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  1. Hmmm. Try this, it worked for me on the post preview. http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/intelligencer...ama_at_bat.html
  2. Little doubt this will be a 2012 fall classic: http://www.angelfire.com/ak2/intelli...ma_at_bat.html
  3. Searching for a C-111 Booster

    Well my little C-111 runs again but I fear the motor
  4. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Yeah, now that it runs I really have problems! :D
  5. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Well, kind of a bittersweet situation here. The old Briggs runs again but still exhibits the original stalling condition after about 15 minutes of run time. Weird. I checked and double checked the float height and rebuilt the carburetor with a B&S kit. I was starting to think this might be an ignition problem but strangely enough I can get the motor to run all day with the choke disconnected allowing the choke valve/plate to operate in kind of a default mode. It
  6. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Yup, fresh gaskets and torqued to spec. She fired right up. Sounds pretty good too. Trouble is I'm having problems getting the throttle/gov/choke set up correctly. Typicaly I take and proof digital pictures of that stuff but this time the camera didn't get a good look, plus I'm not sure I have all the linkage. Stupid rookie mistake! All I have is one linkage rod and one spring (for the govenor). I fussed with this set up for a couple of hours last night but now I suspect I'm missing another rod or spring or both. I've checked the B&S stuff online but they don't show my perticular set up. Anyone have a picture of thier C-111 linkage? Heck, I'll settle for a hand drawing with crayons even.
  7. A little off topic since most WH are covered in piant but I'm looking for a good source that does metal plating for hardware such as nuts/bolts and engine castings. Thought you folks might have some insight on this.
  8. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Ok, I lapped and adjusted the valves, threw on the old head gasket snugged the head down to 25 ft/lbs (which may be too much, does anyone know the correct torque for the head bolts? I didn't find it in the online manual) and ran a compression test: Dry: It went from 30 to 105psi. Wet: It went from 50 to 125psi For a 6:1 compression motor I'd say that's good enough to go buy a fresh head and breather gaskets, put her together and see if she'll start doing some internal combustin' Hell, I might even pop for a new sparkplug for the old girl.
  9. Help on Poking around a B&S

    I'll get after that pesky intake valve in a day or so and bring the valve clearance back in spec. This motor went from hero to zero within 15minutes. No knocking, no smoking, no signs of any trouble just a short period (1 minute) when it sounded like it was "running out of fuel" and then zip. The head gasket looked good with no evidance of a leak. So at this point I'm just interested in seeing if a bit of valve work is what the motor needs to bring it back to life or if it just leads to the next no-run problem. I've never had much experiance with these small engines so I'm curious as to what led to the expedited no run condition. I likely will replace the engine unless it recovers signifcantly with a little valve work. If I do replace it, it will probably not be with another Briggs and Stratton unit. More likely I would go with a 12 HP or bigger Kohler or a far eastern unit as I'll bet a Kohler replacements will be a lot more $.
  10. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Excuse my ignorance on this subject but how do you go about correcting for the excessive clearance (.016
  11. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Well, I popped the breather cover off to check the valve clearance. The exhaust valve had a retainer and collar while the intake valve simply had a one-piece retainer holding the spring in place. Upon measuring the clearance I found the exhaust valve clearance to be .016; way too much clearance (over twice the recommended spec. of .005
  12. Help on Poking around a B&S

    The valves were moving up/down fine but it will be next week before I can go further on checking adjustment or condition of the valves.
  13. Help on Poking around a B&S

    Well a little bit of SAE 30wt got me to 50 psi on the compression gage. So off with it's head and
  14. Initially I thought this would be an EZ question but maybe not. What was the highest HP motor used in a Wheel Horse Round Hood model? Then I thought, there are probably plenty of Round Hood models that use a motor that HP, so if that is the case lets include physical size/capabilities also. Hope not to start any horse wars, there may be more than one winner!
  15. Help on Poking around a B&S

    I'm kinda suspecting something in the valve train, I just find it strange that a valve would "stick" while the motor was running. Never know though, stranger things have happened. I guess I'll pull the head and have a look.