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  1. Turn Key - Nothing

    I just ran jumper cables from the battery to the starter. Red and black on battery. Black on frame and red on starter nut. At first touch there were some light sparks with starter doing nothing and now there are no sparks at all. I used a second battery and no sparks or anything from the starter. Would this be a good indication of fried starter?
  2. Turn Key - Nothing

    I have a 1981 C-145. I used this tractor a month ago to plow snow and all operated fine. Went to start it today and nothing happens when I turn the key. The battery is reading 95% charge so it is not the battery itself. I'm mechanically inclined when I know what to do. What are the steps I should take to test this problem?
  3. Seems like the most popular here is the blade. especially with a stone drive. But a lot of variation between how you guys do it. I guess I will just have to figure out on my own what works best for my situation. I really don't want to use the loader so maybe I will use the blower for deeper/drier snow and then the blade for the rest if I can figure out how to do a quick swap. My atv was definitely pretty quick so I hope I don't get too frustrated with this tractor being a bit smaller and slower. My grandfather passed away a couple years ago. I had to have this tractor at that point so I bought it from his estate. He bought it new in 1981. Had many memories of it. Can't really say I needed it but I'm glad I have it. So you are correct, I don't have the addiction and that's why I made that statement of not getting any more, it is more of a sentimental thing for me. I plan to do a basic restore on it this year. When I got it, it was hard starting and then it wouldn't start. I basically rebuilt the top end of engine (other than pistons), cleaned carb, new fuel lines and cleaned tank, etc.
  4. I have a 1981 C-145 that I got a couple years ago. I have a snow blower and a blade for it. In the past I had a 4x4 atv with a plow that I used. I sold that and bought a 1966 Massey Ferguson 135 with a loader (does not have bucket float). My drive that I will be plowing is a stone 125' lane and then goes into a tear drop shape about 100'x70'. I only have the one Wheel Horse (which was my grandfathers) and I'm not going to buy another one to have both the blower and blade mounted at same time. The Wheel Horse has chains & wheel weights but I do not have chains for the Massey which will run me about $350. So I have a couple questions on this. What are your determining factors when using the blower vs the blade? Moisture? Depth (what depth?)? Etc. The blade is easy to swap but the blower is a little more of a pain. If I thought it through I could probably make some kind of setup to make it easier though. What would your approach be, given that I have the blower and blade for the Wheel horse and I have another tractor with a bucket? I plan to put all/most the snow in the one end of the driveway (I have a lot of room) so when it melts I can drag the stones back and not have them in the yard/woods. Use both tractors at same time?
  5. How often you run the horse in winter?

    Interesting. I'm glad this was brought up. I already have a trickle charger on it so I guess it does not need to be started every week unless I'm working it.
  6. Other than snow work I have no need to use my horse in the winter. Since these horses are older and just as a good habit how often do you run your horse in the winter? This is my first year with my 1981 C145 and so far it has been an uneventful snowfall winter. I've decided that every Sunday I will let the horse warm up and make a round trip out the driveway about 1/4 mile total.
  7. What Model(s) Am I Looking For?

    I have been looking at available tractors the last few days and what the asking prices are just to get an idea. I have been seeing a lot of GT14's for sale. Can somebody give me an idea of what these tractors are like as far as getting work done and etc.? As you can see earlier in the thread I was leaning towards a C-160, but these GT14's seem to be readily available unless it is just a timing thing. And they seem to be cheaper. Running with blade and around $500. Seems like a good price. It also has the same exact motor as my C-145 so that's nice. And they are a heavy tractor. Does this model fit my description in OP?
  8. Excavating Implements

    COMPLETE EDIT OF EVERYTHING BELOW. Sorry to any of you that already read it. I think I am going to keep everything simple. I am going to have homemade........Heavy 5' angle iron with 6" exposed bars welded and securely attached. Will hook up to the clevis hitch. Will make so I can put cinder blocks on top for weight if needed. I will also get a grader blade if the homemade job is not designed to grade. _____________________________________________________________________ EDIT: IF I CAN GET ONE MADE FOR MUCH CHEAPER I MAY DO THAT. http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/countylinereg%3B-box-blade-5-ft Link above is what I'm looking at. I know there are cheaper ones but I think I would like to spend more for the heavy duty. My plan is to get an excavator in the first time to loosen the ground and grade it. Then twice a year I will use this box blade to work the driveway again (yes within 6 months I'm sure the potholes will begin to form again). Let's say I end up getting a C-160 to work this. Is that enough tractor if I take my time and not try to take too much at once? I read online to figure 5 hp for every foot of width and this thing is 5 feet, so I'm not sure on this one. Also this thing is 395 lb. It seems this may be too big of an implement for the tractor. If it would work, I would like to be able to raise and lower it. Am I going to be able to do this with both or either hydraulic or manual lift as heavy as it is? What is the setup I would need to hook this thing up? Would I need some homemade "adapters"?
  9. Excavating Implements

    I was really hoping to keep it Wheel Horse. I really think I will have to have an excavator with large equipment to work it one time and then maybe twice a year I could take an implement such as the ones you mention and work it. That's why I mentioned a cultivator because the hard packed ground needs loosened before using anything you guys mention. One I get the driveway decent by excavator are there any wheel horse implements to maintain or would it just be wise to use these other implements due to purpose and efficiency? Was just tryin to start my wheel horse collection but I want to use what I buy.
  10. I hope I'm not posting too many threads but the gears in my head are in high gear. I never knew the potential these tractors have. Anyways here's my issue. My driveway is horrendous. It is rocky and packed hard and has potholes and ruts and no consistent slope or crown. I think if this will work I will be looking into possibly a C-160 as my worker but I currently have a C-145. To keep it simple I'm thinking a cultivator to loosen the ground and a rear grader blade to work it in. Will this work or am I being too optimistic? Do you recommend any other implements? I am thinking I might need a mount in addition to the mount for the snow plow but I don't know what that would be? Any other thoughts?
  11. What Model(s) Am I Looking For?

    I'm wanting something that looks different as long as it performs. That's why I was saying pre 78. I know looks don't get the work done but if the pre 78 gets it done that's probably what I'm looking for. I really like the appearance of the C-160.
  12. Dealer List

    RE Davidson & Son, Millerstown, PA, opened 1965, still open dealing Toro.
  13. What Model(s) Am I Looking For?

    Any particular reason you specified a 1977?
  14. This may be a pretty broad question, but I'm new to the Wheel Horses and you guys may be able to point me in the right direction. I'm looking to get a real WORKHORSE. I already have a 1981 C145 so I'm looking pre 1978 just to have something that looks a little different. My research so far has led me to a mid 70's C-160 (or something similar) or a D Series. One that is powerful and I can do some driveway work as far as grading and moving dirt. I may be interested in putting a bucket on it for dirt, stone, mulch, etc. Reliable and easy to repair because my skill set is somewhat limited (I have some knowledge on the K321 on my C145 so probably looking for Kohler). Not rare and expensive as far as machine/parts/repairs. One that has headlights or can have headlights mounted. Other thoughts that I have no idea on for this purpose would be auto vs manual and manual vs hydraulic lift. Not sure if either of those are important. Any Suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Why Do You Buy?

    Thanks for the awesome posts guys. This is good stuff and exactly what I was looking for when I started this thread. The old photos are great. I'm getting even more pumped about this new hobby. I don't think it is a desirable horse ??, but my stepdad has a Work Horse that has sat for quite a few years now and has some issues. I may just see if he wants to fix it up.