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  1. I've never been, but the "Big Show" is on my bucket list. Maybe some of of us Texas guys with Red in our veins will get together and make the long drive next year....are you with me @Texas Todd
  2. Looks like its ready for a big sand box!
  3. I have a newer knockoff that I haven't been able to program the engine type ...disappointing!
  4. I've read many of your post and thank you for being a great resource to RedSquare, I hope you will continue to be part of the community as your health allows. Of course I understand we all must slow down at some point in life. I'll keep you in my prayers.
  5. For what it's worth, I had a 1984 JD 116 with a 42 inch deck and a non powered bagger. I mainly used it in the fall for Post Oak leaves, and February for Oak leaves (lots of leaves) it worked excellent with the high lift blades, In areas where the leaves are thick I sometimes took half width passes. It worked poorly with regular blades or mulching blades (the chute would plug up).
  6. Yup you can't top mowing time and I I agee
  7. There is a Senior owned by N.H. who lives between Rockdale and Thorndale,Texas. It is one with a hood. He has quite a barn full of garden tractors and a barn and pasture full of large old tractors.
  8. Prayers sent, In Jesus name. Amen
  9. Depending on the age of you son, you might want to consider one of the other 62,63.64 round hood tractors that have front mount engines. The Suburban's are light on the front end and with the motor in you lap may not be the best model for youth. If you do go with a suburban, consider putting some weight on the front end.
  10. In some situations where the shaft has a wear groove or pitting where the seal rides I've been able to put a shim (maybe .030 ths) behind the seal to move the rubber lip out onto smoother shaft. I'm not experienced with this exact installation location, but if the shim doesn't interfere with the bearing on the inside of the case this might help you
  11. Very Nice, now need some weight to make those lugs dig in & pull
  12. Great find. it's fun to build them from a pile of parts.
  13. Welcome to the 70 's no oil filter on that ol girl. that's why it's really important to change oil on these old ingines
  14. Prayers sent
  15. This way posted on that C sales site in San Antonio yesterday. I replied but someone beat me to it. Anyone on here get it? Can anyone identify it? does that 2 spoke steering wheel and slotted hood narrow it down (I'm beginning to learn the subtle differences in these old horses?) Is there a space at the steering wheel raising up and moving forward the gas tank and hood to make room for a different engine I'm thinking the Engine looks like an old Briggs from the looks of that flo-jet carb air cleaner assembly.