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  1. Happy Birthday Racin Bob!

    Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
  2. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    @Vinylguy What can I do to help?

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Wheel Horse 246-H Update

    Don't get no respect! But at least some should!

    Late as well, but... HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLEAT!
  6. D-series mid grader blade compatibility

    I just bought one for a "D" hoping it would fit a classic. Or an XI. I'm all ears!
  7. I’m thinking about a 520LXI ?

    Great machine but do some research on this forum about the plastic cam gear.
  8. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    First class! Best! Outstanding! Superb! Etc! Thanks to all!
  9. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    Not a bad commutator but a bad relay (I think relay) on the control board. Tap on it and the blower moves and stops. Tap again and same thing. I'll order a new board! Great that now we have a cold front coming in... Yep! Bad controller! Nice and toasty now. Thanks for all the tips!
  10. Hi From oHIo!

    You've hit the jackpot of Wheel Horse knowledge!
  11. Converting a 3 season camper to a 4 season

    I'd need at least 2 travel trailers and an extra weekend!
  12. Homemade mini dozer

    Guys, this has been a Great source of very good info for DIYers! Great website, too!
  13. Converting a 3 season camper to a 4 season

    Maybe my F150 with tow package will make it but the 5 day a week commute back to the source of my income will be a challenge!
  14. 711219 Mid-mount grader blade

    Certainly it would be nice to swap and have two happy campers. I very much hesitate to permanently alter a collectible. I've always wanted a "D" but other than this blade I really don't need a "D". As always Garry, thank you!
  15. 711219 Mid-mount grader blade

    Anyone care to measure the height of a mid-mount blade for me?