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  1. I may not get this one home.

    If it were up to him he would have them all. lol I told him the Ranger was for the smaller kids to ride. He said it fits him perfect.
  2. I may not get this one home.

    My Son and @19richie66 Richie made this deal happen for me. Richie asked if I was interested in this Ranger and some other parts and a K301. Richie went above and beyond to work out the logistics to get this to me. I could not meet him but my Son didn't mind making the 2.5 hour one way trip to meet Richie. Now I just have to convince my Grandson it needs Grandpa's tlc.
  3. I can only get 2 radio stations so I have a radio / cd player. If the radio station wont tune in i throw in a cd. When I start hearing myself sing I'll restart the cd.
  4. My grandsons took the gas tank and front wheels off the 854 6 speed at Christmas. They got the tank back on then. Today I removed the steering wheel and shaft and reinstalled the steering shaft and and an original steering wheel. Put new bearings in the front wheels and installed a good carburetor. This is the steering wheel that came on it.
  5. Happy Birthday Grinchsr

    I hope you have a great day!
  6. I would much rather fish for catfish. I like bass fishing but not as much. I like to relax and take a nap when I fish.
  7. What works for me is my 854 3 speed for most work. 854 6 speed for heavier work. Modified raider 12 6 speed with rear hydraulic lift for everything else. My advice is study what you want to do with them and go from there. You will soon find that each one will have a dedicated use so three may not be enough.
  8. I have only removed 3 and the best way I have found is a hydraulic press.
  9. Happy Birthday Dell

    I hope you have a great day!
  10. Sorry to hear about this Bob. Maybe a couple extra weeks would be better
  11. I hope you had a great day!
  12. I use a similar method as Achto but I drill the exhaust holes on one side of the baffle and the intake on the opposite side. Makes the sound a little quieter.
  13. Can you identify this Wheel Horse?

    My 69 Raider 12 had a hood like that.
  14. Dennis I hope you had a great day!