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  1. This Saturday Oct 21st This is a small but growing tractor, old equipment and antique auto show associated with the Czech Fest in La Grange Texas There's a lot going on including enjoying a little cold "pivo" to wash away that old dry farm dust. Antique saw mill and other permanent displays and old farmstead permanent displays and a Czech Tarok card tournament (a very challenging card game) http://www.czechtexas.org/heritage-fest-muziky/ I hope to make it but not sure yet PS "pivo" is Czech for beer,
  2. having carb issues trying to solve ?

    Is the throttle shaft top hole in the carb body worn where it lets air get sucked through it If so you can install a bushing in the recess at the top of the carb body where the original felt seal went. You can get Kohler bushing #2515802-5. Or you can go to Ace or a hardware store with all those drawers of small parts and get a Hillman bronze bushing #58087. (I like to stack 2 in the recess) If the throttle shaft is a little tight in the bushing take a 1/4" drill bit and turn it by hand to open it up a tiny bit. The carb on my 312-8 needed partial choke intermittantly to run OK. I installed the Hillman bushings and was able to dial in the carb and it runs so much better. PS thanks to others on RedSquare that previously shared this
  3. Dump Cart Restoration

    The wheels could possible be salvaged by blasting them clean and filling/smoothing pitted areas with JBWeld
  4. Newby

    Greal looking 3rd generation horse.
  5. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    If your like most of us you,d better stick with the "Intellegent Post". angle🏉⚽️🏉
  6. Wheel Horse Transportation

    I've had good service but there pricing has increased. A few months ago I got quoted a fairly high price. I went by my local store and they called whoever does the quotes and got me a better price.
  7. Just Black Hoods and 5xi Now!

    @Ed Kennell as you work on that starter I would be interested where you find bearings or other parts. I read where NAPA should carry or order them, but my store here doesn't know anything about them
  8. 46th Texas Early Days Tractor and Engine Show

    Thanks @ACman I knew it looked different from many old Allis Chalmers and Case tractors I,be seen @AMC RULES that would be a neat event at the big show. Reminds me of back in high school Ag class we had competition to debug tractors.. (Wow just realized the word "debug" existed before computers). The team I was on placed 2nd at the State completition, but that's another story.
  9. Good Morning America

    There's speculation that their diet has an influence on hide color. Deer along the river or a large creek area have a darker black tint to there back vs deer in large pasture and wooded area have more of a red tint. The speculation is the minerals in there diet (creek bottom vs pasture) affect hair color
  10. My son,grandson and I had a great day Saturday. This it is a large show and we spent a long day there and I wish I had time to go back and talk to many people I met there. I took my 1985-312-8 pictured below, but was so busy I forgot to take a picture of it there. There were about 20 garden Tractors at this show which is the largest showing I've seen in Texas so far. The Club owns 48 acres with lots of permanent displays, and is working or a complete Cotton Gin display.. They also have an area where they hold a plow day, antique planting corn day, antique cork harvesting day, etc.Someday I want to be the first Gt to show up at there plow day! I know it's green, but my18 mth old grandson Jeremy had a good time on this old JD, With it's loose steering he could really work that big wheel back and forth.. This was his first of many shows to attend. This owner from Johnson city, Tx had 4 WH but I never got to meet him Jeremy checked out member Motor12's beautiful RJ there . This meticious C145 was from Houston area, and had several enhancements. The Kohler engine screen was stainless expanded metal. The inset taillights looked cool This poor 312-8 was for sale by a vendor for a crazy price, needless to say it didn't sell. This was the only Case GT there It's green, but I like the loader! A nicely restored Panzer, but I like them in turquiose This was a great condition original Gibson Super with hood This giant 4 cylinder Hit & Miss was run several times during the day. it originally powered a geenerator that was mounted with it, but not operational. Being a power plant guy I would love to see one of these old generators restored and operational. This 14" dia. piston is bigger than a 5 gallon bucket . Lots of engine in a large shed, some working, many awaiting restoration This large horizontal Hit & Miss also originally powered a generator I was intriqued by the mechanism inside the flywheel which I suspect was some sort of speed governing mechanism. Here's the great looking olf GE generator it drove This large engine was hooked up to an air supply and slowly rotated all day long. There was also a large number of small hit or Miss engines. This restored Titan drove a flat belt powered air compressor, This is the first Cockshunt I've seen it Texas. It did very well in the Antique Tractor Pull Oliver was the featured tractor of the show and there were many! The Cat club was new at the show this year & there were a few track machines. This old Cletrac was an interesting display. it reportedly didn't run when brought to the show. Several guys tinkered with it and it was running by early afternoon. After lots of hand cranking, they hooked it up to another tractor and pull started it. The owner then drove it around for quite a while. This was a unique display an antique Car Club was also at the show. Does anyone know what model this old Case is? Thanks for joining me! IMG_4464.MOV oil pull.html
  11. Great "Basket Case Save", my kind of project
  12. Since your probable going to have to split it, here's a last ditch attempt Drain gear oil and fill brim full of diesel. Park outside in the sun for a few days to warn it up Work hi/lo lever with the hopes that the diesel soaked thru some gunk and frees it up. If this doesn't work, drain and at least you've started to clean the heavy old gear oil out of the tranny,
  13. C-185

    Buy Stock in a battery company.
  14. Decals

    Terry's decals are made of a material that I find easier to install than many others
  15. RJ59 front wheels

    Don't rule out salvaging them. I recall a post on here where someone sand blasted a set, welded up the holes and filled the pits in the bead seal area with JB Weld. I've done some pit filling on a mower deck with JB Weld and a belt sander smoothed it nicely.. Good Luck !