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    1- Gt 14 with cat 1 3pt and Ark 510 loader
    1- Gt 14 with 8 pinion 8 speed
    1- Gt 14 with deck sold
    1- Gt 14 1969 in pieces
    1-1968 lawn ranger restoring
    1- 1993 314-8 w/ cab and 2 stage blower
    1-211-3 sold
    1- B-100 restored
    Rj- 58 restored
    ARK 510 for the Gt14
    1987 416-8
    1991 310-8 plow beast
    C-85 custom puller
    C-145 custom puller
    gt 1100 workhorse original
    1994 312-8 original
    1994 312-8 Custom Puller
    1992 520H original
    551 sold
    551 restored
    702 original
    1976 D-250 sold
    1976 D-250 sold
    418A sold
    1988 312-8 worker mower
    1986 420 LSE #20
    1987 416-8 parted
    1991 520H future 8 speed puller aka 522-8 ho
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  1. It’s Motor Monday!!

  2. My GT14

    Hope the trip goes well
  3. Almost new 42" snow blade. Older style. Springs not included. $100. Wheel horse tiller with mule drive. No belt. $300 obo. Will bring to show if paid ahead of time. Also have 300-400 series hoods an fenders I'd sell cheap. Also other parts too.
  4. Rear discharge deck or shell

    Any photos of the old one to match up? I may have one
  5. Going Full Circle....

    Just like old JOE huh steve? Lol
  6. 8 speed with stock axles is not a safe go. My hubs are slid out and still have to space the wheels out too. Longer axles will be in the future.
  7. Near to me members, you ok?

    The old predator generator. It's a good buy for the money
  8. Near to me members, you ok?

    Thank you. Same goes for you if you need anything
  9. Near to me members, you ok?

    Think you need a bigger generator lol
  10. Near to me members, you ok?

    Many trees down an poles snapped off. Whole town has no power and a mini twister touched down less then a mile from home. I've never seen a shed Explode before from pressure.
  11. My C-160 find in Maine!




  12. 26-12-12 Firestone AG Tires

    Me Miller tire.
  13. The famous Ct pulling sled
  14. New to me 420-LSE

    Y steve? It only needs some goo black duct tape to fix it lol