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  1. Happy Birthday Brrly!!

    Hope it's a great one!!
  2. That's my plans! Providing the weather man is correct.
  3. Thanks for posting the link @AMC RULES !!! Here are a couple of my favorite pics of my lil monster.
  4. After calculating all of the variables that every one has come up with, here is a formula that I have. Take your current square footage needs, multiply that by 3. Build your storage building to that figure. After 5yrs you should find that your building will be 1/2 the size that you really needed.
  5. Best model for parts availability

    Both hydro & gear jammer seem to have the same top speed, except for the 418-C they had a faster top speed.
  6. Working on the finishing touches. I figured out what to do with the unwanted holes in my nose weights. A couple of hole plugs adorned with some nice decals. Also working on repairing the cracks in the steering wheel. This is my first attempt at repairing a steering wheel. I ground all of the cracks back and filled them with JB weld, It still needs a couple of coats of a sandable primer, then wet sand & paint with a semi gloss paint. Hopefully it turns out OK.
  7. 1966 1076

    Tires, lights, & hour meter are the only alterations.
  8. Snow shot Sunday!

    They are saying a rain/snow mix for us on Wed.
  9. Snow shot Sunday!

    Nice looking snow mover @Deadguy. I hope the storm is done now, I officially logged more hours on my snow blower today than I have all of the rest of the season.
  10. Pioneer Power Video

    Thanks Tom, that show is definitely on my to do list.
  11. Fighting the "Creeper"

    I have one black walnut in my yard. I hauled 1 full size pick up truck full of nuts from my yard this year. This won't be happening 2 years from now, that tree is coming down this winter.