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  1. ' 69 GT-14

    Pfrederi, My mid blade mount is pretty far up inside and is not readily accessible from underneath. I will get a pressure gauge and try to measure the pressure at the hydraulic lift control input. Terry
  2. ' 69 GT-14

    Paul F It took 7 seconds to move the lift cylinder piston from one end to the other. Engine speed didn't seem to make any difference in the time. Terry
  3. ' 69 GT-14

    Yes, Southbury, CT Drop me an email: brenntl@sbcglobal.net
  4. ' 69 GT-14

    Southbury. Terry
  5. ' 69 GT-14

    This with the mower deck removed. The lift cylinder to what I would describe as a bell crank. I am making a guess at the time, but it is no longer than 10 seconds and more than 5 seconds. I'll take another look today.
  6. ' 69 GT-14

    I am looking for some guidance here regarding a GT-14 with little pulling power. The engine runs fine, fresh ATF w/filter, trans fluid level up to the full mark, tow valve is parallel with the frame w/ the long arm facing forward as per the manual. Hydraulic cylinder works and takes about 10 seconds to go full travel (this would seem to indicate that the charge pump is working). Tractor moves both forward and reverse, but has trouble going up a 10% grade w/o pulling anything, even at full throttle. I have no experience with hydrostatic drives, so I don't know what is normal operation. I have a repair manual for the Sundstrand Hydro, but descriptions for checking the pump pressure externally appear to be for a '74 and later and they look different than mine. Any help appreciated.
  7. After reading the Sundstrand Automatic Trans Repair Manual, it is not clear where to connect a pressure gauge to measure the high pressure pump output (550 psi to 700 psi) on a '69 GT 14. The manual shows the location on '73 and later hydrostatic systems which don't look like the earlier ones. Any help is appreciated.