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  1. What is it???

    It's just a short 20hr drive @ebinmaine
  2. New Shop

    Count me in! Wait in mean Nice looking shop that you have there Professor.
  3. After I got it that far I spent many hours plus broke a few tools getting the steering wheel off of the shaft. I was successful & was able to save the wheel.
  4. Key ways are wobbled out to about 1/2"
  5. A few days late but, 4hrs before this pic was taken this pile of parts was a running driving Raider 12. Time for another resto!
  6. Hello from the great white north

    Looks like some of the guys have you covered so
  7. Newbi question

    If it is an older model the serial numbers will be below the dash. Looking forward to pictures.
  8. Made some bearing tools

    Those look awesome!! Should make the job go much easier.
  9. GT 14 new to site.

    William. Looking forward to your pics.
  10. wh

    If you need engine information you will need to down load the Kohler manual, which is also available here in the manuals section.
  11. k301 carbon build up under head

    It looks pretty normal to me. Your rings are defiantly not broken in yet. The top of the piston should also be mostly covered with carbon. I would put it back together and put some hours on it.
  12. International Harvester red is also a real close match.