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  1. Your pics may be too large, try condensing them or you have used up your member allowed space. If you become a supporter you photo issues will go away.
  2. Well this weekend leaves me seeing RED ,lots of beautiful red. Keeping ever thing warm & cozy in our storage room in the house for a weeks worth of cure time. Getting anxious to start some final assembly.
  3. Down load the Kohler service manual. They can be found for free. It will show the correct orientation and will give the special torque sequence.
  4. I had checked this site but this line from the site should be noted. Please note that our valves WILL NOT fit securely in the “plastic pumps”. Just a heads up.
  5. Check this site, they have complete pumps for around $35.
  6. Nice looking truck! With the right brushless motors and some lipo's you can make that thing throw those tires right off the rims. I revved mine up and couldn't find a glue that would hold the tires on the rim. I had to learn to lay off the throttle.
  7. If you need help digging, let me know. I'll bring a shovel.
  8. Happy birthday!
  9. Nice find! Is this the honey hole you had mentioned a while ago?
  10. A set of bore gauges & some micrometers should be what you need.
  11. This is true, the MTD "Farm King" was quite a beast in it's day.
  12. When it comes to GT's they all have their features that make them desirable in one way or another. I grew up with Cub Cadets, they are quality tractors with some very good features. Bolens had their tube frames and shaft drive implements, Wheel Horse with their strong frame, trans and serviceability, John Deere's had their name & green paint. One thing you'll notice is that with all the brands of tractors, you'll only see a few different engines. I am a Kohler engine fan, so I tend to lean towards tractors that have a Kohler in them.
  13. I might have gotten more done but I had to cut wood on Sat.
  14. I made a lil more progress this weekend. For the final drive to the rear wheels i need to have a pulley and sprocket on the same hub. To accomplish this I purchased a W weld on hub (1 5/8 o.d.) with a 1/2" bore to fit the 8" pulley. I chose 1/2" bore because I needed to bore it to 3/4" and did not want the key way. I bored the hole and then turned the back side of the hub to a V hub size (1 1/8") to fit the sprocket needed to drive the wheel. We all like action shots, so I'll start there. An original hub next to the first one that I turned to fit my needs. The reason for the step? I wanted clearance for the chain side plates and a positive stop for the sprocket when I pressed it on. I then welded the sprocket on and faced it so that the 5/8" bushing would seat properly. The pulley was then welded on for a finished product. This was repeated for the drive on the opposite side. Today was rust evacuation day! After just under a barrel of sand I have some nice clean metal ready for paint. I did coat the inside of the trans with an internal engine paint. If all goes well I should be able to spray the rest of these parts next weekend.
  15. Nice tractors!