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  1. RM364 deck for sale

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. RM364 deck for sale

  3. ST3072 Snow Blower for early round hoods

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    What's wrong with good old Gunk cleaner? Been using it for years. Spray on and hose off. Pressure rinse if you like. Doesn't harm paint and no residue. https://www.gunk.com/
  5. WTB Battery Clamp from 701, 702, 552, 502, 32R & 32E

    Easy to make if you find some band iron.
  6. 867 or 1067 or 1267 seat

    Thanks. I saw you posted a few months back looking for the same. Was thinking about contacting you to see if maybe you found a honey pot of them. lol I've only seen them on the 1967 six speed models. I'm guessing they were a limited edition one year only thing? I'd actually accept a nice two piece style as well. Just want something in nice condition that suites the originality of the tractor. Amazingly, they're quite comfortable, even worn out. By the way, I still have your 401 too! Been thinking of putting it up for sale.
  7. 867 or 1067 or 1267 seat

    Looking for a factory correct seat for my 867. Picture attached reflecting the correct style. Looking for one in nice condition, not all cracked up. I'd also be open to other period correct 66-69 Wheel Horse seats that correctly fit a 1967 short frame. Willing to pay up for a nice one.
  8. RM364 deck for sale

    I have no use for it. Sorry.
  9. RM364 deck for sale

    If you have the quick release attachment under the engine and the foot clutch like the one in the photo, yes, mine will work. The photo you attached is for a lawn ranger.
  10. I have the same issue right now this fall. Have 3 very large oaks that have dropped more acorns this year than I've ever seen in the past 10 years. Started raking them up, but couldn't take the blisters anymore. As for the leaves, if they fall slow and steady I mulch them in place. It there is just too many coming down, I use a vac on my 3pt.
  11. Interesting Find 50 Years Later

    Says it was under peat. I wonder if peat bogs preserve steel like they do flesh? Looks like it just needed a power wash and some fuel.
  12. A rude awakening.

    SWMBO Had to look that up.