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  1. Next tractor or next wife?
  2. The answer to the title of your post is - YES ! Glad to have you in our support group.
  3. Kohler M12S Help

    Make sure that the fuel line is not obstructed from the tank to the pump, reinstall the line. Remove the line from the pump to the carb & turn the engine over to make sure the pump is working. Put all lines back on & remove the float bowl from the carb. Turn the engine over to ensure gas is being pumped into the carb. These steps should narrow a fuel delivery issue down for you.
  4. DOH!

    Hate to say it, but I've been there my self.
  5. K301. Ran well until I touched it....

    Maybe I'm just not seeing it in the video, but do you have a condenser on the coil?
  6. K301. Ran well until I touched it....

    It will make it harder the next time that you or some one else has to pull the head - more clean up time. I don't believe that it has any thing to do with your running issue.
  7. K301. Ran well until I touched it....

    Just for future reference, this is not a necessary step. OEM head gaskets should be installed dry.
  8. Wheel horse 1056 won’t idle up

    If that doesn't do the trick, try changing the condenser. A bad condenser will often allow the engine to run at low RPMs but not at high RPMs.
  9. More pics from the show. This bike for two was a very neat piece. Steering was accomplished by one person peddling fast than the other.
  10. My GT14

    Best wishes for Rylee. I'll put a prayer in.
  11. Another cool toy from the show was this rocket powered Snapper. Unfortunately they were unable to get it to fire properly. Instead it only made a lot of noise and flames. In the pic they have a leaf blower on each tube trying to get it to fire. The owner was getting frustrated, as you know nothing seems to work well when there is a crowd.
  12. This was a great score!! While I was off getting ribs ready for supper, Jim stayed at the auction and was able to win the Swisher for me. Scored it for $55 . Awesome job, Thanks again Jim!! Some one had to inform my wife about the new purchase before I had a chance to. All a sudden I get a text "I thought that we agreed on no more tractors? " to which I answered " It's a lawn mower, not a tractor ". It's all good though . It was bought as a non-runner but after a little prestart checking over it fired up on the first pull. After a little more tinkering we had high & low speeds working, as well as the deck. Then a bunch of us had fun driving it around & burning doughnuts with it. It was such a hoot to drive around, I was like a kid that just got a new bicycle . When the community test cruises were over I found a spot on the grounds to try out the deck, I was fairly impressed with cut. Should do even better after I get the blades tuned up. As mentioned Wheel Horse will be the feature at this show next year (2019). Take note of the looooong roof in the back ground of the above picture, this will be the barn for the feature tractors in 2019. It sure would be great to be able to fill it with 's. I'll be adding more show pic's as soon as I can.