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  1. D250 Front PTO belts

    Mine is a 78 model. What i did originally was cut a long belt to the size i thought it needed to be. When i got home with the belts they gave me they were way too loose. I then noticed they gave me 3/8 wide belts when the one i measured with was 1/2". I now switched the 3/8 for 1/2 but still need to try them. The ones they gave me are 40 1/8. I will try the 39 7/8 if they dont fit. Thanks Guys...
  2. D250 Front PTO belts

    Could someone please tell me the size of the front/mid pto belts for the D250? I'm having a heck of a time trying to match one up. Thanks
  3. 79 D-250

    Changed Price to 4200.00
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    From the album Ironman

  5. Ironman

    Finally finished the restoration on my D250!
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