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  1. Wheel horse C-175 from grandfather.

    2This is the world of Wheel Horse, any answers to your questions can be found here!
  2. Heard from Glen Pettit

    Take care of yourself Glen, do what the doctors tell you, and find comfort in the fact that so many people are here pulling for you.
  3. Wheel horse 8hp 4 speed

    @Dakota that's a fine tractor, it'll push a snow plow easily. Really nice looking for just a hundred bucks, especially hearing that it runs and drives good. Sounds like a real fine deal, you got. Look in the manual section for your model number and the drive belt size should be listed there. Maybe someone else might know it off the top of their head.
  4. I can see the work that went into those! Very nice , I like the diamond one myself. Fantastic job, real professional
  5. Looking for wheels for my 312

    Most garden tractor wheels are interchangeable w/ the five bolt pattern, watch the backset on them, there's the difference. I have cub cadet wheels on one of my horses.
  6. I can't measure wheelbase in my case..... No wheels.
  7. drive spindle housing

    You're best bet is to give Lincoln a phone call, it's his busy season at least that's what he told me when I was looking for a part. 717-821-2542
  8. Toro 212-5 neutral safety switch

    Someone will be along shortly that should be able to help with the information that you need. And they may also be able to get this thread over to one of the forums more associated with the problems your having.
  9. Thanks to A&Z Tractor for having the correct steering wheel for my 73 16 Automatic. Installed it tonight after getting home from work. Went splendidly the one that was on the tractor came off without problem. And after a bit of cleaning everything went together easily. Even had the center cap and that was in great condition.
  10. At some point I too would like to update the seat cushions on my '73 16 Automatic, same style of seat.
  11. Put a Jim Kemp stack on my newly acquired '73 16 Automatic. Got a nice mellow sound to it. And you can actually carry on a conversation while it's running a not have to shout to be heard.
  12. What's In Your Mirror?

    Time for the unveiling of a 1973 16hp Automatic Got a great sounding stack from Jim Kemp, even revved up it's a tolerable sound without ear protection. The PO gave me a lot of extras A complete decal set Headlight bucket and lens Standard piston, head gasket, condenser, points, axle seal Had the hydraulic lift rebuilt by Wheelhorseman The tractor manual and parts list. He wasn't really a Wheel Horse guy so he kinda lost interest in it. The 16hp runs good with no smoke or noises. It's got a new carb and all new filters and oils. Transmission works good and will spin the tires in both directions. Some freshing up by some new paint and those decals, it's going to make a real nice worker.
  13. place a wanted ad in the classified section of the forum you should get better results there.
  14. I'd like the seat pan and steering wheel and front wheels for one of my Commandos.
  15. Looking to buy first dozer blade

    I would say yes, that's what I have for both my '68 Commandos