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  1. Free is good... todays side of road haul

    You can't beat free for a price. Especially for a ! That's an interesting steering wheel repair.
  2. PTO clutch plate lining

    They are very proud of them. Just a few years ago they were about $75. https://www.rcpw.com/search/?quest=6655
  3. Intro and new to me 315-8

    That's a fine looking Horse!
  4. Four WH Questions

    1) Yes, 2) No. The pulleys have sealed bearings 3) I use a pneumatic hand held grease gun from Harbor Freight. You don't need 3 hands to use it. 4) Most smaller decks are rear discharge. The rear discharge has the advantage of being able to mow up to objects from either side of the tractor. Smaller decks will match the contour of the terrain of your yard too, which some folks prefer the look of after mowing.
  5. Hardware bubble packs

    The big one would be 1156. I forget the number on the small one.
  6. Trunk Tractor

    Thanks. I don't ever read the other brands thread. Maybe there are some folks that haven't seen it. I just felt compelled to share it. It is hilarious!
  7. Hardware bubble packs

    Mighty fine! Those blister packs are cool.
  8. Footrest pads

    I found these at Lowes or Home Depot and cut down to match the factory ones. Looks original.
  9. Trunk Tractor

    I agree.
  10. That's a might fine horse!
  11. Trunk Tractor

    I was cleaning up pics on the PC this morning and came across this. I most likely got it from a Facebook post. I apologize if it's been posted here already.
  12. Final chapter: I got a chance to put the deck on my B-100 this past Sunday afternoon and test 'er out. Cuts like a hoss and runs smooth and quiet. Thanks to everyone for the assistance and info. On to the next project! Todd
  13. 314-8 seat

    I went through this about a year ago also, trying to track down a seat for my Dad's 314-8. I could not find a seat with the bolt pattern. We lucked out when a used one popped up on ebay so I grabbed it.
  14. New Old Owner!

    She looks mighty nice. Original seat looks awesome!
  15. Just finished putting my decals on.

    She looks mighty fine!