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  1. Great work!!!! I put a 6.5 Predator on my Suburban 400, after I took it a part & did some internal upgrades. I had to put some wheelie bars on after almost flipping it over backwards. Big engine is cool in these lil things, gas cap touching your nose not so much.
  2. A little time in the machine shop & we'll have that thing working like new. I wonder if that will fit on any of your round nose tractors?
  3. Good eye Jim, that's a neat lil tractor. You'll have to try to stop & talk to the owner another time.
  4. Hope you have a great day!!
  5. Hope it's a good one!!
  6. Hoods are out there, it may take a bit to find one though. I don't think that there is much difference between a 400 & 550 hood. One extra hole in the dash area on the 550 hood for a switch is the only thing that I can think of. Some 400's can be found with this extra hole punched out but then plugged off. The 401 & 551 hoods have different throttle & choke mounting, plus an access plug in the dash area.
  7. There is one implement listed that may interest me, but for the price the seat would need to be full power.
  8. Nice score!!
  9. Great job Mike!! It doesn't hardly look like the same tractor.
  10. Welcome to our addiction @Blondeflutterby Good to hear that you three are in this together & that you had some good family time. Like I said before to @Deadguy. If you guys need some more trailer space to make choosing which 's to bring to Symco easier, let me know. I would be willing to haul some for you. I can get 4 on my trailer, or if you really can't decide I can bring the 32' trailer.
  11. That makes the price on that one even better!!!