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  1. 551 foot treads

    I intermittantly see someone selling reproduction one on that big sale site
  2. Round hood ad

    Nice, wish I would see some ads like that around here!
  3. No More "Flying Seats" on 953/1054

    @SylvanLakeWH go easy, I was hoping to sweet-talk @953 nut into mailing me one. You know, offer to send him some Texas Pecans or some other nutty delicacy!
  4. BA’s 653

    Looks like your off to a good start. Keep the pictures coming
  5. First Haul of 2018

    Your serial #15079 would be a late 1967 model 1966 starts with 12384 1967 starts with 13617. 1968 starts with 15130 1969!starts with in16776
  6. Best model for parts availability

    I agree with skipper. so don't rle outthe 3,4,500 series. Just simplify there electronics
  7. I too like the grey wheels. Maybe go with a gray seat or a gray stripe on the bottom edge of the hood to tie it together
  8. Bagged out steering bushing hole?

    That looks very similar to my repair mentioned above. On the bottom sine I made a bead of Jb weld around the flange for some extra lock in. Used masking tape to hold the JB up so it slung say off
  9. Two days of hauling.

    very Nice, great saves. I have a ford blue 953 sitting in the barn awaiting restoration after I retire. That blue round hood would be a perfect match for it
  10. Wildfires here in Oklahoma

    About a month ago a volunteer firefighter from my home town (La lost his life after a small brushfire turned and over took him. it's unbelievable dangerous with thehigh winds. Prayers to keep you safe, and to keep the fire fighters safe.
  11. Fitting the cutting deck

    Do you have a pressure washer? Northern too land other places sell swivel fitting that goes in the end of the Wang. It swivels so you can spray upward while the wand is horizontal. So you could pressure wash it without removal..
  12. Trans Oil change for a GT 14

    Putting the new oil in down the filler tube can be very slow due to trapped air needing a place to escape. Leave the oil filter off initially and you can install roughly 3 quarts befor it runs out there. Then install filter Nd slowly add the rest of the oil. On my similar Sundstrand transmission I initially got about 3-3/4 quarts in it. Ran it some and added 1/4 at, rand some more added another. 1/4 qt. I ended up with about 4-3/4 quarts replaced
  13. Need Help

    I added a lift cable to my 1974 C160 and it was very simple. I got the cable Wheelhorseman, he's one of the vendors here
  14. Bagged out steering bushing hole?

    The bushing hole on my 312-8 looked walls red out just like that. I JjB welded in in 3 years ago and seen lots of use. Still holding strong. I cleaned it good and scratched the metal up with dreamily to give the JB weld something to grab to

    May our Goob Lord watch over Glenn and his family now and always. May he guide the medical professionals that care for him, in Christ name we pray. Amen