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  1. Want to build a wooden platform

    If you didn't already have some way to lift the tractor up, I had an idea to use a small winch to pull a tractor up a ramp onto the shelf. This would be more for a setup where you had the tractors lined up front to back.
  2. July 4th Original Cast Wheel Weights Find

    Maybe someone just painted them black, did you try to see if they are another color underneath the black? I have a pair like the white weights in the picture, with the 4 bolt holes.
  3. Really nice work. I like everything about this tractor, its great! Are you happy with the km 123 seat? I was looking at that same one for my mowing tractor, a 520h. Also I wish I knew of a place to get parts plated like you had done.
  4. Winsun Diesel

    Where is a good place to buy these engines? Just browsing around for now, I may consider something like this later on.
  5. Points plunger question

    I know this isnt an oil topic, but I wanted to add that Shell Rotella T1 30W is a good choice also. I have bought it at walmart, although it will be on sale sometimes at the auto stores. It may not be stocked at all walmarts, my local dosen't have it, but the next closest one does.
  6. New Harbor Freight V-Twin Horozontal Engine Manual

    I was wondering about the crank bearings also. And the engine looks rather tall and with a low crank height, so If you had to raise it up off the frame some then it might be too high to clear the hood. It is usually okay on an item with normal in the store sale price and use a 20% or 25% off coupon with them. I think you would not be able to use the coupons on something that was a "special sale", like a clearance on a scratch and dent item, or using 2 coupons on one item such a item sale coupon plus the 20% off coupon, ect.
  7. Ignition condenser on P series Onan's

    Thanks Martin for the info. And I had forgotten about the demystify guide, btw maybe I am going nuts but I don't remember the demystify guide being that detailed with part numbers and all, was there an older version or something I may be thinking of? Also I found it interesting that they list this condenser with the air cleaner group and not the ignition group in the toro mpv, guess because it mounts on the air cleaner bracket.
  8. I have been wondering what the condenser does on these onan's with the electronic ignitions. I understand what a condenser is and what it does for a points ignition. If I had to guess I would say it just conditions or cleans up any voltage spikes in the wiring near the ignition components. I have not been able to find anything in writing about it. An additional question would be what would happen if it went bad or was not connected.
  9. I took the engine to a shop to get the valves and seats ground / cut. They should be doing it sometime this week. Hopefully everything goes well, and I hope the seats don't decide to come loose anytime soon after having put this work into it. I have been thinking about a problem I had with a slight vibration in this engine the last half of the mowing season last year (I had even started a post here about it). I never did find anything more about that and now I'm wondering if it could have been leaking valves causing an unbalance between the two cylinders. I had checked the compression and I don't recall what it was exacty, but at the time I didn't think it too far off.
  10. I'm back to report what I have found working on the Onan. Everything came apart well, but I had to take some time with a couple of the bolts working them in and out with pb blaster. I noticed the edge of one of the exhaust heat shields was starting to wear a groove into the intake manifold, but it did not look like it was worn all the way through but could be getting close. I plan to trim the heat shield some and put some jb weld or something on the intake. It looks like one of the intake valve oil seals was leaking because that port was much more oily than the other one, I am glad I have the new oil seals. I did not think there was alot of carbon build up in there at first, but after cleaning everything I guess there was a fair amount. It took awhile to clean and what was on there was really hard. I was really hoping to put the engine back together in the next couple days, but I think I need the valves and seats machined. When I hold the intake valves against the seats and shine a small bright light down into the port I can see light between the valve and seat. When I do the same with the exhaust valves no light can be seen.
  11. 520 HC Added Aux. Fuel Tank

    Looks good! I'd like to do something like that also.
  12. Thanks for the info, sorry I did mean the oil filter mounting base, not oil cooler, I just said that out of habit from working on various cars that have those. I've had the tins off before to clean, not too bad there, and I already have the belt cover vented. I had not thought of the valve seals, thanks sorekiwi for bringing that up.
  13. Hello all, I am soon going to decarbon and adjust valves on my Onan in a 97 520 with 1000 hrs. I bought the tractor a few years ago with around 800 hrs. I have been reading to see if there are some other things I should look at or replace at this time. Any input or comments welcome on the following or any other issues? 1. replacing the gasket for the oil cooler, 2. heard somewhere about replacing a spring that regulates the oil pressure ? 3. something about sealing leaks on the two peice intake manifolds? 4. I'd also like to clean the carb while its off, is there a standard kit for that or just some individual gaskets needed? thanks
  14. The fit between the id of the sleeve and the crankshaft seems to be good. I have not measured the od of the sleeve, but just looking at it and feeling it there does not seem to be a worn area where the bearing runs compared to the part where the bearing does not contact. I guess it is hard to say how much is a little bit of play on something like this. I was just wondering if a little bit might be normal.
  15. On the PTO bell where it rides on the crankshaft on the large needle bearing, should there be some play there when moving it by hand? I have a few and they all have some play in them.