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  1. I am interested and have one in the style you are looking for to trade. Also have a few other styles too.
  2. Would you be going to the big show this year?
  3. Sorry
  4. The 800 special is a different frame from the 800 commando. The rear end from what I remember is 95% there. One gear is broke.
  5. Working on the hood today.
  6. Also got a set of nos hub caps for her. A NOS mule drive. A NOS 48" plow. And also another set of NOS front wheel weights. And decals ar ordered from Terry.
  7. Sponged her down a little today finally.
  8. Thank you everyone.
  9. I have the seat. I took it off so it didn't get wet towing it home in the rain.
  10. Yes it is. It is #20
  11. Happy birthday Russ hope your doing better.
  12. Well I haven't been looking for one but always told the wife I wanted one one day. Well the other morning while doing my daily searching I found one. It was reasonably close to me and only an hour away. She is not a show stopper yet but will be after I clean her all up. And here are some photos.
  13. I have an 800 special frame assembly with steering and front axle. Also have rearend in pieces in a box. Asking $50.00 obo. Thank you for looking