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  1. Tree’s down

    Unless you are really pressed with bad weather, remember everything you do in moderation. None of us is getting any younger.
  2. Got her goin

    Just wonderful what you accomplished , a big
  3. Happy Birthday Mike

    Happy borned on day
  4. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    Mike, ahh the toe nail polish clashes with the shoes Just sayin'
  5. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    There's a strong resemblance there
  6. What are you pondering as a possible fair price? You must have a figure in mind.
  7. What do I need to fix this

    I just got done redoing the one on my 36" deck. What you guys are looking at is what is left of the roller bearings and a spacer. Easy cheap fix. The bearings didn't even cost $5
  8. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    Well now, ain't that sumthin
  9. I mainly just mulch them in place, by spring most the evidence is long gone.
  10. Happy Birthday Deadguy!

    What am I doing wishing a Deadguy Seriously tho............... Hope your day is filled with cake and ice cream
  11. Do what you want, it's your day
  12. Commando 8 belt info

    I use a 32" kevlar belt on my Commandos
  13. Quality Product!

    I'm more than happy to give Terry a big also!
  14. My New 416-8

    Your new purchase looks decent, hope you get it running like it should.
  15. in need of 854 parts

    Check with A-Z Tractor in the vendor section, that's where I got parts for my 854 when I needed them.