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  1. will this transaxle fit?

    No, definitely a uni drive, his one is jumping out of gear. callum ok, thank you very much, I've asked him to check if the hubs are against the gearbox or if there's a gap. and to compare the image of mine and his to get the brake position callum yeah, that shouldn't be an issue, he as his gearbox so he can use the gear stick from that one.
  2. Hi all, I'm selling a three speed uni drive and a potential buyer has asked if it will fit his mid 1960's wheel horse 800. the uni drive in question is a three speed, as far as I'm aware the only this that really changes between models is the brake position? thank you very much, Callum
  3. I'm glad you all think it sounds nice, i have to say, i am very pleased too! the engine is in fact a briggs twin V, 13hp. I drove it though the village to get to the village funday, lots of people liked it haha (more pictured to follow) all the best, Callum
  4. it's not, I'm not sure of the brand but its a stainless silencer from eBay. very pleased with it. HAHA!! i was wondering who would notice that! the actual key for it is so small!
  5. Hi all, So I've been a way for a while, however, I've been very busy! i got fed up with that bloody Tecumseh! carb issues, governor issues etc. so I've got a new engine, a great lesson in mig welding first decent amount I've had to to). here's a short video, see if you can guess what it might be all the best! Callum
  6. 4 bolt front hubs

    I've got a lathe but I approached an engineering company first, they charged £12 for both! cheaper than buying the drill bit!! all the best, Callum
  7. 4 bolt front hubs

    sorry for the late reply, I upgraded mine, I brought stub axles for a trailer, cut off the stub, centre drilled 3/4" (the diameter of the axle spindle) I then had to cut the spindle down a little to get it on far enough. I then welded the stub axle shaft onto the WH spindle and reassembled the hub, job done. the stub axles were about £55. hope this helps, Callum
  8. this is a project to follow for sure!
  9. Wheel horse earning its keep

    that's the one, Callum
  10. Wheel horse earning its keep

    I know what you mean, my neighbour said if I had any more posts to pull out he has a jack I can use. Callum
  11. Wheel horse earning its keep

    those clevis shackles are useful, the whole hitch lift assembly uses about 4 of them! I was wondering if anyone had done something similar. it certainly is easier pulling post straight up and out rather than pulling laterally. thats quite a good implement idea, a device that attaches to the hitch with a self contained ratchet strap type thing the fence post removal. Callum haha. it wasn't much, I tried pulling three at once and that made the wheels slip. the engine didn't feel it though. thanks for the kind words, Callum
  12. Wheel horse earning its keep

    They really are! Glad i didn't have to dig them out! Callum
  13. Hi all, I needed to clear some space for a gate so out came Agri-800 to pull out all the Basal shoots. I was impressed with how well it pulled them out! some were really quite large and attached to sizeable roots but they were no match for the mighty wheel horse haha! Here is a short video: thanks for looking, Callum
  14. Lawn Ranger 2.0

    haha! coming along really well, bet all this nice weather is helping to get the painting done quickly. Good to see you've set a nice low idle, Ive done the same with mine. Callum
  15. Well, with all this lovely weather I thought I better get onto something I had been turning a blind eye to for a while now. the hitch lift cable was attached to the bottom of the hand lever, this meant that with the plough (or other heavy implement) it would try and pull detent pin out of the notches. it was only a matter of time before something broke. So by using the second deck lift arm+shaft (the first was used for the brake assembly if you cast you mind back) I have created a linkage type thing to relieve the hand lever of the axial strain. I have also added a turnbuckle on the cable so can adjust it if necessary With this new system I have now been able to easily install a spring assist, I used a trampoline spring for this. Before the new assembly, you can see the small detent pin just hang on! now after, pin fully engaged, not going anywhere: hitch fully raised hitch fully lowered thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed this little update, Callum