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  1. Keep fighting or sell?

    I've been fighting the original fuel pump on the 16 automatic, filled the crankcase with gas. Think I got that fixed, now oil is leaking from where it mounts to the engine. One step forward 2 steps back.
  2. Keep fighting or sell?

    Fingers crossed best of luck, 5th time is charm.
  3. new to forum

    You found the right place to get your questions answered
  4. New Member - So. Maine

    saw your pictures, nice little ride
  5. New member, new rj58

    2 Nice tractor
  6. A Sobering Day

    Prayers and well wishes from New York as well. Stay strong and positive, all will be well.
  7. Homemade Wheel Horse sign

    I agree wholeheartedly with this comment. Best of luck with it.
  8. I'm finally a "Wheelman"

    you're doomed I'll tell you DOOMED
  9. Saving another from scrap!!

    You've got to love the ingenuity of some of the PO s and the ways they solve difficult situations
  10. 700 prices

    It's a good looking tractor to be sure. And if it runs and drives good you just have to ask yourself if it's worth it to you. It's difficult to say if the price in my area would be the same for yours. There's been one listed here for $750 and it looks to be in a similar condition but it's still for sale for over a year now. It's what you're willing to pay. You can always offer less than the asking price.
  11. Thank you

    I can only second what most have said, this is pretty much the only site I continually frequent. Many wonderful people and a fantastic place for anything Wheel Horse. This is a place where you can ask and receive. The Big Show is a family reunion only with people that you like and share an interest with. It's so much fun that it never seems to last long enough, and ends to soon. And the year between shows, forever. I'd like to thank you all for being a great part of it and
  12. We're coming up on the season that keeps me the busiest. I won't mention it as yet, because some don't appreciate it all that much. Myself I prefer it over the 98% humidity and the 85+ degrees this summer has been filled with. The coal boiler is a small everyday chore and keeping up with a 1/4 mile driveway makes for plenty of seat time, when needed, and sometimes just for fun.
  13. looks like a husky to me