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  1. Landed a 520H finally

    I second the center drill. Those will not "walk" like a split-point drill bit. Also, if there such a thing as a cobalt, left-handed bit, use that in a drill press or milling machine and you're on the right path to getting this 520 back among the living.
  2. Snowblower for sale

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  3. Front End Friday

  4. New front shoes on my C165. I like the looks of the 18x8.50-8 turf tires much better than the 16x6.50-8 ags. She looks more like the C195 I had before.
  5. Hi would you consider $800 for the mower? Thanks budman2

    1. budman2


      Thats OK never mind !!!!!!!!

  6. 315-8 W/42" Deck

    Here is a low-hour 2002 315-8 with a 42" deck I have for sale. It has 413 hours on it and was garage kept its whole life which really shows. This season it has had all maintenance done on it; a new battery, engine oil and filter, spark plug, fuel filter, PTO oil seal, transmission oil, engine-to-deck belt, everything greased, and two new front tires. As you can see the only down side to this machine is the seat has a few small cracks but they in no way effect the quality of this machine. This Horse starts, runs, cuts, and drives very nice; even all the safety switches function! $1000 OBO.
  7. Buying New Garden Tractor

    My parents bought a GT235 with a 54" deck new in 1999; they looked at the 520xi's, but those were out of their price. It has been a very reliable machine and even after mowing nearly four acres at a time, it still gets the job done. There is no hour meter on it, but my guess would be it has over two-thousand hours on the clock now. She is starting to get a little tired, but after all the lawn it has reliably cut, I have no complaints; I'd really love to pull the heads and see what the cylinders look like. The no mow in reverse was disabled before it had even cut its first blade of grass; we just leave the PTO engaged and mow.
  8. The title sums it up. I am going to replace an oil seal on the PTO side but I have need to remove the electric clutch. Since I have never removed an electric clutch before, I'd like a pointer or two. Can I use a two/three-jaw puller to remove it? Any tips?
  9. Snowblower for sale

    Up for sale is a snowblower that I have rarely used in the last few years. I have it set up to blow snow on a gravel driveway which is why it has the larger tires on it but includes the original cast iron wheels too. I have put several new parts on it; scraper edge, chain, sprockets, drive pulley, tension spring, both pillow block bearings, and wings. I know that it wont win any beauty contests, but, that really isn't what this snow blower is about; it worked fine for me so hopefully it will for you. Come get it out of my garage! $150 OBOEmail me any questions! Thanks for looking!
  10. D180 Rear Axle hubs

    Bingo. But probably permanent. I would like to turn my C165-8 into something size wise of a C195 and eventually add hydraulics, rear pto, ect.
  11. Since D's are so foreign to me, are their rear axle hubs 1-1/8" like the majority of other Wheel Horses? The reason I ask is I have the opportunity to get some really nice rear tires, wheels, and wheel hubs I would consider for my C165 for an upcoming project.
  12. FEL Build for 520

    I would like a Marauder as well. I have a 2005 CV LX Sport with 2008 Mustang GT wheels on it. It is pretty much a Marauder (interior, color, and sound) but with a few less HP and has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. Here is a pic from 2010.
  13. FEL Build for 520

    Nice 520 FEL and P71. For a split second I thought it was a Marauder. Is the P71 your tow rig?
  14. 16 hp engine oil

    I have been using 15W40 Rotella or Wolf's head for years now and not a single issue. The whole only 30wt above certain temps is as outdated as the API classification for when the manual was written. Oil technology has improved exponentially since then and I wouldn't lose any sleep about using multi-viscosity oils in my air cooled engines. What is critical is keeping the oil level full and changing the oil every 25 hours.
  15. C145 Auto w/48" deck and snowblower

    Changed Status to Closed