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    1984 John Deere 116 bought 1 year old and now retired
    Oliver 2-44 Backhoe/Loader (mid-late 60's model
    1985 Wheelhorse 312-8
    1979 wheelhorse C-161 - future project, needs engine overhaul, piston partially disintegrated
    1965 CASE 180, 1st year they sold a Garden Tractor
    2003 John Deere LT155 - my mower tractor
    1960 Suburban 400 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
    1961 Suburban 550 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
    196? Suburban ?? - whatever the left over parts pile makes
    1974 C-160 Auto - My worker tractor
    1974 C-81, a future project
    1967 Panzer T-75, needs engine overhaul
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    1974 C-160

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    Wheelhorse's, and all other color Garden Tractors!
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  1. Suburban 400 Manual

    it didn't happen with out pictures, and we love pictures.
  2. Custom rim color

    Maybe paint the inner rim circle black then clearcoat
  3. I know you are a long way from me but I'm going to sell my Oliver 2-44 grader. Runs great and everything works. I believe less than 500 hrs on the working hour meter. 



  4. D-series Oliver style

    Go easy, Olivers have a soft spot with me, and they did a good job making it look like an Oliver Then again my old Oliver isn't much to look at, but like a D its a beast of a worker.
  5. Prayers for Brrly1

    Come Holy Spirit, come to our brother John. Heal him so he may be whole again. Come Holy Spirit, just as you did to the apostles and send your gift of healing to your son John. In the Fathers name we pray, Amen
  6. A Sobering Day

    Prayers for Mark and all the family. God is Great
  7. Happy Biryhday😇 Have a great day and Thank You for all you do.
  8. Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair.

    What is this cool looking little steel wheel tractor. Great pictures
  9. What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    well I should be working on a WH but my wife volunteered to help make tamales for a church fund raiser (which means I also got volunteered). She has the pork cooked and masa seasoned to make 12 dozen. We made 6 dozen this morning and will make the rest this evening. I told here spreading the corn masa on the shucks was like putting body filler on tractor parts. I didn’t get any volunteer help offered for that. 😜
  10. WELCOME Looks like hood has been rattle can repainted. If the rest is original paint, it could be a good Canidste for a patina tractor. Possible wet sand lightly and clearcoat. It it’s your horse so make it what you want it to be!
  11. Being from Texas I know nothing about blowing snow. So I’ll ask others to comment on an 8hp C81 enough power to drive a blower. Seems I have read most put blowers on there larger hp tractors
  12. What model am I?

    If the correct Tecumseh or Clinton engine, or even a kohler K90/91 is up front under that hood and the transmission is not full of water you might have enough good parts to make it worth restoring.. But finding a new front hood is expensive.
  13. Rebuild or go new

    It’s one thing to balance a 900 hp hot rod engine,. For the sake of this post regarding a good solid worker tractor engine, the Kohler crankshafts we’re balanced shen new, but these old Kohlers don’t need to be rebalanced on a rebuild.
  14. Scored a 48" deck with good bearings

    Nice score, go make some grass fly
  15. Another whattizzitt...

    @ebinmaine What size is the shaft hole in that coupling. I’m slowly acquiring parts for a tractor driven Ice cream maker. I need a way to “easily” couple and uncouple it to a reduction drive off the tractor