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  1. If you looked at my shop you would swear that I just open the door, give things a toss & hope for the best. Well, that maybe kinda true. Oddly enough, I usually know where almost everything is though.
  2. Tire/rim size question

    Here is a pic of the DeeStone 4.00 x 8's on my 1076. I used the stock rims which had 5.50x 8's on them.
  3. Among all the cosmetic & creature feature mods, I think the addition of hydraulic lift on my plow tractor would be my favorite.
  4. NYS Pageant of Steam

    Thanks for the great pictures! Specially the pics of the Gibson!! Makes me want to find one with a hood to go along with the bare bones one that my family owns. Looks like there is a lot of big iron at the show.
  5. Fake Chicken Society

    Might have to trade them in on some ducks.
  6. NYS Pageant of Steam

    I like the Gibson!! First one that I've seen with a hood and tiller steering. Most models with a hood came with a steering wheel.
  7. Suburban followed me home

    Looks like what I usually start with when I do a resto. Could be a fun project.
  8. 50th DCACP show 2018

    The cover on the right hand water tank was extremely nice.
  9. 50th DCACP show 2018

    @jabelman Sorry it took so long. Here are some more shots of the Economy race car.
  10. Carlisle 6/12 Farm Specialist tires

    I have a set of True Powers on one of my tractors & like 'em, no complaints. The Farm Specialties look like they have a deeper tread and the angle of the lug looks different. To me they look closer to a Firestone 23degree lug tire. I think either one would serve well.
  11. K181 governor problems

    Can you post a pic or your throttle set up where it hooks to the gov wheel? it sounds like you might not be getting enough travel on the gov wheel when you pull the throttle out.
  12. 50th DCACP show 2018

    Conditions were very good. The guys on the steamers were picking on us about showing them up. We were plowing about 2 to 3" deeper than they could. I had reservations about taking my plow with because last year at this show you could not get a plow to go into the ground.
  13. Fake Chicken Society

    That display is awesome!! A rooster crow recording set to go off every 15min starting at 5am might speed things along for you.