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  1. Yes! Extremely happy with my purchase! Another update: I tried leaving the spring on again, but this time with the plow's pin clip on the opposite side so it couldn't get knocked out by the spring (if that's what really happened) after which I plowed through several storms without the clip falling out. That said, when I tried to swap back to the snow blower, I found that the spring still being on didn't allow the snow blower to push up high enough into the front bracket to lock into place. Had to go underneath with a wrench and back off the spring tension to get the blower on and then retension the spring. So it didn't save any work.
  2. Since I originally posted the question and what with all the snow Massachusetts has been dumped with the last month, I have become an "old pro" at swapping back and forth between the plow and snow blower - being able to do it in under 10 minutes. During the first 3 or 4 swaps I did, I wondered if I should leave the lift assist spring on the flag. When you look at it dangling there with the plow attached, it looks like it might interfere with the raising and lowering of the plow. Despite that, on the next swap, I tried leaving the spring attached and everything seemed hunky-dory for an hour or two until "something" knocked out one of the clip pins to the plow frame lift linkage which is right where the flag and lift spring are. The plow dropped to the ground and stayed there. Perhaps the clip pin just finally broke but I wasn't taking a chance so I immediately replaced the clip pin and then removed the blower's lift assist sprint. I left the flag attached. Since then, I've done several more swaps and I haven't had any problems.
  3. So I embarrassingly have to admit that I was wrong about the flag. I took the advice of several of you here and removed the instrument panel (after disconnecting the battery ground to prevent blowing any fuses) and was able to reach the pin clip with a pair of extra long needle nose pliers and pulled it off. When I pulled the snowblower out from under the tractor, I heard a metal clang and as the lift tube cleared the front of the tractor, I noticed the flag was not attached but rather sitting on the garage floor underneath the tractor. Doh! What a bummer - I could have left the flag in place all along. I had no idea the flag was removable from the lift tube and from underneath the tractor with a flashlight, it look like it was welded onto the lift tube. Probably should have looked at the manuals and parts lists more. This is my first Wheel Horse so I guess I can chalk it up to the learning curve. I finally did get the plow mounted and just in time for some nuisance snow/slush. Thanks to everyone with the good advice!
  4. Thanks everyone! I wish getting more than one tractor was an option but it's not so I'm just going to have to get that pin clip pulled and the plow mounted.
  5. I have a 314-8 with a 79360 snow thrower on it and I just picked up a 79253 48" plow. I was hoping to swap back and forth between the two as the snow conditions required. I currently want to switch from the blower to the plow but I've reached a snag. I've gotten to the point in the detachment procedure where I remove the pin clip holding the thrower's lift tube flag to the tractor's attachment lift control arm. I don't have a tractor lift and I'm laying on the floor in my unheated garage and when I lookup to see the pin and clip, I can barely see it at all. I can barely get a plier to it let alone, clamped on to it to pull the clip. Am I missing something? Is there a better way to reach this pin to remove the clip? I'm concerned that if I somehow get lucky and pull the clip off, I'll never be able to line up the lift tube flag and the control arm to get the pin back in the hole and the clip back on when I want to reattach the blower. Sorry about the lousy picture but it's very tight under the tractor and I was fumbling with a flash light and a smartphone with next to no clearance and the only way to see the pin clip was to take a photo almost straight up. The thing I circled in the overexposed area is the pin clip in question.
  6. 1998 314-8

    Just purchased my first Wheel Horse ever! It's being serviced prior to delivery and I can't wait to get it to put it through it's paces! It's setup for snow with the 42" snow blower, snow cab, wheel weights and chains but it also has the vacuum bagger.
  7. GT 14 with Frontloader

    Hello and to RedSquare! Awesome find! Brakes are good for what now?
  8. A boy and his 856

    Thanks for the pics! Man, that Horse looks better than my car!
  9. Newbie from Minnesota

    Welcome to Red Square!
  10. Koen, I've seen that in my search. No, that's too small. It had, to the best of my knowledge, a solid yellow hood with a flat smooth, black grille (no louvers or lights). I get the feeling, it might be an OEM brand but I've looked at pics of ALL the MTD OEM and department store models and none looked like it. I should have asked my dad before he passed away in June.
  11. Harbor Freight 12v Heater

    It's funny, the engine and/or my respiration seem to keep my cab warm because for the few hours I've used it snow blowing, I had to take my sweatshirt off because it was too warm in there. I just want something to keep my vinyl window fog-free. Right now I'm using a rag.
  12. 312-8 dual stage blower?

    You can see mine in the picture, it's a model 79483
  13. Cracked & dry hands

    Been using super glue in the cracks for immediate relief, especially in the cracks I get at the corners of my thumbnails which hurt like a son of a gun! Happens nearly constantly during the winter. I've been thinking about using O'Keeffes Working Hands just because sometimes my entire hands get chapped and cracked and super gluing my entire hands seems like a disaster waiting to happen. I love my tractor but I don't want to be glued to it.
  14. 312-8 dual stage blower?

    I have a single stage on my 314-8 and it works very well and it has the tall chute and worm gear for rotation. I will say that in really heavy wet snow, my chute extension became an issue because the inside had a rusty patch and even after sanding and apply a coat of oil all overt he auger and chute, slush kept clogging up the chute. I took out the extension and it worked fine. I guess I have to sand out and repaint the chute to put it back. Maybe this is a dumb question but hear goes: because there is no impeller whipping the snow up and out of the chute, what is the benefit to having the taller chute?