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  1. You found it. "it". One and only.
  2. Many more!
  3. That is nice! I've never even sat on a "D"!
  4. Myself and several others have spent their time offering to help. I'm done now. Good luck with your sale!
  5. It's far too nice to not make it a working Wheel Horse whether with a clevis hitch, dozer blade, blower or deck. All you can do is add to it's value! And we all know one Wheel Horse is just the beginning!
  6. PTO removed? Just not in the picture?
  7. JJB has added a picture to the original/first post so we can look at it now. I see it's not going to do much more than drive around without the PTO but it does have a beverage holder. I can't stress enough that I think most WHs are worth more than they sell for! But I'm going to toss out a price that I think I could find one similar for, or might offer for it if I found it. The rest of the gang can kick it around. $250
  8. Evening out? Evening? Really? Girlfriend? OK! OK! Forget it! Girlfriend's phone number?
  9. I was excited to read about this but after i saw what you bought and what you paid for it I've decided that I don't like you. At all! Oh it's nothing personal & i might get over it but right now? I've got to go pout! Oh! And by the way! You overpaid and i wouldn't pay you twice what you paid. Unless you asked nicely... OK?
  10. I've seen a couple of his videos and he knows some stuff.
  11. But was the 250 really a Wheel Horse?
  12. Ah man that is truly awesome! What a neat and relatively clean mod! Overwhelming... And I suppose disappointing for I fear I will never have one! If somehow Toro or someone could have/would have successfully promoted attachments like this the 5??xi's might still be alive toay! John Deere had more attachments! Not necessarily a better tractor! I want to sincerely thank you for the extra effort to take and post the pictures! You've contributed something special to the forum! If you think you might have missed a shot please post some more! Thanks again!
  13. This a great topic! One of those WH trivia questions that I think very few people know! Now! What's the other WHs that had rear PTOs?
  14. I read this two, three times and kept coming back to it as though I just had to say something about the "marbles in one bag". I certainly think there is an extraordinary amount of talent shown here! A high level of skill! And knowledge! Tools and equipment! But "marbles in one bag"? "Something...'different'"? Don't know but I keep coming back to this and reading it... I've GOT to see the end! Vibrating massage seat with heat I bet!
  15. Some folks who have heard of "Wheel Horse" find one and stop by here to ask "What's it worth?" Some of those folks believe that everything that says "Wheel Horse" is collectible and therefore quite valuable. And while some are valuable I'd venture to say that many of our beloved "Wheel Horses" cost $300 or less (I KNOW most of mine did!)! "Dollar Value" is a tough topic, very variable and I think many of us value them more than their "Market Value" because they are worth more than their "Market Value" because often a $300 WH will outperform and outlast a brand new $3000 new "Box Store" tractor! Doesn't mean we can sell them for more, just that we know they are worth more, well, we know anyways. The really valuable WHs are the rare ones, that you never see! And then only to a select few collectors that can afford them. Many WHs are sought after because they are great values, maybe not great investments. That said, if you would like to know more about your Wheel Horse we would like to know more about it and you! Perhaps we are less interested in being appraisers but rather being kind souls trying to help other "soon to be afflicted!" Wheel Horse Lovers! My 2 1/2 cents. But if you want to know more then post some pics! A "like brand new" common WH does command a better price than a common used one! Oh my! Oh my goodness! I can't believe you said that! And here on this forum! This very forum!!! But I agree. Except you could have mentioned "Sears" (the older Sears Suburbans anyway. Not all Craftsman! But there are some darned good AYP/Craftsman as well!) Oh! And Ariens! Simplicity! Massey Ferguson! Gravely! And...