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  1. I'm New--but I'm not...

    Welcome aboard Caleb!! Great to finally have you here.
  2. Yep, I thought that I could put the spray gun away on this project but it looks like I will have to get it out one more time.
  3. Looking great so far!!
  4. Due to a parts deficit I was unable to do any assembly this weekend. Instead I worked on the weights for the front of the tractor. I have some 8x8x3" counter weights laying around, they weight about 50lbs, but this size was hard to work with. I took one of these blocks and cut it in half to make two 4x8x3" blocks. I then made a bracket to mount it to the tractor. This bracket was made from a piece of 1/4x2" flat stock. I took the two 4x8x3" blocks, drilled my mounting holes and soften the edges up a little with a grinder. Here's a pic with every thing mocked up. I'm hoping that this will be enough to hold the front end down while plowing. Hopefully I can make more progress on the assembly next weekend.
  5. Happy Birthday Fred

    Fred. Hope it was a great day..
  6. Lubing the the threads with engine oil is fine. Most engine manufacturers just state that you should lube the threads of head bolts before torquing. I even lube the under side of the bolt head when I install head bolts, this might be over kill but it makes me feel better.
  7. Happy Birthday Skipper

    Hope it's a great one!
  8. Happy Birthday Blue!

    Maxiblue!! Hope you had a great day!!
  9. Happy Birthday Achto

    Thanks for the birthday wishes every one!! After putting my time in at work today, I came home to a big plate of my wife's jambalaya & a relaxing night. All & all not a bad day.
  10. I set two pipes or pieces of angle iron on some horses to set the rims on. This leaves minimum contact on the rim. I paint the back first then I grab the rim on the inside (this will be covered by the tire any way) and flip them over to paint the front side. Before the next coat flip the rims over to start with the back again. Always end with the front getting the last coat. I've had my best luck with this method. At worst you will have 4 small spots to touch up on the back of each rim. Most times these spots are not noticeable though.
  11. Not sure, I'm going to order them today from Toro. Hopefully I will have them by the weekend.