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  1. Kohler 26hp efi 2000 year.

    Well so far this is just a bolt up process, the flywheel sensor bolts to one of the bosses for the magneto coil. The EFI manifold bolts to the heads just like the carb manifold and uses the governor linkagefor the carb. The only difference so far is the plate in the valley for crankcase vent, the EFI motor has a oil pressure switch on it, but the plate is interchangable. Looks like Kohler adapted their EFI to an existing engine. Forward thinking on their part
  2. Fuel pump boiling fuel!

    Maybe your cooling fins are getting cloged with grass, blow the shroud and fins on the head with some air could be the pump is sucking air. Fuel pump might be going out.
  3. Engine stalls when warm.

    I use the brass feeler gauge, but in the field I have used note paper folded over and it works well the steel feller gauges seem to stick to the magnets on the flywheel, maybe that is their reason.
  4. Kohler 26hp efi 2000 year.

    Just blew up our 26hp kohler efi, found a recently rebuilt 26hp with a carb, Is it possible to just switch the efi over to the early long block or am I barking up the wrong tree. As of now I have now torn in to the efi motor, just looking for some input.
  5. project pud puller build

    The ones I have seen pull did not lack for power in stock form, but our heavest class is 1050, I would run it like it is and see how it works, gear up for next season. Your going to have to sort the tractor out before adding more power.
  6. project pud puller build

    You have came a long way in a short time, and your work looks excellent,what weight class do you plan on pulling? Do you have a speed limit, we have a 3mph on the lower classes up to 950. Then on the 950 fast and the 1050 classes we have a 5mph limit
  7. project pud puller build

    What size our your axles 1" or 1/18", I see they are the keyed type, make sure to keep the hubs tight and check on a regular basis. I stripped the keys pulling the 1050 lb. class and found some splined axles and hubs and have never had a problem, that was 4 yrs ago and about 75 pulls on them.
  8. project pud puller build

    Around here we have several pullers using the Preditor engines with good sucess,most are in the Cub's, curious to see how it handles the belt. The pullers that are using the Preditor say it is mostly cost, for the price of building a good strong Kohles they can buy 2 preditor. Plus the lighter weight allows them to adjust their weight placement better.
  9. project pud puller build

    Your going to need a longer trailer, once you see how much fun pulling is you will want two of them, maybe more.
  10. Transmission case gasket

    When I did the 5091 I measured the old gasket, 10 thousands, 1/64" is 15-16 thousands, compressed thickness should be around 10. Our Toro dealer is about 25-30 miles one way, I made mine in about 5-10 minutes and all the seals from O-Reilly along with the gasket material
  11. installing an electric lift

    Instead of adding micro switches can you make the arm's on the fulcrum a little longer, if you have the room. From the pictures it looks like you could remount the stationary end about 1" back, that would get you the extra lift you want and eliminate the clearance problem.
  12. What Transmission do I have???

    First off I want to thank everyone who helped, Looks like I have a 5091 Trans, The seal # will help a lot, I guess I will completely disassemble the gears and see why I can't shift the high/low, every thing looks good so I don't expect much of a problem. I'am building a pulling tractor for my grandson, putting this in a Craftsman Custom-6. He has been pulling for 3 seasons and this will be his 4th not bad for 6 yrs. old and with more trophies than Grandpa.He is helping. As soon as I get the picture thing figured out we will post some of the build. Enough babbling and again Thanks for the help.
  13. I got a transmission out of a 1057, looks like a 3 speed with 1 1/8" keyed axles with the 8 pinion, have it disassembled, I want to replace all the seals, the shifter shafts were tight but that little problem is fixed. I have looked at the manuel section but not sure what I am looking for. Their is a shaft coming up thru the case right behind the the shifter but it does not turn so far, and I have not tried to force it. Thanks for any help.
  14. Very light front end pulling

    4" on the motor pulley which I think is stock and stock rear. My grandson pulls in the 650 and 750 class with 35 lbs and 50lbs on the front, hitch height is 13" and about 4" off the rear end hope that helps.
  15. Replacement Hydro Cylinder for D Series

    Baileynet.com, can make you any cylinder you want, they have made me several specialty cylinders in the past.