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  1. Old topic,,,,what i discovered

    I've used the rattle cans of Genuine Wheel Horse/Toro red over several years also. They aren't all exact matches either.
  2. Old topic,,,,what i discovered

    I've used the Sunrise red to touch up a couple of parts and it's very close.
  3. 3 generations out for a horse ride

    That is awesome!
  4. Dennis that makes sense. Never thought about it that way. I've always been of thought that the stain needs to be actually dissolved to remove it. I understand what you're saying. We've been so busy here I've not had an opportunity to get back to the seat yet, after being out of town and now my daughter has been setting up to have a garage sale. Hopefully I can try to work on it today. Again, thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions.
  5. I've not had a chance to get back to this project yet. Thanks for the help. I have used super clean on my tractors. It cleans the grass from RD decks on the inside of the rear wheels very well. It's very powerful stuff IMO but I find it leaves kind of a dull scum on parts that needs to be washed away after using it.
  6. Red Square 2018 Calendar Project

    I'm submitting these if you consider the kids theme. This is my '77 B-80 with a late 80's era dump cart.
  7. Thanks again guys. Hopefully we'll get back to work on it soon. I used to to build model cars and trucks, I'd use oven cleaner or brake fluid to strip car bodies for repainting. Depending on the type of plastic it sometimes made it a little soft. Im not familiar with Castrol Purple, is that an oil additive or a cleaner chemical?
  8. This is very helpful. We did try the eraser but I hadn't thought of nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. The spot on the seat is about the size of a baseball. I really don't think it is latex paint, after trying many types of cleaners such as Tuff Stuff, 409, Orange Clean, bathroom tile cleaner etc. I'm thinking it must be an oil based paint. I just feel like we need a chemical that will dissolve it, but of course not harming the leather material. Thank you
  9. My daughter got her first vehicle ('98 Chev Blazer) and we're doing some cleaning and detailing to the interior. There's a patch of something that looks like black paint on the gray leather seat. I did remove a very small spot with some lacquer thinner but I'm afraid to do a larger spot which will be more conspicuous. Lacquer thinner just seems so harsh to put on a leather seat like that, although it did not take the color out of the seat. Has anyone had any experience with this or any suggestions maybe? Thanks, Todd
  10. Glacier ridge tractor show

    Looks like a fun show. Thanks for the pics!
  11. That's just awesome! Glad you got it. Looks like a very solid and straight tractor. That will be a fun project to get her going again.
  12. mower belt

    The deck belt or PTO belt?
  13. First post first mower

    Your looks mighty fine! You've come to the right forum for all the info you'll need to repair and maintain your ! You'll have fun with it!
  14. Beware of C/L people

    I just went through this from the other end dealing with people trying to find a used vehicle for my daughter. You get all kinds. So many people don't respond to calls or texts when indicated in the ad. I don't understand that. Some were sold but they don't take down the ad. Drove an hour to meet one guy in a public place we agreed on to look at his vehicle and the jackwagon never showed up. I could tell more but I'll quit. The more you deal with people, the more odd things you run into. There are bad folks out there but there are good ones too. You have to weed out the bad ones, and deal with the good ones IMO.