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  1. Great pictures thanks for sharing.
  2. Thank you Mrs. Rules for sharing the great pictures.
  3. I found one hood. Or I should say a member with a hood found me. Just waiting for the ins companies to finish arguing about who is gonna pay me. Then the adjuster and.I may have to get in the ring. Time will tell. In the meantime all I can do is wait first them to give me the go to see the damage under the hoods. What kind can see for sure is one gas tank, 1 carb, one filter backplate and cover, one hood beyond repair and 1 hood that may be repairable. The damage to the trailer is repairable so if it gets totaled the owner is going to let me have it for the salvage price.
  4. If all goes as planned it will be a 6 speed, 12 hp, long frame round hood with foot conrolled hydraulic lift.
  5. I need to find the hoods because I'm the bodyman and no artist. lol
  6. Believe it or not I really didn't feel that way. I'm more concerned with finding the hoods. I have experience now so the next ones will be more fun.
  7. I now have a 12hp motor. Just need to check it out and change the oil pan. @953 nut brought me one to the Also will repaint before final installation. And picked up a belt guard to use as a pattern to make a custom fit guard.
  8. Sunday morning in Roanoke, Va. More pictures of 854s damage.
  9. Thanks Mike. I appreciate it. I will keep you informed. Thank God no one was hurt. I have a year to repair them and finish my current build. They may be hoodless but they will be as far as I can go. lol
  10. I got rear ended coming home from the big show. ( See 2 New Projects thread.) PM, email, or call 404 308 6878 if you have anything. Thanks, Jay
  11. Very nice. I'm going to check timing on both of mine while I have them tore down.
  12. I just got back from the insurance company. The lady that hit me has the same insurer. If they use our local claim adjuster I may be in luck. He also restores old tractors. I had 2 body shops look at it and they both said they could not give an estimate on parts they would have to rely on his knowledge. Once they have the replacement parts they could estimate body work and paint.
  13. As far as the trailer I think heavier latch pins would have slowed it down some. They snapped like shear pins. Then the trailer bumper should have been heavy channel instead of 3/16 angle.
  14. All parties are ok. My wife had just started driving about 5 min before it happened. She said she will never pull a trailer again. It happened on 85 near Spartenburg, SC. A woman In a Nissan SUV hit the trailer and a girl in a Tacoma hit the Nissan which hit the trailer again. Im also curious to see what the adjuster says.
  15. I will be looking for an 854 gas tank and 2 854 hoods in the near future. I will post in the classifieds but I needed to know if anyone has one or all of these items for sale to give a number to the insurance adjuster. Thanks, Jay.