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  1. my 400 suburban rebuild

    trick to remove outer bearing races when they are stuck in a bore. If you have an electric welder run a bead of weld about 1/2 way around the race where the balls run definetly would of tried that! im missing the lug bolts and it seems they were beveled. Anyone got an extra set?
  2. Dealer List

    There was some family named kinville that lived in Nh and owned a few different things... maybe you know more or where that source came from I can do some research on.
  3. Dealer List

    I mean there is no town kinville Nh
  4. Dealer List

    Casual observer I tried to locate kinville Nh but could not . Is it possible it's a typo? As I was wanting to research a little more from any local dealers. thanks NEW HAMPSHIRE, , , , Kinville Sales & Service, Kinville, NH, -, -
  5. my 400 suburban rebuild

    So the shaft on the rear end has some loose play on the key and the bolt hole The front tires that came with it were definitely not the right rims so I threw on these snowblower rims for now and they fit perfectly!! And they look good
  6. Hood ornament casting

    How's things going
  7. So now that I got my stables up I got my long awaited forge running Sorry for the sideways pics and it's still a mess trying to organize from two smaller sheds to the new stables. But the forge is running So now I consider some of the more rare parts that may be cast or forged maybe you guys can help me list a few and use pics to help everyone know which parts your thinking. first that comes to my mind was those hard to find always falling off hood ornaments! foot pedals lol sorry I don't have pics for those yet
  8. New stables coming!!

  9. New stables coming!!

    Best thing about it is it's sooo smooth no sticky spots or dropping loose spots. The idea was to be able to lift a whole tractor all the way in the air to be able to work on it at a good comfortable height and sharpening blades without taking deck off.... and carrying heavy pieces of metal to the forge that's in the corner!
  10. New stables coming!!

    Roofing is ridonculous $$$ even for the roll out type
  11. New stables coming!!

    Well 400$$$ later.....
  12. my 400 suburban rebuild

    Wow it's nice to have something to write about again. Sucks to say it's not done yet though... had to cut every bearing out! Then they just crumbled when tapped with a hammer.. i got it all back together then ... the new bolt threads were off by 1/8" and when all the bolts tightened it snapped one of the new welds. And I was sooo happy to have it all back together and on the last bolt when I felt it snap.
  13. New stables coming!!

    Yeah forgot about cl tear downs and demo materials.... As for cull lumber that's all homedepot ever has!----and that's all their lumber is good for!! Lol
  14. New stables coming!!

    That's exactly what I like jerseyhawg thinking out loud! That's an awesome end result! I was a little lazy though and laid my pallets on their side so I don't have great strength as 2x4 on end. But I can go back and add supports, and the pallets were 8' long and I didn't need a 8' high wall on the low side. Seeing those videos does give me some good ideas on how to do some finish work on them. i did however keep the pallets from touching the dirt I kept them on bricks and blocks to slow down the rot. Then I'll use the c-175 with the plow to smooth out inside the bay's. not sure if I'm going to do a front wall or maybe use tarps that can roll up something like what jerseyhawg thought of.
  15. New stables coming!!

    3 bays 13'long each! Room for plenty of horses! Desperately need to get them out from under tarps! probably gonna do all pallets except for the roof cause we can get snow loads up to 4' thick. But I am thinking what to do cheap for the roof materials.. If anyone has anything in Nh or any creative" ideas!