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  1. MICE!!!!!!

    a few good trap ideas https://www.youtube.com/user/historichunter
  2. what is the VOLTAGE across the BATTERY when you turn the ignition key to START?
  3. How many hours?!?

    not necessarily if this was a primary tractor, 2880 hours over say the last 28 years calculates to only 100 hours per year. that is only 8 hours a month run time or 2 hours per week.
  4. Is the drive idler "L" bracket on the idler arm and shaft assy (wh7449) supposed to be welded to the assy or is supposed to be adjustable and held in place by the idler pulley bolt? This is the small bracket used to pinch the drive belt in the clutched position. Thanks in advance.
  5. so what is the voltage across the battery terminals, as neither voltage you show in your pics is a good charging voltage. remember- the generator is directly connected to the battery thru the regulators cutout relay
  6. is the 16.00 volts the battery voltage ?, that regulator will quickly overcharge and cook your battery if the battery voltage goes that high
  7. Win10 pro 64

    If you are downloading files thru the Firefox browser, check Tools > Options > General > Files and Applications. There are options to create a default download location or an option to "always ask" where to place the file. Also options on what programs to use to open the files you download ....
  8. D160 Onan Stator Question

    If you consider the stator as a series of 18 individually wound coils (AC voltage sources), if one coil shorts out, you would be left with a reduced overall output
  9. Power constant at solinoid

    The safety switch circuit is no longer operating properly. Trying to crank the engine with the PTO engaged should not allow the starter to engage. The symptoms you describe sound like the "I" terminal of the ignition switch is wired directly (intentional or not) to the light blue wire of the starter solenoid or the dark blue wire of the START relay. Wired this way, the safety switches would all be bypassed.
  10. Power constant at solinoid

    Assuming your safety switches are wired up and functional - Ignition in the OFF position Sit in seat PTO to ON position Turn ignition switch to RUN Does the starter engage?
  11. Power constant at solinoid

    There should be no power to the blue trigger wire in the RUN position.
  12. Chrome and Stainless Hubcap project

    How do the moon style caps mount to the WH rims - friction fit ?
  13. 18 Auto-"Fire"?

    consider purchasing gauges for marine applications - they tend to be designed with liquid exclusion as an important consideration
  14. Reversed Battery

    No, the ignition coil stays in the circuit as the load, limiting current thru the points regardless of the direction of current flow.
  15. 1277 starter/gen questions

    @Save Old Iron helped me threw the same issue several years ago. Turns out the cutout relay in the regulator had burned points and was randomly fusing together. Apparently the cutoff relay is meant to open its contacts when the SG produces less then battery voltage so not to allow the connection that charges the battery act to continue to power the SG and jump to the starter mode. File the relay points or replace the regulator. Hope that helps.