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  1. Happy Birthday to both use guys
  2. Question on a cab install

    I can't crank my snow thrower chute from inside the cab either.
  3. Nice looking machine, and thanks for helping this lady out.
  4. Honey, I'm home!

    Life does get complicated at times, glad to see you're dealing with it. Hopefully it will smooth for a while for you.
  5. Dads 854

    Maybe the PO didn't realize that he put it on backwards? And then just tried to make it work the way it was?
  6. Not the whole yard, but at least around to the cellar door to get to the basement to fill the coal boiler and dump the ash.
  7. New to me kohler k241s

    Living in the woods, and having an older home I use the old style snap traps with raisins as bait. I have pretty good luck keeping the mice under control that way, I notice them more in the basement of the house than in the barn or sheds.
  8. I clear the circle that connects the house, the barn, and the shed, with additional 800' of drive way. I have the 73' 12hp with a snow thrower on it and a 68 Commando with a plow and a back-up 68 Commando that I can either put a plow on or a snow thrower. Depending on the depth of the snow, usually takes about an hour and a half.

    How do you do it and stay so young
  10. need new blades for 36RD mower deck

    unless some one else has a better idea, I'd say get a hold of AZ tractor and ask him if he might have a set that's in better shape than what you have. I bought a new set a couple of years ago, but they now say they are out of stock. I did some searching but really no results. You'd be looking for WH blade kit 8014 or toro/lawn boy kit 52362
  11. What have you done on your WH today?

    Really lights that shoot up very nicely, Mike. They are definitely BRIGHT.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I for one would especially like to Thank Red Square for the platform and all it's members for their wealth of knowledge and their willingness to share it. There's no place like Red Square There's no place like Red Square There's no place like Red Square
  13. Check out Glenn Petitt, a vendor here that sells the spring you're looking for. I've gotten them from him, that's what you want.