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  1. ST-326 chain replacement

    I finally got a chance to work on it today. It only took a few minutes and went together real nice and easy. Thanks again pfrederi! And I remembered to put the link in how Garry suggested. Let it snow.
  2. ST-326 chain replacement

    Thank you Garry, I didn't know that and never would have even thought of it. I bought this snowblower used about 1986 and other than replacing the belt and regular maintenance I've never had to do anything to it.
  3. ST-326 chain replacement

    Thank you pfrederi, I didn't realize that was slotted, that should make life a lot easier. If it's not raining tomorrow I'll give it a try. I think we may be in for an early winter.
  4. Two years ago my chain fell off my ST-326 snow blower. I put it back on and the first time I used it last year it broke. I have a new chain and it is cut to length, should I put it back on and try to put the repair link on then, which I have tried several times with no success, or is there a way to put the chain back on after the link is attached without damaging it?
  5. Dealer List

    I used to work at a dealership in Middlefield Ohio. It was H&H Hardware. I don't remember the dates it opened or closed. There is one that is still open, I believe, in Brookfield, Ohio. (Trumbull, County) It is called Galati sales and service.