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  1. Mixed WH Feelings

    I'd say stay local, NY is a terrible place to buy tractors. We have bad roads and big taxes. Down staters don't like horse rustlers. So you need to have to worry about that when you're in state and have out of state plates.
  2. No Idea What I'm Doing!

    I agree with TDF5G Keep it and use it yourself! I'm sure you won't be disappointed, and I'd bet you'll be glad you did.
  3. 68 B112 Allis Chalmers

    . Sweet looking tractor !
  4. Cant find

    8hp has plenty of grunt, unless you want to drag the whole tree.
  5. It's your tractor, do what you want to do with it. Some owners like to keep them as original as possible, others don't worry so much about that. Make it your own, unless you're thinking of selling it somewhere down the road. Then that might affect the selling price.
  6. C161 opinions

    Wish I was closer, I'd have it on a trailer already
  7. My C81

    PM Jim Kemp he makes them.
  8. Some will and some won't like it

    I think it's a good looking little bugger.
  9. I would think a running and driving tractor would be worth a lot more than a basket case tractor.
  10. How about a FREE C-160 automatic

    This right here is the deal of a lifetime
  11. Thank you, A-Z!

    I also would like to thank A-Z Tractor for their great service and fast shipping. Ordered Sunday by email via the website and received it today, Wednesday. Just 2 days, that's a pretty good turn around.
  12. Prayers for the family. Rest in peace, Jim.
  13. Wheel Horse Show?

    I didn't make it to the big show. ... I was totally bummed about that. Those pictures sure helped ease the pain.
  14. What's In Your Mirror?

    How much did you have to give for the vise grips