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  1. 1984 C195 & 416-8 Restoration

    Sharp looking tractor, Steve. I bet you'll be happy working that bad boy
  2. Changing the fluid in tranny

    Ah, a seat wrench, good tool and you found a new use for it Does anyone change seats in faucets any more
  3. Trailer tuesday

    And then to move the tractors from here to there
  4. Lug Nuts # 1004

    Changed all my tractors over to studs and lug nuts, makes changing weighted tires a lot easier.
  5. 552 steering cap

    Check with Glen Petitt in the vendor section. He's been ill, but he should have what you're looking for.
  6. Newbie (Scotland )

    2 I'm not all that familiar with this model but my Commando 8 was a 1968 . So I would say that is about the same time frame.
  7. Sure like it a lot, that some loader you've got there, great job
  8. Thanks so much for bring me along on this one, looks like a show that shouldn't be missed.
  9. for all the Richard How convenient to have a show like that so close to home
  10. Nice job along with a good sense of humor
  11. New package

    A truly great looking tractor, you don't find gems like that often
  12. Wheel Horse 702

    the ad says IN so I would assume Indiana
  13. He's gonna do what they say can't be done
  14. Iola Car Show ‘18

    I quit college to be able to afford my 1966 Pontiac GTO. I loved the handling and power that car had. I wasn't afraid to put that car into any turn and worry if it would hold the road. Third gear would burn tires. That was a true road car.
  15. B100 Fuel Tank

    How do you think they generate their electricity or the air they use for their tools The milk they get from the cows must be refrigerated if it sold to a milk producer.