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  1. Mixed WH Feelings

    I don't know how far it is for you to go get the tractor but you should buy it if you like it and want it. That's all there is to it. If it's worth $400 to you, that's all that matters IMO, not what other guys think. You can't go wrong with a whatever model it is! Those guys might be trying to talk you out of it so they can go rustle it for themselves! We're all in this thing for different reasons, but one thing we all share is a love for 'em!
  2. Yep, I always search the correct 2 words and the incorrect one word to find all results. eBay is another place to find parts.
  3. help needed!

    The easiest way to test those is to connect the terminals of the sealed beam to a 12 volt battery with a jumper wire.
  4. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    1977 B-80 with 42" dozer blade.
  5. You should post an ad in the classified section of the forum.
  6. Tractor Seats

    I sit halfway on the seat and fender to mow my bank. Been doing it for 23 years. It wears out the seat faster though and I'm about 170 lbs. Save your genuine seat if you have one, as they are highly valued. I'm on about my fourth seat on the B-80.
  7. Misconception ...

    What they don't know won't hurt us!
  8. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    I'd keep it and use it. If you maintain it, it will outlast anything else you own.
  9. Felony Green

  10. 310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    Full throttle high range in 2nd gear. I run 1st gear along the ditch or tricky spots. 3rd gear is too fast for bumps, it doesn't leave a nice cut. My dad mows in 3rd gear usually and the results are poor IMO. If I'm gonna put in the effort to mow, I prefer it to look good when I'm done, not have it look like it needs mowing again.
  11. Felony Green

    I think it is!
  12. As Close as I've Gotten

    Looks mighty fine to me!
  13. 2 C-85s followed me home today

    on the fuel tank too!
  14. RJ58 Find today (Awsome)!!!!

    That's a great find you have there! I'm a NASCAR fan too so it's double awesome?