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  1. This could be an option for you. Less than half the price & not too difficult to adapt into the tractor. Plus MORE POWER !! I always like more power.
  2. Wonder if he meant 1967 10hp Kohler? No that big in '57. Pics & model would help.
  3. I noticed that both pic's show the pistons are at TDC. Do both pistons move when you turn the crank? If they both move then I doubt that a rod is broken, you could still have a damaged rod though. It looks like your failure happened to the side in the first pic. Mass amounts of blue smoke is usually a oil burning issue caused by bad rings, same issue will cause oil to be forced out of the breather into the air cleaner. The nice carbon build up on the pistons shows that this was not an issue that has been going on for a while, it happened all of a sudden. My guess will be broken rings / damaged piston.
  4. A RT366 tiller is made to run off of the tractor engine, The RT367 tiller is a pull behind with a separate engine. Plus there are plows, discs & cultivators. Anything that Brinly makes can be used on your with the correct hitch.
  5. That's great to hear. Let me know when you have some measurements for the battery cables & I can get them ready for you.
  6. I'm not sure on your price range, but a seat like this one would help hold you in on those slopes. Make sure that you check the mounting pattern for easy installation.
  7. If the gas tank on the tractor is good. You should be able to remove the Predator gas tank and run a new line from your original tank to the new engine. Other than that there should not be much to change or fab. You might need to run a new throttle cable. The Predator has two locations for mounting a throttle cable, just need to pick the one that best suits your application. Most new replacement engines are going to be over head valve engines with the same basic shape as the Predator.
  8. Looks like Lane has you covered. Sooo
  9. Some one thought they were building a pulling tractor??? Maybe to be named "The Junk Yard Special"
  10. Make sure to post a picture of it if you buy. We all like pictures!
  11. Great pictures!!
  12. Saturday was quite a productive day for me. First I finished making the right side belt tensioner and release arm. Then on to making the linkage to connect to the steering. When making the linkage I had to make sure that the rod would not contact or bind on anything through all motions of the front end. In the first pic (looking at the right side) you can see that while turning left the release arm is pushing away from the tension arm. When turning right the release arm pulls on the tension arm to loosen the belt. With the differential working I decided to move on to some sheet metal work. All of the sheet metal that was on the tractor was rusted & damaged. I had tried to straighten the old sheet metal but could not get it to hold shape to my satisfaction, so I decided to make new pieces instead. Jim @WHX11 hooked me up with some 18ga sheet metal to make the replacement pieces with. I will start by showing the right side belt guard, old above the new. The bullet holes in the original left belt guard were another thing that helped me decide to make new sheet metal Next was the hood. After I cut the metal to size, I folded three of the edges over then put a bend down the center of the hood. In this pic I have one side folded tight. In order to make the rounded bends on the hood I needed to make a quick press brake. A couple pieces of angle iron and some scrap flat metal served as the lower cradle portion. The die is made from a piece of 1" round stock, some 3/8" x 1 1/2" flat stock and a short pipe. I made the cradle shorter than the die to allow for guides to be added to the ends. The brake was made to fit in the 20ton press. Bending the hood with my home made press brake. New hood next to old. Test fit with the grill & tractor. Bent the hood latch out of 16ga sheet metal. I'm wrestling with one thing yet before I paint the body work. The grill for this is some of the ruffest casting I've seen in a while. Now, I could work it over & make it smooth as a baby's bottom. The old body repair guy in me wants to go this route. Or - do I just spray it the way it is & let the casting marks show. The "factory correct" guy in me likes this idea. I welcome any input on this lil dilemma.
  13. I personally would repair the Raider tranny, if that is what is needed. BTW
  14. Yes there are guards for the belt arrangement, I'm making replacements for those too. The belt guards are easily removed with 4 screws, so I could take them off at a show. I've been pondering on making a new tranny cover with a window in it. Haven't made up my mind on that yet. I hope to bend the hood this weekend. I need to throw a die together first to use in the press, in order to achieve to rounded edges on the hood. I'll show the making of the die when I get it done.