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  1. RM364 deck for sale

    If you have the quick release attachment under the engine and the foot clutch like the one in the photo, yes, mine will work. The photo you attached is for a lawn ranger.
  2. I have the same issue right now this fall. Have 3 very large oaks that have dropped more acorns this year than I've ever seen in the past 10 years. Started raking them up, but couldn't take the blisters anymore. As for the leaves, if they fall slow and steady I mulch them in place. It there is just too many coming down, I use a vac on my 3pt.
  3. Interesting Find 50 Years Later

    Says it was under peat. I wonder if peat bogs preserve steel like they do flesh? Looks like it just needed a power wash and some fuel.
  4. A rude awakening.

    SWMBO Had to look that up.
  5. We got it made here!

    Agree this site is super user friendly and member friendly as well. I've recently joined a few other sites for Cub Cadet hobbyists and some of those guys are just xxxholes. The members here are just awesome.
  6. The time has come.

    Good luck Jim and my wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery. My thoughts, as well as everyone else's here, are with you. Sounds like you're going to the best place for the procedure too. Steve
  7. 701 fender brace

    One year only I believe. Mysterious..... and rare.
  8. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    Thanks Sarge. I'll inspect my pulleys. I do not believe my 702 has that wire guard. I'll have to check it out when I inspect the pulleys. Thanks.
  9. RJ59 front wheels

    No other horse options other than RJ/Suburban wheels. The full size round hoods have different offsets on the rims and different spindle lengths. They look like ca ca if you try to use them. The mid engines have longer spindles than the full size tractors of that era so you have to make spacers to fill the extra axle area and the wheel offset is different..... I tried a set of 701 wheels on my 401, didn't work. I should say, it would work but looked horrendous and jerry-rigged. I was able to find a real nice pair of Suburban rims on Ebay by searching "tractor rims" or "tractor wheels" I forget which. The seller had no idea what they were. His loss. Just have to search for narrow 8inch rims with the correct spindle and hub dimensions. Have you tried joining some of the Wheel Horse Facebook pages? Lots of Wheel Horse guys out there that can probably help you out. That bumper is pretty cool. Looks like it came from a 1930's car. After powder coat....
  10. Do duals pop wheelies more than single rears?

    That's about it!
  11. ST3072 Snow Blower 30 inch path Made in 1962 Bolts to frame. Very good condition. Original paint/patina/stickers. Spins quietly and smooth. Been stored indoors. Fins are like new. Not abused. Only thing missing is the rod/handle to turn the chute from your seat which could easily be made. Bought this earlier this year to put on my 702, but probably never get around to using it, so willing to pass it down the road to someone that will use it. $150
  12. RM364 deck for sale

    Spins freely. Pretty solid for what it is with a couple small pin holes. Could be lubed up and used as is or restored.
  13. Snow plow early mid 60's round hood model BD4264

    Changed Price to 100