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  1. Hydro lift not working

    Thanks Gentlemen for your help. I've been working on it when I can and the spool valve moves ok. What is cone valve and how can I check? One hose comes off the top of the trans the other off the rear. The one of the top of trans is red but that might be repainted. Can I pull that one off one of the control valve ports and check for flow and return? I see the # on the top of the valve is 400 076 and above that it reads PAWICK? If I take a hose to Napa you think they can use the existing fittings?
  2. Hydro lift not working

    Thank you. Yes trans seems ok. My son has driven it for a while. The hoses are a little cracked but the fluid level in the trans seems to be where it should. It is the red ATF. Thank you. Is there a manual on how the plow should attach?
  3. Hi, hydraulic lift cylinder on my 1970 Electro 12 not working. Any suggestions on troubleshooting? Would like to add the snowplow. Thanks for your help.