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  1. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    Sweet! Thanks for all the pictures! Yep! You're afflicted! Building a shed in the back?
  2. Quicken Users?

    I have far less faith in Quicken than I did. Good idea and I can implement but shame on Quicken for us needing to do so,
  3. High octane gasoline

    The important thing to me is to not let ethanol/gas linger in your system! Everything else is secondary!
  4. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    Oh my! I had no idea Panzer built all those! (Though I suspect the twin seat is a one off) Thanks Craig!
  5. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    I think I posted something here long ago. It's just a Frankenstein remnant of two Panzer rears connected with a frame. Had a Toyota 4 cylinder and a hydraulic pump drive train. All that is missing...
  6. I confess, I've always liked Panzers...

    A friend was a Panzer dealer. There is a story of a bet and the subsequent dragging of a poor Wheel Horse around the parking lot. I'm guessing there was some shenangins but still the word is a Panzer will indeed drag a Wheel Horse backwards. Not sure what year or which models or even the weights but I've always respected the Panzers! I own a 4wd version... (teaser for now...)
  7. Quicken Users?

    These issues crept up on me. It appeared that all was well but it wasn't. Then I couldn't connect anymore. And, yep, all after an upgrade! I did learn two things, one can export any range of data from any account and to any other Quicken data file, not just from one account to another account within that file. That way I can transfer data from this file to that file. Did not know that before this thread. There is a built data file repair utility which I ran several times until there were no issues. Then I deactivated all accounts and reconnected all of them. Still have some duplicates with my bank but Quicken assures me it's the bank and not the Quicken program. Still aggravating... I'm glad to hear you had good luck with Quicken phone support because I've had trouble just getting through. Still like a good online forum for Quicken users... Thanks though! It's nice to know that at least you are here! Any others??

    Evapo Rust is awesome! But I'd think quite expensive for a mower deck and while it does a fine job of removing rust from things you wouldn't want to sand, grind or even wirebrush like tools I'm not sure I'd ask it to remove heavy layered rust from a mower deck. Now if you mechanically removed most of the rust, then yes.
  9. Bagged out steering bushing hole?

    I'm thinking that will work fine.
  10. Harbor Freight lift table?

    I'm all ears!
  11. Bagged out steering bushing hole?

    I think a washer as large as possible OD with ID to fit the bushing could be epoxied underneath and at the same time the bushing epoxied in as well. There would be way more surface area holding the washer and plenty of metal to hold the bushing.
  12. Almost lost our little friend, again

    I feel your pain! DesignerLabradors.com It's wonderful when it's wonderful. Sometimes it's not wonderful... I've seen it all I think... Appreciate the good! Down play the rest...

    Oh my goodness! Is there something we as a group can do?
  14. A Little Trip.......7 Screws and a Plate Later

    Been there! 9 screw & fixation plate kit installed! Goodnews is I can't tell which ankle got it! Good as new! Good luck to you!
  15. Monster Mower

    Oh my goodness! That's pretty incredible! https://www.brielmaier.com/en/products/the-motor-mower