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  1. Oh I wish...
  2. I was all set to go last year & some crap came up. Swore I was going this year but more crap came up. I swear I'm going next year!
  3. Certainly the 606 for me!
  4. Google the Toro part number for interchanges.
  5. You must have excellent tastes! I haven't listed them all. 24 at last count but some aren't quite complete and some I shouldn't counted at all yet huhBUT they good pretty quickly be deserving. Sorry to say not a Cub, Deere or Ariens among them. Obviously I've failed to some extent but I'm not dead yet!
  6. From the not cast but heavy duty front axel to their durable 2 spd rears they meant business. And the spring seat is the best ride I have! I think they had as many attachments as Wheel Horse or even more. I smile when I use one or see one but not because they look great. I think when it comes to looks Wheel Horse wins big time. But I still love 'em!
  7. Great tractors! Under appreciated I think.
  8. I've got "Aerospace 303" in my Amazon cart. Thanks!
  9. Well they are incredible!
  10. How was the embossing done? Awesome! How was the embossing done? Awesome! And I love the backhoe! Mine is much bigger but hard to get into some spots.
  11. I wonder if folks "down south" buy fewer seats? Most of my seats crack in similar places indicating where they would have to flex the most and they split during the winter.
  12. Oh I'd like to see more about the chute control!
  13. Lot's of red! Links didn't work in Android Chrome.
  14. I never thought about that being misunderstood but there it is clear as day! Sorry. Meant to say using it, sitting on it, when it's subzero cracks it. Not just the cold but asking it to flex when I plop my toush on it when it's Not ready to flex cracks it. Using it when it's cold cracks it. Not just the cold cracks it.
  15. How did you mount the weights?