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  1. Got a John Deere today

    The wife asked me if I had $40. this morning, she said she wanted me to go pick up something for her that she got off craig list. Go to Casey,s and meet a guy named Joe in a gray Nisson P/U. Well it is Mother's Day so off I went, met him, and low and behold it was a JD lawn sprinkler tractor. She got a big laugh out of it. Well hooked it up to the hose put it in low and about 3 hrs. later it had only moved about 10', shifted to high and 3 hrs later it finally reached the end of a 50' hose. Wonder how it would look Red.
  2. What are these?

    Check end play on the crankshaft, if the thrust bearing is going out you might excessive end play
  3. Picking up a C120!

    I went to Feldmans Farm Supply and got some 7/16" X 1 1/2" fine threaded bolts, threaded the full length and threaded them thru the hub from the back side with some Red Loctite, then just used some 7/16" lug nuts. Sure made putting the wheels back on easier.
  4. Lift Cylinder clevis issue

    They make thin jam nut,s for rod ends( Heim joints)
  5. Lift Cylinder clevis issue

    Is their not enough room for a jam nut on the rod, they make some thin ones but the set screw would be better I think
  6. Drive Belt?

    Green Kevlar from TSC, been running the same belt on both my pullers for about 5 yrs with no issues I pull at least 20 pulls a year and pull in 6 difference weight classes 650, 750, 850, 950 slow 950 fast and 1050 a lot of trips down the track. When I sized the belts I got a spare and they have been it track box all that time.
  7. D 200 Engine

    Harbour Freight and a little fab work . not to complicated, put one of their 13 hp motors on my GT 2500 and a couple of holes drilled in the base is all I had to do. Plan on replacing it with a 12hp Kohler when time permits.
  8. D 200 Engine

    If you are not into keeping it stock consider the Preditor 22hp V twin as a replacement, I have used many of the HF engines and have had very good luck with them. Their is many parts sources for them now and seem to be very reliable. In our pulling club several guys have been running them for the last couple of years, and to be honest with you they are kicking our butts at about 1/3 the price of a rebuilt/built Kohler. I think if you go to Brian Millers site the price of a rebuilt opposed twin is going to be in the $14-1500 range.
  9. Barn Find C-121

    Retired you are absolutely correct $10.18 and available at Walmart Thank you so much. I didn't want to try lubing mine because the ledgens on mine is really good, now to Walmart.
  10. Barn Find C-121

    Well finally got it unwrapped and unloaded onto my smaller trailer and backed it down to my shop, first thing first see if it will turn over and maybe start Got a battery and open the hood, well their was a nice molded plastic tray for the battery, never seen one before, had a hose going down to just above the deck The more I look at this machine the more impressed I am with the care the PO has taken with it. Changed the oil, made sure the gas was getting to the pump, Pulled the plug and cleaned it, Both the throttle and choke are stiff so I unhooked them and operated by hand, the key switch has power to the coil but no crank. Put the aux. start button on and the starter just spins, pulled it and oiled the bendix, worked fine. Put a little gas in a spray bottle with a little 2 cycle oil in it the thing started right up and ran real quiet, but it is not getting any gas to keep running. Time to pull the pump and carb and clean it up and check the pump. I plan on putting it in the shed and getting my shop cleaned up and my project truck finished up. But you all know when a new toy arrives it is to tempting not to play with it.
  11. Fuel in oil... Again...

    I don't mess with the tank vale anymore, most of the time they don't shut the fuel off all the way and most of the time leak if disturbed. I go to TSCand get a inline 1/4 turn valve and install in line, and as suggesten the fuel pump could be bypassing fuel.
  12. Stone Boat Build

    Just a suggestion on the eye boly, flip it over to put an upward angle on the chain to put more downforce on the tractor. More traction equals longer pulls That is a very nicely built stone boat. Now all you need is a neighborhood cook out and have all the neighbors stand in a line and step on as you go past,
  13. My granddaughter's 857

    Man I am 72, the only computers I was around took up 3 rooms and spit thousands of them little cards all stacked up in trays, I thought to myself This **** ain't gonna work. Worked on trucks and heavy equipt for years, now they are run by computers started working on compactors and power units, now they are controlled be programale controllers. So I retired. But as soon as my son teaches me how to load pictures I will load some up.
  14. My granddaughter's 857

    Got to start them young, my grandson Alex started pulling at 3. He has pulled the last 4 seasons and the last 2 seasons he has pulled 2 classes 650 and 750. Our club allows 2 pulls per class so that get's him 4 pulls and I only pull 2 classes. This last season we, and I mean we built him his own tractor, a Sears Custom 7 with a 8 speed peerless with 1&1/8" axles with a 18 hp V-twin B&S. He picked the colors and helped with most of the painting. The first pull we made we had problems and I thought he would be disappointed, to my suprise he just told me " Grandpa we have some more work to do" We pull about 18-20 pulls a year and he has got about 15 Trophy's this season and our club makes a big deal out of it with the kids. Not all kids get a trophy you have to earn it, and with 40 & 50 hooks per class it is not easy. We pull with a club called "Bucket Brigade Garden Tractor Pullers" out of Kidder Mo. Operated by Bill,Ron, and Larry Baldwin they have a FB page and web page. check us out. We have pulled with some other clubs that don't really care for the younger classes and that is a shame kinda like going to a Church and not hearing a baby cry, well they won't be around long.
  15. Barn Find C-121

    I plan on getting pictures, especially the decals, just to show the great condition they are in. I will have to get my son over to load them and teach me how. It is still loaded on my truck, but covered with a quilt and 2 tarps to keep the weather off of it. Today is getting the shop cleaned up so it will get a new home, then as was suggested fine sanding and wax instead of clear cote. Enough for now time to get to work, thanks for the feedback'