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  1. This was my first year there. Had a great time! Certainly feel a little less anxious about gathering parts. Maybe fueled the hobby a bit more for my father and I. Thank you to all who brought stuff to sell and well as show.
  2. http://www.agspecialty.com/indstrial.htm This is what I use. Works good, lays nice. I haven't sprayed any body panels but the wheels came out good from a rattle can. The chassis stuff I've uses both rattle cans and sprayed with a top feed. All my colors are spot on even with different cans. One of my local mom and pop shops in the area carry it.
  3. So it's back to work on the 1056. I'm trying to get the bare chassis painted and back together. The gearbox has been gone through and almost back together. (Someone tore a seal putting back together) all the other chassis pieces are painted. All I need is more time and to fix the frame that's been cut, welded, and hacked up. I think I just about have everything as it should besides some straightening. But something's was welded to the frame and is no longer there. So does something belong here? If so what should be here? That would be the right side of the frame about half way down the rail.
  4. I will need my k241 engine rebuilt for the restoration of the 1056. Does anyone have experience / suggestions for machine shops within a reasonable drive? Also what is reasonable $ for a normal rebuild? (I know can vary depending on parts and machine work needed just looking for an average on what other members have spent)
  5. horses and stuff

  6. I am looking for a belt guard for my 1056 10hp kohler starter gen engine. Will a 12 hp engine starter/gen guard fit?
  7. I stopped in at my favorite local hardware/a little of everything store Paul B Zimmermans. They are the only store who had the out end axle bearings torrington b-1616 and the seals skf 9815. I did not check all the bearings on the list for the three and four speed transmissions. I do need the splined shaft bearing on the case. m-10121 and the bearing inside the input shaft b-108. They can order me those however I may just get them online. and they have enamel ag paint in rattle cans, quarts and gallons in IH red. I stopped in at the local Napa and they could get me most of them but the b-108 bearing he gave me a price of $69 and gave me a size of 2 3/4" that is the only thing the catalog would show (make sure you check if you go to napa they are quoting the correct bearing (why I ended up at Paul Bs). While your there you can stop in just down the street at Agway and order a new trans gasket and shift boot. I think the shift boot was 6 or 7 bucks and the gasket was 5 ish. So if your having trouble in the Ephrata Pa area finding someone to get you the correct stuff, try the parts dept at Paul B's .
  8. I am looking for an engine belt guard for a starter generator 10hp kohler on a 1056.
  9. New Member from Lancaster County, PA

    I like to see em all too. JD'd, Cubs, WH, farm tractors they are all good. My dad and I restored a 54 Chevy pu, and an early Farmall F-20. And it's great to have a fellow Lancaster Countian on here (I live in Stevens). Welcome to the lil red site, these guys here are great and helped me out a lot and my first restore has just begun.
  10. This is a 2 part post. I was on my way home from work on Friday and took the back road as I usually do a few times a week. I saw a very nice restored 857 on West Church Street in Stevens PA (Upper Lancaster county) I stopped in yesterday to take a good look and it is very nicely done. If your in the area and in the market he is asking $1000 obo. If you are the current owner I live close and in the process of restoring a similar tractor, Iwould like to talk to you about your restoration if you wouldn't mind. Sorry I am on vacation at the time. My son took some pictures but I'm not sure if I can download them.
  11. Bearings for the input shaft and all the seals are ordered and will be here Friday all the other bearings cleaned up great and run smoothly. I have to get the case gasket and shift rod boot to put it together but we are off to vacation Saturday so it will be at least a week till i can work on it again :-/ One picture is the young man helping with disassembly and the other is the paint match. The original looks a little more orange but close enough. I did a touch up on my 518 deck with it and you can't even see a difference. The paint is Tallman's AG Specialty coatings 5455 0 IH red (2150)
  12. Thank you for all the help so far, it is greatly appreciated. Does anyone know where to get the rubber boot for the top of the trans and the shift lever or what are you using?
  13. That is fine. I will try to contact him and will let you know. We are getting ready to leave for vacation on Saturday. When I drained the case there was water in it but no rust. I put a light coating of grease on everything before I reassembled it to keep it from corrosion. Everything cleaned up pretty well with saftey clean. I just want to replace the other seals (does anyone have a list of seal part numbers for all the seals needed) but can the case be put back together with sealant rather than a gasket? This was my original intentions. Yes I will need a copy of the transmission manual. Sorry for any bad grammar I'm typing this quickly on my lunch break Mark
  14. Here's a close up of what is left of the end of the shaft. Thankfully when I took the case together the other day the pulley was poorly welded and I was able to use a drift to get it off.
  15. I have the shaft out I just have to figure out how to get pictures from my phone. I believe i can salvage the pulley for now. I will have to drill and tap for a new set screw in a different location. As far as the bearings go there is a 1 needle that came out and was in the outer race... now bent. But all the bearings are gone from the outer race.