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  1. Kubota's are great little tractors. They only have two issues to my knowledge. 1 being that I've yet to see a Kubota engine that will start good the first time of the day without using the glow plugs, out side temp does not matter. OK so this is really more of an annoyance than an issue. I just don't think you should have to use glow plugs when it's 70+ degrees outside. The second thing is the pinion gear on the front axle, this has been know to strip out. This issue can be avoided by not ramming the bucket into things while in 4wd. If you ease into things you should never have a problem with it.
  2. That's what I would have had to do, if I were him. Not sure if it was luck, skill, or both that kept him up right.
  3. 18 degrees and raining made my 35 mile drive home from work interesting yesterday. A trip that normally takes 40 to 45 min took me an hour & 30 min. This is not the worst I've seen though, a quite a few years ago I stepped out of my house on to the lawn & fell flat on my back. The grass was a solid sheet of ice. At that point I would have loved to go back in the house & call in to work. Unfortunately the reason I was leaving the house was to go on a call with a tow truck. I put tire chains all around on the tow truck and spent most of my day removing cars from the ditch. Two people (wearing cleats on their shoes) could actually push a parked car sideways because it was so slippery. I don't have any fear of bad weather driving, but that was one day when people should've just stayed home. We had some rain & cold weather on Tues. that caused the excitement in this clip from a dash cam in Oshkosh WI. This happened on a Hwy I travel every day. Thankfully there were no serious injuries.
  4. It sounds to me like you may either have the wrong ignition switch or that your switch is wired wrong. My first question would be, do you have a magneto ignition or an automotive style coil with points.
  5. has voltage regulators for generators at $16.00. Part #AHGDR6004. I have one on my 1076 and it works great.
  6. I guess even a is allowed a sick day once & a while.
  7. Looks like a nice B-100 you have. I would try cleaning the fuel system and carb, then see if it will run. I picked up one that sat outside for 15+ yrs and was able to get it running after less than an hours work. You don't always get that lucky but it's worth a shot.
  8. Tough day @TDF5G, been there my self a time er 2 or 100+. Seems like if it ain't 1 thing it's 6. Probably a good thing that you can't get to the repairs right away. It some times works out better if you are able to walk away for a bit before you start repairing, it works that way for me at least. Gotta let the frustration die down a liitle. Good luck with every thing, I hope it's not too difficult. Hope today goes smoother.
  9. The Merc is from "Cobra", I'm not sure on the Goat.
  10. I grew up in a home with wood heat. It was expected of me to learn and help with every aspect of heating with wood. As a kid dealing with wood heat was never one of my favorite things to. Hard to believe that after had I moved out on my own, I actually started to miss the work it takes to heat with wood. While I don't burn wood myself I still help cut, split, & stack about 15 to 20 cord of wood every year for my family and a friend of mine. I also clean the chimney and help maintain every thing for my mom yet. I'm thankful that Dad taught me about heating with wood. My dad always said that you get a lot of heat out of wood, it warms you while your out cutting it, again while your splitting it, again as you stack it, again when you carry it in the house and finally one more time when you burn it. Unfortunately some "green groups" are trying to make using wood as a heat source a very expensive option. Soon most wood burning appliances may no longer be available. This will have no effect on wood stoves that are already in service but may effect the ability to purchase replacement units. I hope this does not go through but it is in the works.
  11. On the subject of big trucks, I don't believe that any one mentioned the movie where the trucks had a roll all by them selves. "Maximum Overdrive" Where the trucks rained terror and AC/DC had a kick a$$ sound track. The "Happy Toyz" truck was both menacing and cool at the same time.
  12. Is this where @stevasaurus picked up his look from?
  13. Don't believe there are any US manufacturer's, but there are some over sea's yet. Here's a Volvo for example. Oh yea! I almost forgot they still make cab overs in Oshkosh. Not for civilian use though.