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    1- 1993 314-8
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    1992 520H
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  1. Throttle Cable Clamp

    Some hardware stores have them
  2. project pud puller build

    Beast spotted.
  3. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Here is a fresh photo of her pulling over the weekend.
  4. Drive Belt?

    Run the stock toro belt. The rest are junk.
  5. No problem aldon. Any time Happier then I kid in a candy store
  6. Belts

    I broke a belt pulling last year. Had tons of traction lol
  7. Belts

    TSC belts aren't what they use to be then. I had 3 go on my 48" deck mowing this season. I will be sticking to the factory belt.
  8. Belts

    Toro dealer. Replace it with an original belt. They do make a difference if you plan on pulling anything with it.
  9. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Post them up
  10. C series black hood

    8 speed
  11. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Yes online. Rattle can
  12. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    Eastwoods ralley wheel silver
  13. C series black hood

    Looking for basicly a roller. C series black hood. No engine or tires and wheels needed. What's out there ? You can pm me or call or text me at 845-591-7317. Preferably close
  14. Got my weights on and new stack on too

    So season is over now time to work on her again. I ditched the pink hood for a dealer take off one. I also ditched the 5 rib 16x6.50x8 fronts in favor for a set of tri rib 3.50x6 tires and wheels.
  15. That is my 312-8