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  1. Definitely needs a gun mounted on it. Gotta say though, I LIKE IT!!👍
  2. WI show featuring Wheel Horse

    I have plans to bring 5 Horses. Gonna clean out the barn.😀 Jason even has a Horse to add to the line up.
  3. Restore a B80?

    If your not worried about cosmetics and are unsure of your know how, then I would get an estimate for a mechanical resto. Then you will have number to decide if it is worth it to you. Most times even a free tractor can go over value during a resto.
  4. A liitle more speed?

    I've decided to contact Eaton before I try this. I want spec's on maximum input RPM's. Don't want to cause cavitation in the pump and destroy things.
  5. Glacier ridge tractor show

    I believe that it was yet another version of the "Doodle Bug" ( model T or model A Ford car turned into a tractor ) It was a rather unique set up with a mounted plow. Here are a couple more pics of it.
  6. It is not too often that a club in Wisconsin chooses to have Wheel Horse as one of their feature tractors. I just wanted to invite every one to help cover the show grounds with 's. This would be a great show to meet up with old friends as well as friends that you haven't met yet. Give a shout out if you think you can make it to the show.
  7. Happy Birthday Terry!

    Hope it's a great one!!
  8. I would look for a tractor with a 10hp or larger engine. Finding a gear driven with hydraulic lift is not very common, gear drive with three point would be even less common. I agree that gear drive is better for ground engagement implements, but the larger hydro's such as your D series will work well also. If you don't already have 3 point implements. A Brinly sleeve hitch added to a will allow you to use a number of ground engagement tools.
  9. Which carburetor is on your engine? I kind of expected it to be a Marvel Schebler.
  10. what regulator?

    Check this site http://www.psep.biz/store/kohler_starter_motors.htm Scroll down to find part #AHGDR6004, this will be the correct regulator for you 876. The price is not too bad on them either.
  11. Glacier ridge tractor show

    This was a fun little show, & it was great to hang out with @Rp.wh and his boys. Rare tractors can even be found at a small show like this. I know that a lot of us rib on John Deere's but I still appreciate rare ones. This is an experimental model M, most of the 23 built were destroyed after testing. This one is a restored survivor. Some day I would like to own one of these Roof Palomino's. While the DeVere Lock was built in Racine WI, they are not found too often in our area. A Bantam tractor is also on my wish list. I was able to take this model 8000 for a joy ride. Very cool little tractor. I have never seen or heard of the Pigeon scooter. An old water pump used by fire fighters at one time. A big high light of the show for me was spending some time on this Port Huron Steam engine. An operators view while running the thresher. Had a great time & enjoyed hanging out with some friends.
  12. 520 club members!

    @Ed Kennell Here is my thoughts - If I set the speed control lever wide open and leave it alone, I can change ground speed by increasing or decreasing the engine speed. So my theory is - increasing pump RPMs should increase ground speed.
  13. 520 club members!

    I was wondering about that.
  14. 1952 Avery

    This tractor was produced by Avery and would be a model V with either the Avery or MM name on it, it is also common to see the model BF with either or both names on it. Some of the Avery models were kept and painted Yellow & Red after the MM buy out. My family has an Avery V and a MM BG 1 row, both made by Avery.
  15. New to me rj35

    Great looking tractor!!!