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  1. project pud puller build

    I used the bead blaster a work
  2. project pud puller build

    I seated the beads today and they were a _____.
  3. project pud puller build

    These tire will make a strong engine die pulling as long as they hook up
  4. project pud puller build

    Well received tires today and mounted them. And got my pipe to make the header last night. Had to buy a 10' length lol
  5. project pud puller build

    Well belt guard I painted and ready.
  6. project pud puller build

    Sneak peak
  7. First pull is at 6. Sign up starts at 4:30
  8. I will be up there pulling friday night. You should come watch craig
  9. project pud puller build

    Midwest super cub
  10. project pud puller build

    It's eastwoods rally wheel silver. Spray bomb.
  11. project pud puller build

    Got the rims sealed and painted. Came home to find my header and rest of toro parts waiting for me too.
  12. starting a stock class puller

    No problem. Let me know if I can help
  13. starting a stock class puller

    I do have a lot of what you would need but I don't know how close you are to me.
  14. project pud puller build

    All welded up. Now for some paint.
  15. project pud puller build

    I started to make my rear rims last night. I have to try to weld and paint them today. Then I have to decide on a tire and order them up.