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  1. 416 sputters and dies on load

    thankyou both. the manual is extremely helpful and advice re carb is along he same line as we were thinking. i'll try the jet cleaning procedure today. yes it is a hydro and I haven't cleaned the screen in the tank. i'll see about that too.bmsgaffer, yes you have it right as far as I'm seeing it. engaging the deck does not seem to phase it but put it in 'drive' and it dies pretty quick. will try to get video. thanks again
  2. 416 sputters and dies on load

    have had intermittent spark issues. mostly, the lead to the front of the engine rubbed through on the air filter housing. fixed with electrical tape for now. will start almost first time and can idle for minutes but as soon as transmission is engaged, starts to sputter and die as if fuel is being starved. butterflies in carburetor act as they should but haven't pulled carb apart or adjusted jets. doesn't happen when pto is engaged. but it has happened while simply idling after 4-5 minutes. I did put some suspect old gas in there before this happened which has since been drained. very frustrating! want to mow. from limited research, seems to be pointing to jets, or spark or perhaps ignition control module. please help if you have any experience or insight. thanks 1995-6 416 onan 350hrs
  3. 1996 416 idiot owner

    Thanks so much for response. Yes it is a 416 hydro. 1996 year 400 hrs or so. Ok so understand about it being hard to push. As far as the starter is concerned. When I turn the key for ignition, the starter spins and will keep spinning even though I have returned key to off position. By accident I found that while the starter is spinning and failing to respond to ignition module, that if I move the Dcl lever then that will stop the starter. When you say there is a neutral position on the hydro, could it be that it is not starting because I have not found neutral. And also how might that be related (or not) to the starter issue. The model number is 73423
  4. Proud new owner of 1996 416. Was running but then I messed it up. The lever to the right (forward /reverse) was loose. So in a rush I turned the still connected battery over to get to the set screw instead of disconnecting the battery and it arced on the chassis. Leaving a small weld. I set the lever in position and then tried to start it but it wouldn't fire. So here are the symptoms. Starter spins but won't disengage. If I move a lever the starter will disengage. The tractor is really hard to push and therefore I think it's not in gear.. Brand new battery. Checked fuses. Haven't checked spark but feel like it's some safety switch possibly to do with the fact that it is not in neutral Please help. Want to get her running and have fun. Thanks in advance