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  1. Probably a step up down transformer and a buck boost transformer.
  2. Terry, I hope you are having a great day! Jay
  3. I finally finished my lathe project except for painting the stand and putting it it's permanent location. I have been using it some and now I am ready to get back on wheel horse projects again.
  4. Steve I hope you have a great day!
  5. Happy Birthday Denny

    Happy Birthday Denny. I hope you had a great day!
  6. Happy Birthday Lola

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Vinylguy I hope you had a great day!
  7. Happy Birthday Howard

    Happy belated Birthday Howard I hope you had a great day!
  8. Happy belated Birthday Professor I hope you had a great day!
  9. Happy Birthday Bert!

    Happy belated Birthday Bert I hope you had a great day!
  10. Happy Birthday Aldon

    Happy belated Birthday Aldon I hope you had a great day!.
  11. I agree with above. Studs and lug nuts, custom stacks and rear hydraulics. Only one tractor for reference and it's not complete.lol
  12. I hope you had a great day!
  13. Happy Birthday formariz

    I hope you have a great day!
  14. I have used acetone and lacquer thinner and I think lacquer thinner works better. I use the plastic coffee containers with a lid to slow down evaporation.
  15. Nice Suprise!

    The only part I had in this was I asked @19richie66 if he would be ok with shipping it to @WHX20 instead of me. You sent me some cables a while back and I owed you shipping on those and You got my cards at the big show and traded cards for me. I also was told @Coulter Caleb worked hard trading cards for me. I had 21 cards traded and wasn't even there. I want to thank all who had a hand in helping make this happen. Jay