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  1. Felony Green

    WOW! And I thought my first 854 needed rescued.
  2. Happy Birthday WHX12

    At the rate he is going that will be about 1- 2 years. @WHX12 If that's what I get for my 58th I am looking forward to next year's birthday!
  3. Looks good Ed glad I could help. Lol. Mine takes more effort than that but I figure I cut the weight by 2/3 anyway.
  4. Happy Birthday WHX12

    Jim, have a good day!
  5. I need to do a few odds and ends like brackets and belt guide tabs but the belt guard is almost ready for tear down and paint.
  6. This is also in my plans for this trailer. I was going to use 1x2 tube and 3 1" bullet hinges. I would like to see what you did. Jay
  7. pin holes in 48" deck

    It looks like all the pinholes and the scrape are confined to a small area. If you choose to weld it I would suggest cutting the area of thin rusted metal out and weld in a patch plate.
  8. I have been looking already. And I'm beefing up the gate as well. The top spring mounts also serve as 1/2" rod gate stops.
  9. Looking good Aldon. Those big tires should handle anything you want it to.
  10. I finished the exhaust, muffler and support bracket. Started on the belt guard.
  11. As promised. Tailgate down.
  12. It's actually a set of porch swing springs.
  13. It's just above center so it just makes the gate lighter. It is close though. I was wanting to keep them as low and short as I could. I'll add another picture tomorrow with the gate down.
  14. 400 suburban project

    Looks like a finished project.
  15. Early Pageant of Steam pics

    Cool pictures! Thanks for sharing.