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  1. K341 governer/throttle adjustment

    Be sure and check the carb bowl as you mentioned. Some members have reported finding new Chinese carbs quite dirty from the factory
  2. 400 suburban project

    LOOKS GREAT as ol Tony the Tiger would say!
  3. 18 Auto Hydro Flush?

    Because you never can get all the "flushing" fluid out of the system I would use an inexpensive ATF to flush the system, then drain it and refill with s good ATF, possible even a synthetic ATF. If you completely drained the system when you had it apart you could switch and use inexpensive 10w 30 for the flush then the good stuff for the permanent fill.
  4. Interesting Auction in Virginia, September 16

    Wow, a one man tractor show.. But so far away!
  5. Magnum 8 stater

    The Kohler manual has a sketch of how to make the C clips mentioned above
  6. Crafstman lawn mower

    Check that the fuel cap vent hole is open
  7. How about a FREE C-160 automatic

  8. What color

    Rustoleum regal red is also a favorite. PS the tractor Supply "Majic" brand paints don't have a good track record around here.
  9. black rat snake

    Gee, cotton mouths rattlers and copperheads. Sounds like the farm creek I grew up on. The copperheads were the worst.
  10. black rat snake

    Nice rattler, nice and dead
  11. 2 New Projects

    Be careful accepting a direct deposit until you've agreed on the amount. One the deposit clears your account they can claim the account settled and you might not even know what they were offering/sending you.
  12. Has a bit of a motorcycle engine sound
  13. Late Three Piece Transmssion

    I'm guessing that was a replacement case or complete transmission
  14. K-90 Gold

    Great Score! ⛴ Get that ship moving we want pictures
  15. Ag Tires - What Size Can I go up to? (312-8)

    You might look at some ATV 4 wheeler tires. They seem to run a little less expensive than AG tires