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  1. C-175

    Search. The classifieds for for"tractors and lots of parts". There in Webster Florida. I found the items searching for "estate" You could also sear Webster"
  2. C-175

    Since your in Florida search the classifieds on here. Several months ago someone was selling a lot of WH and other tractors stuf helping to slowly liquidate an estate
  3. If you need to replace any of the plastic bushings like the PTO shaft bushings in the dash tower consider using flanged brass bushings. You can get them at your hardware store that had all those drawers of speciality items. I Installed a bushing for the steering shaft on my 312-8 with JB Weld 2 years ago and it's still holding
  4. 8 speed in an older tractor?

    I think that part of the 953 1054 GT 14 attraction is not there different they standout from the rest of the herd Boy have we gotten off the original topic
  5. So my son had some fun taking pictures of my grandson Jeremy and some of my tractors this past weekend. I though it would be fulno do a "Caption This: thread with them, so I'll start and ya;ll have fun. I didn't do it Grandpa I know you're hiding a Big Block Kohler around here somewhere! I won't tell Grandma how many you have! Ya, I can fit it, just watch Let me show you how to fix this tranny Let's get some red on!
  6. Happy Birthday Racin Bob!

    Have a great day Bob
  7. Barn find 854

    Excellent find
  8. New show cruiser

    Great looking custom tractor
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all

    Happy Thanksgiving and may God Bless you and your families.
  10. New Battery Time What Brand to buy?

    Ambient temperature has a lot to do with battery life working with the large industrial batteries ($15k to $20k )in our dams/power plants the manufacturers guarantee battery life at 78 Deg F. At plants with air conditioned battery rooms they last 20+ years in plants with no AC and 100 Deg Texas summers they do good to last 12-15 years. I've tried many brands of wet cell batteries and get about 2 summers out of them on garden tractors, jet skis etc. car batteries last about 4 years. You guys up north definitely have an advantage when it comes to battery life
  11. This fall tractor project work time has been minimal due to some significant plumbing work at my house to replace-reroute the master bathroom copper water piping due to an under slab leak. Now my oldest son and I are building new kitchen and laundry cabinets for his house and a second set for my rent house. They will have all the modern features. Pull out shelves large drawers for pots and pans. LED countertop lighting hidden under upper cabinets. Shaker style doors Using paint grade popular. We have 3/4 of the boxes built and have run out of shop room. Hope to paint these over the Thanksgiving Holiday and move them to his garage to have room to build the rest. Really wanting to get back to a Suburban project that I squeeze work in every now and then.
  12. Varying AC voltage burning out headlights

    The tractor is at my sons house and last night we talked about running a separate ground wire. So thanks for verifying were on the right track. I ll report back after we do that. Jim G
  13. I'm having a problem with my 1985 312-8 burning out headlights due to the Ac voltage at the bulb varying. I've gotten readings of 3,12,and 20 volts AC with the engine at normal running speed. On the DC side I am reading less than 1 volt. I need some trouble shooting guidance
  14. I have an o"Olivet 2-44" front end loader backhoe at the farm and I used that name as my handle on big tractor forums before I got into garden tractors. It's real name should be "Beast"
  15. Veterans Day

    Thank you flu your service. We are forever indebted to yourself AN AIRLINE CAPTAINS REPORT