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  1. 314-8 seat

    I went through this about a year ago also, trying to track down a seat for my Dad's 314-8. I could not find a seat with the bolt pattern. We lucked out when a used one popped up on ebay so I grabbed it.
  2. New Old Owner!

    She looks mighty nice. Original seat looks awesome!
  3. Just finished putting my decals on.

    She looks mighty fine!
  4. That is correct. I just rebuilt 3 different spindles all on the same deck.
  5. B80 pto adjustment

    It may be possible that the transaxle belt drive pulley on the crankshaft has moved back toward the engine also. I had one of my tractors do that.
  6. Wheel Horse safety video

    Thanks for sharing the video!
  7. dial a height

    No sir, I also have concrete and asphalt to clear of snow also. Those would be great for gravel only I suppose.
  8. ? on demise of Wheel horse

    That's one of the dumbest things the US ever did IMO. It wasn't necessary. And why did we not change over completely? Some stuff is metric and some still standard. I don't get it. Not just wrench sizes, but measurements for lumber, gas, groceries, etc.
  9. How can I make these work?

    I'm not sure you can make those caps fit your wheels with the clips, the edges are rolled over on these, there is no provision for clips. The caps that take clips are designed differently. See attached pic. The caps you have are made to pop on over bumps on a wheel or axle bolt heads on a truck. Not trying to be discouraging, just giving you my perspective on it. The silicone idea may work, if these caps fit inside the wheel rim, or perhaps a few layers of duct tape or foil tape.
  10. dial a height

    I don't recall ever using it to adjust my mower deck, although I reckon you could. I do use it to set my dozer blade height when pushing snow on a gravel drive.
  11. With 7 acres to mow, you'd probably want something a little bigger for more practical purposes as others have mentioned. But those tractors would make good projects if you're looking for something to work on, although I would not pay that much.
  12. I found one more pic! This is the used spindle I bought from ebay.
  13. I found the Wheel Horse Mower Deck Spindle Chart in the manuals section very useful too.