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  1. New Skins No Chains! Woo Hoo!

    My C-85 with chains will far out traction my 522xi with real good turfs. No comparison! My Power King was a beast with chains. Not so much with just the ags.
  2. Best Salt Spreader?

    I've had no luck with several that drive off the wheels. Not enough traction. I may look into adding fine link chains or different tires with studs. Otherwise a 12v system.
  3. I'm not touching this question! But I considered myself a regular and I didn't know about your relocation! Further north? <grin> We could ride together to shows!
  4. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    Isn't that something! Didn't know Hesston was involved but it sure is Toro to me!
  5. Rust Removal

    Of course you will share your results here! It sure looks like it out performs Evaporust. Vinegar alone works well. Perhaps it's the most overlooked under appreciated rust remover. But I've only used it for soaking, like Evaporust. This other stuff we at seems to work well by just spraying. That's new to me!
  6. Rust Removal

    I used metal prep prior to priming. All auto manufacturers do. Mostly phosphoric acid. Etches, removes any flash rust and inhibits rust until it is primed.
  7. Rust Removal

    They have a metal prep "sealer" as well. I'd think it would then be primer ready. Vinegar does work! And real good! And cheaply! But for me only if it's soaked for days. It's worked on every thing I've tried but seems to get consumed, used up, rather quickly.
  8. I've killed a LOT of rust in my time from semi tankers to tiny tools with big sandblasters, electricity, abrasives and chemicals. One of my fondest is Evaporust but I just saw a video that really impressed me: http://drxcleaner.com/videos/ Anyone seen or perhaps used it? And if you haven't tried Evaporust perhaps you should.
  9. New Red Tractor to Me

    Never been on an articulated eve though I own one! (another story!)
  10. Not a Wheel Horse but "they" said its ok!

    Thanks for sharing! And the extra effort with all the great pictures!
  11. DAD

    A bit late, but I'm certainly sorry to hear not only of your loss but the circumstances...
  12. Advice on rustproofing

    Nothing in my mix that would harm cured paint. Strongest solvents would be in the WD40 and I've never seen it harm cured paint. My biggest concern was not overdoing it and have a customer driving around in a torch waiting for a light! I preferred to keep it around a few days until the kero can evaporate. My next step was to investigate solvents...
  13. Happy Birthday Dennis Thornton

    Every birthday is a great one! I have a couple of the jacks because they are handy for more than Volkswagens but I'd trade both of my big ones for that little one! Thanks for sharing! Now, how'd dey do dat?
  14. My GT14

    Then get it started! I must have a fetish for flashlights! Or I hate not being able to see... Hate hearing of your issue as well... May it progress at a crippled snail's pace!
  15. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    This certainly isn't preventative but it sure will warm up an engine fast. I have a 30,000-60,000 BTUs portable propane torpedo, long but light weight extension cord and 20lb tank. A cautiously applied small tarp speeds things up. $150 or so and SO handy for other outside tasks. One cold day my C-80 that always starts wouldn't start. I jump it and it still wouldn't. It would fire with starting fluid but wouldnt run. Fuel line freeze up? Yep! Line! Fuel filter! And fuel bowl! So out came the propane torpedo. I thawed them all and it Still woundn't start! No fuel flow so I ordered a new fuel pump. I pulled the old one, opened it up to see what failed and it was full of ice! Didn't need the new pump at all! I honestly don't know where ALL that water came from! Never seen it that bad! I don't always run Dry Gas but maybe I should. Overall point is there's issues that warm battery and warm oil won't fix! Love my propane heaters!