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  1. The Horse is ready to run

    If you have a wife she may tolerate you being in love with a machine.
  2. What is destroying my belts?

    I certainly agree with the professional engineer Mr. Smith, he is most certainly high above me. Everything he has said could be understood by a formally educated mechanic. Please consider though that a raw edged cogged V belt was not originally designed for these Wheel Horse mower decks in this era. But the certainly can reap the benefit of increased efficiency from reducing the HP loss from the belt flexure heat loss in that belt zone. All the inspection considerations that Mr. Smith illustrated are basic to maintenance inspection. When a mechanic is having continued difficulty over an extended period of time it most often helpful to call in another mechanic to personally view the problem. I have never been too proud not to call in another person to view something that I am having trouble with. I never intended to insult any person here.
  3. What is destroying my belts?

    Racinbob, I found your comment a bit personally rude to me. I am a professional mechanic in industry. A facet being V belt drives. I said I was giving my opinion and not attacking the person asking for help at all. The post started in January . Yes? I know from my experience not to ever judge a person's abilities without personally knowing them for a long while. To personally know a person I mean being a friend that shakes their hand at least 12 times per year. Being identified as a Newbie does not identify them as being a mechanical Greenhorn. Wheel Horse tractors have been an interest of mine for awhile. I just now have time to join Red Square and view the forum occasionally.
  4. What is destroying my belts?

    This post has been going on for a long time now with no victory. Many truly concerned experienced people have been giving their best advice of experience. There are scenarios that need direct observation of the problem to gather information that has somehow been missed after all this time. My opinion is that it is now best to employ a sage mechanic to be physically present with this machinery.
  5. What is destroying my belts?

    As a retired field service mechanic in a different field than this, at the start of my career I would receive an emergency call with a brief description of the issue then tried in my mind to anticipate the problem as I drove to the site. Time passes and I decide I can't see the problem when I can't see it. With the age of this Wheel Horse machinery in some cases, maybe yours, it is time to have some other eyes investigate your situation. I'm not encouraging you stop trying but you decide and I hope to your delight a revelation is revealed to you and then the repair can be made. Maybe a visiting friend with simply another view can see it, that has happened to all of us I think. Also having hands to wiggly and test parts is a thing we can't do. A person needs to do a field check of your blade spindles.
  6. Embarrassing question

    LOOK !!! It's my favorite sea cucumber!
  7. Hard to steer C and D machines

    My opinion. Narrow tires, yes but there are compromises for using them. Thrust washers yes but not roller bearing, dirt and moisture issues. Need muscles to operate the steering. Men may have forgotten manual steering cars, be tough and stop whining, grit your teeth a bit. If you use narrower rims the difference can be taken up with shaft collars that have set screws. Put them on a lathe and cut them narrower if needed. Nothing really gained with ball bearing hubs in this App. , the tractor is not traveling fast, plain bronze and grease has always been adequate.
  8. What is destroying my belts?

    I'm sorry
  9. What is destroying my belts?

    I think you park your tractor over a ground source of Radon gas. Does that sound absurd? Yes, I think so too!!!
  10. New to Forum and thinking of buying D160

    Yep call a locksmith and your world will really look upside down as he grabs you by the ankles and shakes the money out of your trouser pockets.
  11. Blade Tips for Mower

    I see. Those attaching bolts in shear loading do not have the same cross section of material as a homogeneous blade. They are thus weak and prone to catastrophic failure. A bad accident would leave you with a life long memory you don't want. I agree with Don, don't do it. The location of the bolt holes make it even worse being near both edges of both blade components. If the bolts don't shear the blade material will tear resulting in the same catastrophe.
  12. Blade Tips for Mower

    Please elaborate and clarify further on what you intended to do.
  13. electrical nightmare

    You must confirm the integrity of your dash key switch. Remove it and bench test it with a low voltage battery tester. Look for loose crimped connectors and check those wires with a battery light also. 12vdc is dependent on sound connections. Separate ground wires are most reliable. Be sure of grounding integrity. Do not keep looking in the same place for a problem. If you become frustrated walk away for awhile to clear your mind.
  14. New to Forum and thinking of buying D160

    I think if you decide to become involved with these machines called tractors that are most often 30 or more years old you can very well expect to make repairs on them no matter their purchase appearance. The love is in the doing in this hobby. Expect problems to pop up anytime.
  15. First gen 6 speed--differential "ratcheting"

    I put many hours to bring my 1267 into the living once again. I call her ' Christine '. Nobody gets between me and Christine. wink. My visual opinion on the Kohler engine is that it is a 12 hp.