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  1. I think we're getting two different types of loads confused here in respect to what engine I have on my tractor; Radial and Axial. All of our machines have a radial load applied to our engines whether the crankshaft is horizontal or vertical. Radial loads are perpendicular to the crankshaft via the belt riding on the pulley. An axial load is parallel to the crankshaft which is present only when either type of engagement lever is used to push the PTO bell against the friction clutch disc; this force requires the engine to have ball bearings on the crankshaft OR a thrust washer somewhere on the crankshaft to handle this type of load (force) like the 11 HP and 16 HP B&S engines on the Work Horse models have. The engine on my 520 came out of a Cub which only has bushings and cannot handle the axial pressure from a WH clutch which is why I want to install an electric clutch to allow me to use the machine for something other than plowing or pulling. Electric clutches don't exhibit the axial load and I don't feel like ponying up a hundred bucks just to find out that the crankshaft is too short for the clutch, hence why I asked my original question.
  2. I'm debating on installing an electric cluch on my 520H so I can run attachments on it. Right now it has an M18 off a yellow machine that is not capable of handling a side load like a WH spec engine can. I want to put an electric clutch on it, however, there is only 1.5" of crankshaft beyond the drive pulley. Is this enough to install an electric clutch?
  3. Leak has been fixed and fender replaced with a steel one. She is ready to mow!
  4. I replaced a leaking hydro line on my C145. It is unbelievable how far I had to dig into her to replace it! The easy part of this job was replacing the fiberglass fenders with a metal one I found at the local junk yard.
  5. I am in the process of dianosing a leak on my C145's transmission. I believe I have it narrowed down to the rubber line going into the oil filter housing. When I grab the line, it moves a considerable amount. Is that normal? On my 520 the line does move, but not like the C145's, and doesn't leak a drop. Also, what would the pressure going to the oil filter be?
  6. I have a dedicated plow tractor, 1988 520H, that has loaded ags on in reverse and with a 25 pound weight bolted to the wheel. It actually steers pretty good except when I'm trying to push a big pile of wet snow while turning or when it is super icy out!
  7. Here I have a 1983 C175 auto with a K321 I replaced the M18 it came to me with... so that makes this a C145 I suppose. The 48" deck is solid, blades just sharpened, and cuts well; I've used it a few times at my dad's and it cuts just as nice as his new Simplicity as well as working up ground for a garden. The transmission and lift are strong and it really moves along fast! All the lights work, too. The tractor has a new battery and the engine has new points and condensor, ignition coil, carburetor, and muffler; also, the PTO disc is nearly new as well. Also the leaking transmission line was replaced with a newly made hose and metal fender to replace the plastic one. All the belts and blades are good, too. It starts, runs, and cuts pretty good for a 34 year old machine but is not perfect. The only main issue is it does consume some oil. Not really a big deal to me, I just check fluid levels before use, but I have to point it out. Lastly, I did NOT put the NASCAR or Mopar stickers on this machine! Maybe the previous owner felt they added some power to it! This machine is ready to mow! Email me any questions! Thanks for looking!
  8. It is a C175 auto with an engine from a C141 or 145. So... technically it is a C145 now. It came to me with an M18 running on one cylinder so I swapped it out for a K321.
  9. Today I welded a K321 exhaust pipe to an M18 muffler to quiet her down quite a bit before I mowed for two hours with my C175/45 hybrid.
  10. Here is a mid-90s vertical shaft B&S 16 HP, two-cylinder engine. It is complete except for the exhaust/muffler system. Model 42D707. I'm sure it would be great for a 200-series, walk behind/zero-turn replacement engine, or whatever project you may need it. Perhaps you need it to just take up space on your floor, like my shop.
  11. Decoding the Model and Code really aren't too difficult. As far as oil, I'd run the same that you run in your Kohlers. The air filters can vary but I've always used round ones similar to what is on my K-series although the height of them may vary.
  12. I've purchased a set of prybars, scrapers, and chisels recently from Sears that are made here so they may still be made by Wilde. I know their rewards program can be gimmicky at times, but I bought them for pennies and would do so again.
  13. I'm looking for a muffler for my C145. Mine has the baffling all broken out and it is LOUD! I don't need one that is for the Concours d'elegance, I just need one that works. Thanks!
  14. The pulleys are slightly different on the mule drive for the 37" decks. Both of the pulleys are v-style whereas on everything else, there is one v-style and one flat.
  15. I have a Dimension 1200es. This is the first time I have ever had a 3D printer in a classroom. It has a pretty slick set up; model material and support material heads that are headed, plus an environment heater so the whole unit gets hot. Print time is a bit slower for larger parts and they usually have to take an acid bath to remove the support material, but I'm certainly not complaining one bit!