeping under the tarp with his big brother 416.
  9. New here and need some info

    Well you definitely started off correctly. "I have just inherited probably 50-75 old Horses of all sizes" and I'm a John Deere guy, along with those pictures is a great way to win friends and influence people, especially here. Wow do you vacation in Michigan and drive a large truck with a big trailer? Seriously you will find any information you will need here. This is an amazing bunch of very knowledgeable people.
  10. I would call that joy riding and you didn't have to steal it to go for the ride. ......You didn't steal it right???
  11. Been lurking Time for Introductions

    Hillbilly thanks for the part #. I live about 15 minutes from the local Toro dealer. I will have to pay him a visit
  12. Decisions,Decisions

    I can be of no help here. My truck and my horses live outside. The horses are wrapped snug in pretty blue or green blankets that I buy for cheap at Harbor Freight. Wife's grand-ma turned garage into a hobby room eons ago. Now it is our wood shop
  13. Who's out in the snow today?

    Will be out in a bit. looks like about 2" on the ground and there is 4 to 8 coming.
  14. Good Snowy morning! Lurking newbie to the forum. I know Redpaul does not seem very original for a moniker but I come by it honestly. I live in Redford Michigan, I drive a Red Ford Pick-up, I went to college at the University of Nebraska (Go Big Red), and most important I have 3 red horses. Also you may have guessed that my favorite color is red. You're wrong its purple, but I'm not perfect. I proudly own and spend happy seat time on an Onan powered 416 with a 48" SD deck. The sound of this tractor almost brings me the same response as the sound of my '69 Firebird 400 did back in 1983 BM (Before Marriage). I also have a plow blade which is going to work on the first few inches of snow in about an hour. I own, and hide under a tarp, a complete but trashed C101 with an RD deck, and a 12-38 XL with a frozen engine. I am going to rebuild the 12-38 for my grandson and grand daughters. By the time it's done they will be old enough to drive it. The C101 is for my wife so she could help mow and maintain 1.75 acres of grass and trees (Yeah right!) She said I can keep the old "lawn mowers" for myself. She is another work in process. I have very much enjoyed the information that is offered here. I know as I get into my project horses I can count on expert help and I hope I can start adding insight for others with the same developing or well developed addiction. I will post pictures but I am having problems rounding up the herd into one spot. I have a Catahoula Cur (AKA Catahoula Leopard Dog) which is a breed used for herding hogs. I guess that hogs are all they will herd as he is scared to death of my horses and no help at all. Now to my first question: Has anyone had any luck straightening out the ribbed section of a 400 series hood? Previous owner like to get drunk and show off his expensive toy, however; do to severe whiskey-vision he had a tendency to run into trees, bushes, his deck... pretty much anything that couldn't run away. (According to his ex wife who sold me the machine) Question #2: I need an idea for a cup holder for the 416. Obviously WH did not ask for guidance from the Doge Van guys (9 cup holders +) when figuring out the operator ergonomic niceties. I need a place for a cold adult beverage in the summer and an Irish coffee in the winter. Oh wait ..... whiskey vision, white out conditions, mailbox post....