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  1. They are standard jic fittings. I took the original fittings to a hydraulic shop and purchased the 2 port sizes I needed then had the hoses made to custom length.
  2. The hydraulic hoses I had made fit pretty good. I figured I had better install them before I installed the battery and that also gives them a chance to form before I put pressure on them. I left the tank open to let the sealer cure a few more days.
  3. just saying hi

    Good to see another member from Georgia.
  4. Anything 854

    Have you checked A-Z Tractors?
  5. My GT14

    Looks like a nice cut to me.
  6. I had to get creative for the 30 amp bus on the fuse block. Wiring is done except fuel pump and light switch.
  7. Newby

  8. I may be closer than I thought. I started final assembly today after I prepped and sealed the hydraulic tank. That needs to cure 4.or 5 days before I add hydraulic oil. Also prepped and sealed the new 854 tank while I was at it.
  9. My GT14

    Looking good Richie. Looking forward to seeing the exhaust. Jay
  10. 1977 B80 won't turn over, no spark

    Losing 12 volt somewhere. Ignition switch or a safety swtch?
  11. non-K241AS engine that will swap into c-100

    I don't know what type engine is what. But if you could post a picture maybe that would help. If you have the same engine I have the bolts that mount the engine come up from the bottom. I have a small block and could have used a shallow pan and shorten the oil slinger and less modifications would have been required. But my property is sloped so I opted for the deep sump.
  12. I hope to be started paint before cold weather. Just need to seal the hydraulic tank, rebuild the battery tray, rework the wiring, and fill the hydraulic system to give it a test run.
  13. Old topic,,,,what i discovered

    This tractor was done in Regal Red.
  14. Light mounting brackets welded on and main electrical components mounted. Solenoid mounted on the backside.