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  1. It a 1964 Round Hood. . The last number in the mode number on a round hood is the year. Can you make out those first 2 letters that are scared up.. There should be a model/serial number tag possible below the key or on the left side of the dash tower Post some more picture to help us better identify PS the part of the tractor we can see looks original except for the cut belt guard on the engine end Also nice score on the rear cultivator
  2. POR 15 works good. Tractor Supply stocks a paint called Super Glide" that also works well. a my local store it's not with the other paints but is over in the tractor equipment isle.
  3. As others have said a trickle charger helps a lot. The other big factor is temperature. Years ago our very large industrial back up battery banks at work never lasted more than 5 -10 years at best. We put AC in our battery rooms and now they last 20 years. with the Texas heat I'm very happy if I get 3 years out of a garden tractor battery, that been kept on a trickle charger. (I have a friend in the Colorado (lives at El. 8500 ft) that claims he gets 10 years out of car batteries, I'm doing good to get 4 years
  4. Very nice place Bob Such Florida bashing, but I can understand the growth issue. My property taxes have skyrocketed due to the increasing property values. Bob, you might have to move over in Indianan, or at least start shipping me some horses to Texas!,
  5. What a steal! have you made it across the border yet? for that price you know there's a big posse after the bounty on your head. We want pictures when you find the tractor and get it installed.
  6. Does your tractor have the rock shaft and lift cable required to operate a Clevis Hitch
  7. Thanks @gregg'shorses I also needed one and just ordered that one per your link
  8. Great looking sign and "red" barn
  9. @squonk don't you mean that's how a Dino does there nails Great Job Steve, someday I hope to measure up to your knowledge and skills
  10. Great job @john7 No give Texas a break, there are a few of us around Texas that know what a Wheel Horse is. I like you idea, and I was just talking to a friend that has a muffler shop and does a lot of custom work. he was telling me he can order all kinds of shaped piping parts. Could you post some measurement of the cone section of that muffler. it would be amazing if he could find the cone section and we take new round muffler fronts like you did to recreate these shower cap mufflers.
  11. Pancho Villa's gang of bandits doesn't compare to the great finds ya'll guys are getting. There rough, but there are some parts there.
  12. If you have a rockshast that would fit a 312-8 in all the stuff your clearing out I'm looking for one

    1. Fun Engineer

      Fun Engineer

      I do have some rock shafts that were on C-81's. Don't know if they would work for you. Will take some pictures and send them to you to evaluate. 


    2. Fun Engineer

      Fun Engineer

      Here's what I have. The one on the left with chain is complete. My research tells me its for 1978 and later tractors with gas tank under seat. $55 with free shipping. 

      Dave Burley


    3. oliver2-44


      I'll take it.

      Send me your address and I'll get payment in the mail to you, Thanks

      My address is:

      Jim Guenther

      319 Crane Dr

      Marble Falls, Tx

  13. I have a 65 Case 180 that needs restoring. When your finished with at parts tractor I might be interested in a part or 2

    1. Amcwheel85


      What do you need? When I pick them up I can see what I'm gonna need and see if I have what you need. 180 is awesome tractor and hard to find

    2. oliver2-44


      I need a parking brake and a few othe items, I'll get a small list together

    3. Amcwheel85


      Sounds good

  14. If you find a rockshaft that would fit a 312-8 I'm looking for one

  15. Man its like y'all are all part of some band of masked bandits swooping in and finding all these great hauls....Congratulations! Give me some tequila and a mask, I want in on the action!