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  1. The title sums it up. I am going to replace an oil seal on the PTO side but I have need to remove the electric clutch. Since I have never removed an electric clutch before, I'd like a pointer or two. Can I use a two/three-jaw puller to remove it? Any tips?
  2. Snowblower for sale

    Up for sale is a snowblower that I have rarely used in the last few years. I have it set up to blow snow on a gravel driveway which is why it has the larger tires on it but includes the original cast iron wheels too. I have put several new parts on it; scraper edge, chain, sprockets, drive pulley, tension spring, both pillow block bearings, and wings. I know that it wont win any beauty contests, but, that really isn't what this snow blower is about; it worked fine for me so hopefully it will for you. Come get it out of my garage! $150 OBOEmail me any questions! Thanks for looking!
  3. D180 Rear Axle hubs

    Bingo. But probably permanent. I would like to turn my C165-8 into something size wise of a C195 and eventually add hydraulics, rear pto, ect.
  4. Since D's are so foreign to me, are their rear axle hubs 1-1/8" like the majority of other Wheel Horses? The reason I ask is I have the opportunity to get some really nice rear tires, wheels, and wheel hubs I would consider for my C165 for an upcoming project.
  5. FEL Build for 520

    I would like a Marauder as well. I have a 2005 CV LX Sport with 2008 Mustang GT wheels on it. It is pretty much a Marauder (interior, color, and sound) but with a few less HP and has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. Here is a pic from 2010.
  6. FEL Build for 520

    Nice 520 FEL and P71. For a split second I thought it was a Marauder. Is the P71 your tow rig?
  7. 16 hp engine oil

    I have been using 15W40 Rotella or Wolf's head for years now and not a single issue. The whole only 30wt above certain temps is as outdated as the API classification for when the manual was written. Oil technology has improved exponentially since then and I wouldn't lose any sleep about using multi-viscosity oils in my air cooled engines. What is critical is keeping the oil level full and changing the oil every 25 hours.
  8. C145 Auto w/48" deck and snowblower

    Changed Status to Closed
  9. C145 Auto w/48" deck and snowblower

    Changed Price to 600 OBO
  10. C145 Auto w/48" deck and snowblower

    Still for sale. Now it is a package deal with a snowblower!
  11. known issues k341 ?

    I've had mine for over twenty years in a C165 and not a single issue to speak of. It has been the best single cylinder engine I've ever had and definitely underrated in power! I think you'll be hard pressed to find anyone to speak ill of a K341!
  12. Is an 18HP Briggs L-Twin worth rebuilding?

    It has ball bearings on the crank so it can be an almost drop in replacement for a Kohler. I'd rebuild it and save it for a rainy day.
  13. M14 Tach & Hour Meter

    The tach isn't going to know what engine it is connected to, twin or single cylinder. As long as the fly wheel has the same number of magnets, it'll read the pulses correctly. I have a 520 tach on my K341 and M18 with no issues whatsoever. Just connect the tach signal wire to one of the stator wires and run her!
  14. Onan to kohler k series swap

    I doubt a stubby crank would work. Remember there will be two pulleys on the side. You may be able to swap pans on the singles, details are in the article I shared with you. If you go the twin-cylinder Kohler route, make sure it was off a Whee Horse or has a spec number that indicates the engine has crank bearings that can handle the side load a Wheel Horse clutch puts on an engine... ie, clutch pushing against the engine. I went through this when I put an M18 from a Cub Cadet on a 520H so now I can only push/plow snow and pull trailers since this engine has the wrong bearing type for a Wheel horse PTO.
  15. Onan to kohler k series swap

    For simplicity, look for the large base oil pan. Some say the small base with the cradle mount vibrate too much like an old Harley. I can say that mine really don't as I have new rubber mount on one and the K341 has the balance gears removed and is on good mounts. But I would look for the large base anyways for simplicity. All Magnum singles are the large base. I think that if you stay with a K-series 10hp and over, they will be 1-1/8" shaft like your Onan is. I would shoot for a 14-16 hp engine especially if you are running a 48-inch deck, if not, an M12 or K301 will be just fine. Having not have worked on a P216 yet, I am going out on a limb by saying it should have the same ignition system as its big brother, therefore I should work on any K-series. Good luck finding a good running M16 or K341 that is affordable!