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  1. It has pull knobs for choke and throttle. I thought '73s had levers. The pic in the 1973 brochure has a Kohler.
  2. That is exactly what I suspected. The spacer is there. I don't know exactly how it was assembled though, but the bearing, spacer, snap ring all fell out when I pushed the spindle through from the top, while the housing was still attached to the deck. I'm just sure it was not assembled correctly. Thanks.
  3. Yep low range is good for that. I've mowed some mighty thick heavy grass/weeds in low range with my B-80 a couple of times too.
  4. Degreasing and Saving Paint on K181

    I use kerosene, brushes and rags. Then wash with soap and water.
  5. C161 plowing, first timer

    You've got a mighty fine there!
  6. That's what I plan to do. I saw a video on youtube that showed how those bearings that are sealed on both sides don't have much grease in them when new anyway. The 90 degree zerk is a good idea. Thank you I just found a used housing on ebay. I should be good to go now, just waiting for parts to arrive.
  7. Lots of study and research. I got the bearings removed and looked up the part numbers in the deck parts manual and went from there. I found a Stens replacement number on RCPW and tracked down some on ebay. I have a digital caliper to measure the thickness, I.D. and O.D. to verify what I'm ordering. I shop around to find the best deals. I ordered some of the larger shaft bearings from Walmart.com too. I also got info from past threads here on RS. The Spindle ID chart is very helpful also, found in the manuals section, once I figured out how to understand it. I've done my homework on this one. It's been fun, interesting and educational working on something new to me. I'm enjoying it. I'm pretty much learning as I go here. I did get one incorrect piece of info from and old thread though. The Harbor Freight pulley remover tool would not work on these pulleys. I found this out after purchasing one and then returning it. The groove on the pulley shaft is too far down on the shaft for the tool to reach. I removed the pulleys with a bearing separator I got from HF and it worked very well. It's the only way I can keep track of stuff. I had to keep the parts separate after I realized the spindles were not all the same. This is a side project I've been working on for about a week and a half now, a little at a time. I work full time and play music on the side so I don't get as much time as I like to! It's an extra deck I'm going to keep for backup and mowing leaves in the fall. I mow regularly with a RD. I like the SD deck to blow leaves in rows and then mulch with the SD deck.
  8. I've done a bit more research and study. You are absolutely correct on the 6203 bearings. I found a part number on those and found some on ebay. Notice in the pic 2 new bearings in a plastic bag, those are new 6203 metrics. Thank you. As to the worn down spindle housing: I found the snap ring down in the lower cup part that goes at the bottom of the shaft. The lower bearing just fell out when I pushed the shaft out through the housing. There was also about a 10 gauge piece of wire wrapped around there about 2 times around, among all the grease, grass and debris. So I'm thinking this spindle was not assembled correctly by PO at some point.
  9. That's looks like one that would work. Thank you. I'm sure these spindles were changed by PO at some point. One outer pulley was on upside down. The parts manual shows all 3 to be the same as you mention, part no. 107405. My center spindle is a smaller diameter than the outers. The outers have different hexes on the shafts. The outers have seals in the top but the center does not. I've studied the ID chart some more and it seems that the large hex spindle type was replaced by a smaller hex type over the years. It shows spindle assembly part no. 110982 for the center and 110983 for the left/right for replacements. Looks like they are still available for a small fortune. I'm getting more familiar with what parts I have. It doesn't matter if all 3 spindles match, I just want to get it going with what I have at minimal cost. It's a good, solid deck. I've located bearings and seals. At this point I just need 1 housing, part no. 106063, and I think I'll be good to go.
  10. First time I've disassembled spindles. It's a 42" SD 95-42MS01-29657. This deck appears to have 3 different spindles. The outer ones are larger diameter but have different shafts. I'm relatively sure the PO changed out some of the spindles. I've got bearings but last night I discovered I need one housing that is worn down (on the bottom blade end) so far that the snap ring groove is gone. Please see pics. The second pic is the 3 spindles disassembled. The smaller shaft spindle being the center box of parts. I'm going to post a wanted ad for a spindle housing, but my question is what info do I need to get the same one? I know there are many different spindles. I have printed out the Spindle ID Chart from the manual section and it's a little confusing. I need to take more time to study it. Thanks, Todd
  11. Fisherman

    She looks mighty fine!
  12. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    Yes. Lots of great pics!
  13. Differences between a C100 and a C160

    Didn't the C160s come standard with headlamps and a tail lamp?