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  1. Those proud moments!

    That is awesome!!
  2. Box Dozer Blade

    I would have figured someone had already posted it. I didn't see it here anywhere so I went ahead and posted. No apologies to me necessary Ed.
  3. It's back!

  4. Box Dozer Blade

    I apologize if this has been posted already. I don't check this thread often, but I hoped y'all would enjoy it!
  5. Snow plowing

    I've not had a chance to get my snow pusher ready for the season. Forecast here in KC says maybe 1" Sat. night. That ain't enough to have fun with, but I still need to get her ready.
  6. 96 hood decal mystery

    Welcome to the forum. You should be able find out anything you need to know about right here! Great group of people IMO. I'm not expert on the Anniversary models. My Dad has a 1996 314-8 he purchased new and it has gold lettering on the hood decals, gold emblem on front of hood and wheel covers, but I don't recall about the fender pan. Does your fender pan have red or gold lettering? I can't tell in your photo. You've got a great looking project there, have fun with it! It'll last a lifetime if kept well maintained! I knew your Monte Carlo was a '72 by the color. I remember that color when it came out back then. I really like it, always have. I don't recall the name of it?
  7. Snow plowing

    Yep! My favorite job is pushing snow!
  8. Pay attention

    Ouch! Hope that heals up well for you.
  9. Lights Out

    I broke a few bulbs. Just put it on my bill I reckon.
  10. Looks like a mighty fine score to me!
  11. It has pull knobs for choke and throttle. I thought '73s had levers. The pic in the 1973 brochure has a Kohler.
  12. That is exactly what I suspected. The spacer is there. I don't know exactly how it was assembled though, but the bearing, spacer, snap ring all fell out when I pushed the spindle through from the top, while the housing was still attached to the deck. I'm just sure it was not assembled correctly. Thanks.