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    1- Gt 14 with cat 1 3pt and Ark 510 loader
    1- Gt 14 with 8 pinion 8 speed
    1- Gt 14 with deck sold
    1- Gt 14 1969 in pieces
    1-1968 lawn ranger restoring
    1- 1993 314-8 w/ cab and 2 stage blower
    1-211-3 sold
    1- B-100 restored
    Rj- 58 restored
    ARK 510 for the Gt14
    1987 416-8
    1991 310-8 plow beast
    C-85 custom puller
    C-145 custom puller
    gt 1100 workhorse original
    1994 312-8 original
    1994 312-8 Custom Puller
    1992 520H original
    551 sold
    551 restored
    702 original
    1976 D-250 sold
    1976 D-250 sold
    418A sold
    1988 312-8 worker mower
    1986 420 LSE #20
    1987 416-8 parted
    1991 520H future 8 speed puller aka 522-8 ho
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  1. 310-8/312-8

    Definition of cheap?
  2. Lets see the snow rigs!

    I'll do it myself
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Snow duty machine is now ice wood hauler.
  4. New puller 320-Plus

    Excuse me sir does this tractor have a clutch pedal or a magic stick for the clutch?
  5. Dumb question

    I spanked the cubs in my 2 classes and so did my father. Enough said A stock cub rear is weaker then a stock horses rear.
  6. The one with the deck has 12x7 rims to clear deck wheels. The other has 12x10.5 on the puller. And the duals are 12x8 520 rims
  7. Wheel horse 320-plus puller

    Weight and wheelie bar height and distance are info a buyer would like to know.
  8. Wheel horse 320-plus puller

    What does it weigh minus driver? And what are the wheelie bar specs? Thanks
  9. As long as no ice chains are not needed with loaded tires. 26x12x12 on 7" rims clear the 48"sd deck. But not a 42" sd or rd
  10. Use spindles from a 310 with 6" front wheels. But put the 8" combo on
  11. 520H muffler

    I have one that needs the Exit elbow fixed I would sell
  12. Space fenders up 1.5" and run 26x12x12. And a photo of the spacers
  13. project pud puller build

    Thank you It all depends on what type of ignition setup you have. It is fairly accurate when compared to the tiny tach I have.
  14. project pud puller build

    Hooked up the last gauge today. All work now
  15. onan 2 cylinder

    Yes I can this Weekend. Pm me an email or phone # I can send them to