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  1. Field stripping a Wheel Horse.

    As long as we were in the area we had to take some Yuengling home with us. Always good to try things that you can't get at home.
  2. Field stripping a Wheel Horse.

    Sounds like I better stock up for the next time that we come to the show.
  3. Field stripping a Wheel Horse.

    Was only a demonstration of what can happen if you don't pay your protection fee's to the Garden Tractor Mafia.
  4. 2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    This work day can't get over fast enough!!!
  5. Been Propositioned

    I'm starting to think that it should be slammed about 3 to 4" with a set of 10.50's on the back. Give it a nice low rider look.
  6. Been Propositioned

    I've taken that trip a quite a few years ago. It's a nice 4hr trip.
  7. Totally agree!! This was the maiden voyage after the resto on my Raider. A little mud on the tires is a good thing!
  8. It’s Motor Monday!!

  9. Been Propositioned

    I still thinking 604 or 654. Definitely a '64 model. One question - is it normal to have a Fairbanks recoil on a Techy?
  10. Throttle cable for 657

    Here is a good source for a new one. I have had real good luck with the ones from here. You will have to cut it down to size. http://www.psep.biz/store/toro_mower_cables.htm
  11. Shed find

    Great Score!!!