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  1. Soda blaster question

    Vinegar doesn't get its due credit as a rust remover! It not as fast as muriatic our phosphoric but if you are soaking it sure is safer & far cheaper. Don't forget your pieces though! They might disappear if left too long!
  2. I think I got mine from HF...
  3. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    When I first joined I noticed some "Squonk" posts & early on said to myself this fellow knows something. I'll keep an eye out for his posts. I certainly can't verify "10,000 Intelligent Posts" but I can for several! Keep posting!
  4. Check out these honkin lights!

    More info please?
  5. Don't cut anything over your bed! Those little half moon nibbles are sharp! Seriously, be careful cleaning up the leavings. Great tool though!
  6. Happy birthday muz123

    Late to the party but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  7. What should I pay ?

    Awesome! I have one. Pay very close attention to what "shallowwatersailor" just said! Your Kawasaki might have the plastic cam gear and the word is that it WILL fail. But, it's all fixable with some time and some money. I would LOVE to have the FEL! I think it's worth what the buyer is asking IF your model does NOT have the plastic cam gear. (Heck it might be worth it if it does but get the owner to pay attention to the below!) Here's my notes. Video of replacing cam gear Http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/55095-1998-520-lxi-worker-rehab-survivor/#comment-512059 Steel camshafts replaced the plastic version in production models starting in February 1998 in FD620 engines so this problem does not apply to the following engines. FD620D-CS00 ? Beginning serial 153727 ? John Deere Model F911 FD620D-DS02 ? Beginning serial 149283 ? John Deere Model 425 FD620D-CS01 ? Beginning serial 150198 ? John Deere Model 445 FD620D-ES11 ? Beginning serial 152490 ? John Deere Model 6×4 Gator "In February of 1998, steel camshafts went into all 620D engines. The following engine(s) should have the steel camshaft and stiffer valve springs. FD620D-DS02 with the beginning engine serial number of 149283?" http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/55095-1998-520-lxi-worker-rehab-survivor/?hl= lxi The same motor (basically) was used in the John Deere 425 tractor. I think - you need to verify this independently - that kawasaki changed to a steel camshaft gear in 1998 so I think all Lxi's are free from that affliction. It is my understanding that if the plastic gear fails, you have better than 50% odds that the engine will survive the event without further damage. Lxi models initially came with a plastic cam gear, if hasn't been replaced for the steel one, that will have to be done around 1000 hours or you'll have a mess in the engine

    I think that the comment "break the bond" is why oils work to remove paint from permeable substrates. Oils will slowly penetrate beneath the hard dried paint and give the paint less and less to stick to while making the, in this case, leather more and more pliable. So the substrate flexes and the hardened paint doesn't and slowly from the flexing the two part ways. My 1.5 cents anyway... 1.5 more cents. I'm trying to say, well pretty darned sure, that I don't think the oils chemically breakdown the dried/cured paints but it's a mechanical process that rids the substrate of the offending paint. Oils that I'm familiar with make very lousy paint strippers! So a mechanical process rather than a chemical process of paint removal.
  9. One of those days

    Long, long ago I had ALL of my hand tools stolen! Theft is a different loss than from a storm or fire. There is a definite sense of being violated! Glad that miserable event lead to a good one though!
  10. One of those days

    I wish there was an easy fix, but often that is not the case. Been there on both sides since I sold insurance for a decade and suffered major personal losses as well. Glad there's a quality youngster out there working on the good side! Wishing you the best and it's good you're looking at the brighter side. (or maybe less dim...) By the way, if I've not said it recently, thanks for all your great comments and tips on the forum! Better luck to you!
  11. My GT14

    Man! That's a project! I'd be hard pressed to convince myself that everything would fit. I'd get 90% into it and find out it was actually impossible (or really impractical!)
  12. My GT14

    Power Steering?!?
  13. C160

    Absolutely! Great looking tractor! I remember reading someone commenting that they would never own a "black hood" and I wondered why? A Wheel Horse is a Wheel Horse! Who cares about the hood! Took me awhile, (oh heck I still don't know why he said that!) but I do like the older hoods better for some reason! More like the older farm tractors of my time I suppose. Great looking! Simple! Clean lines! Love 'em! I suppose that helps explain why with all my choices I very often hop on my C-85 (C-81 is sick...). It's such a simple and dependable tractor that sips a bit of gas from time to time, or it just evaporates, don't know but still gets the job done somehow (but it doesn't blow snow!). I do love the older WHs even though I really love the newer ones too! How does a guy decide? Side note. A friend of mine here on the forum, (yes you know how you are!) commented that there was no need to have more than one GT. I think he has 6 or so now! Oh maybe 5! It's not an addiction! But rather a progression of knowledge! <chuckle!> But really! The more you learn that even if there is one best overall, there are different tasks so the more Wheel Horses you need!
  14. C160

    Certainly not arguing at all, but instead just asking for more. Versatility applies to most WH, as does simplicity (odd that it seems that WH was more so than Simplicity itself!) but certainly the C-16X power to size ratio had to be high for that time period, and not just within the breed of WHs. Hadn't thought about the pressure lube and certainly that's a plus especially in some applications like mowing hillsides, but was anything that WH had at that time pressure lube? So I'm thinking that "simplicity" is once again a major "like". Especially compared to a later 520 with all the safety switches, 9 pin molex connectors and on and on. So is "simple guts" a close description of the finer qualities of the biggest WHs of that time? I should note for others that might be reading this that I've been of the opinion that anything over 14hp is mostly not needed in a GT. I don't want everyone thinking they have to have 16HP to have a decent GT. Just ain't so. Though for some tasks, indeed more is better. Snowblowing! More praises of the C-16X? I really enjoy comments like this! I have several GTs including several not listed within my postings but I don't have one of everything so I still enjoy others opinions! I also hope that all of us will continue to share our opinions so newcomers can benefit from ALL of OUR experiences. We may know and know that many of us know but keep in mind that we have a steady influx of those who don't. I love my C-8X because I'm not sure they actually use any gas. Oh I have to put some in sometimes but I'm thinking that's from evaporation. Pretty sure my 520XI actually uses gas. Sometimes I wonder why I'm using it when I could have used one of the C-8Xs! Heck they are all different, not a one of them best, but some shine brighter than others and I still enjoy hearing and sharing. Hope others do as well. I bought my C-161 because it was the biggest of that time but now that I have others bigger, well I like them too. Thanks!
  15. C160

    I own a C-161 so I'm pleased with your comments. But still a bit curious as to why you feel that way. I can certainly understand that it was the best Classic at the time, but WH didn't stand still. They made bigger and I think in some ways better. Simpler? No. Is that a major reason for your comment?