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    More PICS please!
  2. 244H with Front Blade and 19.5 b&s engine??

    Love my 264H! Love the foot motion control! Great mower. It came with a blower and the PO swore it was great but I've never used it. Downsides are the lack and scarcity of attachments and the weaker Peerless transaxle. I have no concerns about mowing & perhaps I shouldn't have any about blowing or plowing snow but i would about plowing dirt or anything that pushes the trans hard. I hate to suggest a $ value though I would point out that raised hood as a big negative nor would I pay extra for the bigger but nonstock engine. Love the rears but I wouldn't use them on that tractor.
  3. Where do you find tractors and implements?

    Craigslist Wheelhorse Wheel Horse Sometimes just "tractor"
  4. And I thought I only need one tractor.

    "only need one tractor" Odd phrase... Where and why did this phrase originate? What does it mean?
  5. Raines action

    I was guessing "auction"...
  6. Painting wheels?

    I've blasted many an hour and it's rusts worst enemy. But I don't have that big air compressor now... However I did buy a needle scaler years ago but it still needs more CFMs than a have...
  7. pin holes in 48" deck

    Brazing would be my first choice but not everyone has a torch hot enough. A cheap propane torch can solder fine. Got to be clean & rust free though to solder.
  8. Painting wheels?

    How long to just remove the rust?
  9. somethings are starting to hit

    Touched... Thanks for that.
  10. Just my preference and thought, if you radically alter the tractor then it's OK to radically alter the color. A restoration would include the proper color. My 2 cents.
  11. 520 Wheel Horse Buy or pass?

    $225 starting means I would own it as soon as I could. Sight unseen. Parts alone!
  12. C161 opinions

  13. C161 opinions

    Only issue is that you are asking about it! Go get it!
  14. Felony Green

    Turn away!
  15. Happy Birthday SylvanLakeWH

    Have a great one!