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  1. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    "It's a RPM reduction" Figured that but I couldn't quite make it out. And through the trans. I'm thinking it most go pretty slow then.
  2. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Pretty tight in there between the engine and trans. I was curious about the chain and sprocket before and now I'm still curious... Does look like the drive shaft was cut. Make sense that it was. Still really neat! Good job Mike! Thanks for the extra pics!
  3. New Red Tractor to Me

  4. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    I wouldn't be surprised if it were all out of an old Chrysler/Dodge truck. But I'd sure like to know. Someone here will direct us out of our darkness!
  5. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    I'd love for someone to id the drive train and steering box. You took some good shots but more would be better. Maybe some close-ups of both sides between the engine and trans. And does the short drive shaft look original and not cut down? It does to me. Maybe originally it went to a PTO? I think how they rolled the hood was clever. No snow there???
  6. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Mike, looks like that drive train could handle 200 horse power! Belt to the tranny but heavy shaft drive from there on Parking brake Nicely done hydraulic brake system Hydraulic pump/lift system heavy duty steering box Really well thought out but all but certainly homemade. I can't but there's others here that could recognize the cut down read-end, drive shaft and tranny. Probably the steering box too. Could be a Panzer rear end, which I think were cut down Chrysler rears. I'd go look but they're covered in snow. Hey! Maybe it's a prototype that the Ponds put together and just couldn't scrounge up enough junk yard parts to produce a line! I lightened the shadows a little bit, but I ran out of resolution to do anymore with it. Thanks for taking the time to gather several great photos and sharing!
  7. Happy Birthday Fred

    Happy Birthday!
  8. My C100 Drawbar Pin Removal EDITED 18 March

    Oh my! I had one that I thought wasn't coming out. I had to heat it more than I wanted but an oxy/acet will put a lot more BTUs on it in a hurry. It came out. Looking at what you had to do makes me real glad that it did!
  9. New Red Tractor to Me

    Love the Toro in the front but how about a full pic of the one in the back?
  10. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    Indeed! And well put! In 1985 a Wheel Horse was just a dream to me. There was no way I could afford one! I bought my used Power King instead. By the way, another of the great tractors that are still tremendous bargains today! I suppose we could add that the foreign dollar and imports, Kubota and others, put a hurting on Wheel Horse as well. Anyone who wanted garden tractor and could afford a Wheel Horse could consider a SCUT or even a CUT. Wheel Horse filled a market that turned into a niche market and got smaller and smaller. Perhaps they considered entering the SCUT market, but back then would that have been a good investment with the existing competition? Long live the Wheel Horse name!
  11. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    My opinion: Surely, we can all agree that Wheel Horse did NOT fail because the equipment was unworthy. I think that zero turns ate away their lawn mowing market. That supermarkets ate away their garden growing market. That what was left had some pretty stiff competition. Perhaps Wheel Horse could have continued to some extent for a while but I also suppose that Toro's board members decided that their dollars could generate a better return elsewhere. They were probably right. I remember saving Wheel Horse brochures back in the mid 1980s thinking maybe, just maybe someday I would own one. Maybe not a new one but I would at least have a Wheel Horse. Now I have a dozen or more! Ain't America great! I also have to remind myself that I practically stole most of them and I'd be lucky to have just one if I had to buy it new! Especially adjusted for inflation! I'm very happy that they were so good, lasted so long and impressed enough of us to have such collections of tractors, implements, parts and this forum! My opinion...
  12. electric hydraulic pump

    Did you ever do anything with the pumps?
  13. 270H for plowing?

    Old thread, but... Any tips? I just bought one that needs a drive belt.
  14. Need opinions on rear discharge deck?

    Yep! Indeed. If you have to rake anyway the SD would be preferable though I find that during high growth rates the sun is hot enough that if I mow early enough I can just mow over the cut grass after it's dried and be done with it. Sometimes even without waiting
  15. Need opinions on rear discharge deck?

    Really liked my 36". Can trim close with either side. Doesn't blow trimmings into the drive or sidewalk. Never seen anything do a good job on too tall grass...