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  1. GT1100 Progress

    I like it alot!!! What color is that? Ty
  2. Wheel Weight "ID"

    Thats quite a stack of weights, no wonder I have trouble finding any... I also found a pair. but front weights. Any Ideas what brand??? they weigh #30 a peice. Ty
  3. Different

    I came across this while searching for other stuff. Have any of you seen these before? Also what odd stuff have you found while looking for something?
  4. Helpers

    Hey James, I see you have a Helper too. What is his/her name? I too have a Helper, his name is Dakota. I have a Grandson growing up now, soon he'll be a helper. Who else has a pic of their little one helping??
  5. This One Came To The Stable Yesterday!

    for the dual pullies which the 701 only had
  6. This One Came To The Stable Yesterday!

    :whistle: I did see it in another stable :thumbs:
  7. First Horse

    :thumbs: Welcome to the group James. You are going to get hooked on Horses if you havent already. You'll like that Horse, speciality the high/low trany. Keep us posted on your progress and dont forget :whistle:
  8. New Tool

    Nice saw Scott (Craftsman ) Keepin it in AMERICA! Enjoy it and keep your fingers :whistle:
  9. MY 1 2631-497224

    What? No, before pictures? Looking good, keep us posted on your work. And dont forget :hide:
  10. I have set up a couple of 30 gal barrels for use around the house. One is for the tractors and such, and the other is for heaters. I try to fill them during the summer, then use them in the winter. How ever, my son tends to use my gas for one or another of his trucks.
  11. Why do you collect these tractors?

    When growing up on a farm it wasnt nothing to be driving a farm tractor. Being young my dad had a smaller tractor the he had me drive back and forth form the barnyard to the field. I never really knew what type of tractor, but from what I have figured out it was a Farmall "B". Well since the farm is now longer in the family and I dont have a lot of properity I came across a smaller garden tractor the reminded be of that Farmall. With a little dealing I got a tractor with mowing deck, snow plow, and a HL-5 for $80. Later I found out that the tractor was a 701. I dont consided myself to be a collector, but a friend says "Thats called denial"
  12. poodle Nice find with the 701, the orange color reminds me of mine when I first got it. The 701 didnt have any parking breaks, and the dash was mad from a plastic. The lose steering could be a number of things, the proble I had with mine was that the teeth on the gear on the end of the steering rod was worn down. That part I have no Idea. The hood tab on front should go behind the farmework and that hole should be tapped for the thumb screw. Now that belt guard, there should be only one hole on the side. But thats me telling you, others may be differ. I do have some pics Good Luck with you project and Have FUN
  13. 654

    :hide: And enjoy this Site, I have no idea where to find the origional type, but someone here may know. Have Fun with your horseand again :D
  14. Work horse good or not?

    Always thought of them as a Horse of a different color